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Rated 3.8 out of 5 by 233 reviewers.
Rated 2 out of 5 by A very poor experience I spent 2 nights at the Aloft Austin on March 2-4 and was extremely disappointed with my experience. Hotel check-in was smooth,and the room was clean/ tastefully decorated. Those were the high points of the trip. The walls are paper thin at this hotel and getting a good nights sleep is very challenging. In addition, our room air conditioning system was load during normal operation - That was prior to the knocking sound followed in the middle of the night and through the morning. Upon waking in the morning (or more appropriately stated, leaving bed after not sleeping much), I visited the front desk who committed to having engineering fix the knocking problem and also deliver a couple extra pillows since the bed only had 2. Upon returning that evening, I found that the pillows were delivered and assumed the AC to be fixed as well - Though it was left off. However, after turning back on the AC, the knocking returned again in the late evening hours. After realizing that I could not sleep with the loud noise, I finally turned it back off and went back to sleep. That being said, the lack of ambient noise of the running AC (sans the undesired knocking sound) brought to light again the fact that the walls in the hotel were paper thin - Both internally and externally to the street. With a 6th floor room (top floor of the hotel), you should not expect to be woken up by a passing car or motorcycle - Something that happened more than once. I spend roughly 30-40 nights annually in hotel rooms and this was one of the poorest sleep experiences that I have had in recent years. I expected better from a Westin property. All said, I would not choose to stay at this hotel again nor would I recommend it to others. I feel that I wasted the Starwood points in booking it and would have been much more comfortable elsewhere. March 7, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great Stay On My Recent Business Trip! Last week I was in Austin on business and stayed for a couple of nights at the Aloft Austin Domain and what a great experience. From the check-in to the check-out the staff was attentive and engaging. The room was perfectly maintained and in working order. The first night I was able to have a little down time with some counterparts in WYZ and Gregory the bartender set a new standard! He went above and beyond by knowing each and every person by name, even if it was only said aloud once before engaging them. He was fast to address any needs and did a great job of making it a relaxed atmosphere while maintaining professionalism. I am eager to return to the Aloft to see my “friends” again soon, kudos! April 2, 2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by Horrible Service I have stayed at many Aloft Hotels in the past, and this was my worst experience with one, to date, since I have been a Starwood Member. My husband and I went to Downtown Austin to celebrate my 30th birthday the first night of our stay. We took a cab downtown and back knowing that we would be drinking. Mind you, I am not in college anymore, so when I say drinking, I'm not talking about taking shots and dancing on tables. My husband purchased quesadillas that came with chips and queso from a food truck right before we grabbed a cab back to the hotel. When we arrived, Mick, an employee, apparently saw our cab approach and came outside (I'm guessing) to see what type of drunks were coming back to his hotel. He was clearly on a mission to start something with guests who had been drinking as I can think of no other reason to be watching for cabs outside the hotel like a hawk. He then told my husband that we were too drunk to stay at the hotel and rigorously questioned whether we were even guests. My husband then produced our room key as proof, but this wasn't enough for Mick. He demanded a driver's license from him as well to double-check. If this wasn't bad enough, to top this off - when we were exiting the cab, the cab driver inadvertently knocked my husbands food out of his hands, and the chips and queso spilled on the driveway to the hotel. At this point, Mick (apparently not looking for any evidence) accused me multiple times of throwing up outside the hotel. Even after we explained to him multiple times that it wasn't vomit, but only chips and queso and that it was a simple accident by the cab driver, Mick refused to accept that fact. He berated us for having drunk too much. He continued to tell us we weren't staying at the hotel and was going to confiscate our room card. At this point, the manager came in and indicated she'd talked to the cab driver who asserted our version of the story was accurate and Mick was wrong. She allowed us to go to our room and apologized for the events. Never ONCE did Mick apologize for accusing me of throwing up, a horribly insulting accusation. I am a mature, successful businesswoman who stays at Starwood Hotels regularly on my travels, and while I was very angry at Mick for accusing me of this and did not react well, the situation never should have arisen like this in the first place. I also deserved an apology from him. In my opinion, Mick is the single worst face of Starwood Hotels I've ever experienced and has no business being in hospitality. Also, 2nd day - my husband and I came back to our room at 3pm, and the cleaning man was in the room. I entered, and he just stared at me as though I was inconveniencing him. I explained that I had a 5:00 wedding to attend, and I needed to shower. I specifically asked him to come back later, at which point, he looked at his watch and seemed exasperated that I'd inconvenienced his day. Upon return to the hotel that night, I was actually not surprised to see that he had never cleaned our room that day. All in all, this experience was awful. It was a terrible way to spend a weekend in which I was celebrating not only my 30th birthday but also the wedding of my best friend and college roommate. It was a true damper on the occasions. I will never stay at this hotel again. I'd rather pay the extra money to stay at another, nicer hotel. I've stayed at many Alofts, and this has fallen so far short of the usual experience at them that I can only hope this was an anomaly to how guests are normally treated. I am not willing to chance staying here again, however. Horrible. October 11, 2012
Rated 1 out of 5 by Nightmare hotel experience This hotel is an absolute nightmare. I stayed for 5 nights on a business trip and never got more than 4 hours of sleep because of the noise. On check-in, I asked for a room away from the street but was told none were available. So I had to deal with the noise every night from the street, the bar, and the construction. I was kept awake by the noisy bar, even though I was on the 4th floor. It took hours to go to sleep. Once asleep, I would be awakened by drunk hotel guests in the hall, at 2, 3, or 4 am. The front desk sent someone up once to help quiet one of the rooms but they continued to drunkenly yell for 2 hours. When I wasn't awakened by drunk guests, it was motorcycles and cars drag racing on the road. Or construction and garbage trucks at 3 am. Even the elevator is so noisy that it can be heard throughout the floor. It was an absolute nightmare and I will not stay there again until you have sound-proofed the rooms somehow. On check-in, the clerk could. It find my membership in the SPG system. I had to find my number and bring to the desk later. October 12, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great location and Staff I stayed here for the Formula 1 race in Nov in Austin. The staff here was amazing. They were friendly and extremely helpful. I look forward in staying here year after year. Thank You Aloft staff! November 23, 2012
Rated 2 out of 5 by Disappointed! We stayed over a Friday and Saturday night and found the valet and front desk staff to be less than helpful even though only a few people were around. The room was cramped. We could hear conversations from the hallway and adjoining rooms. Our room was above a sports bar that played multiple sporting event tv at full volume until 2 am each night! We liked the area and will try the Westin next time! October 20, 2014
Rated 3 out of 5 by Underwhelmed by lack of SPG continuity I am a regular guest at the aloft in Milwaukee, WI and find the lack of continuity between the hotels to be fiercely underwhelming. By that I mean the rewards programs in place in Milwaukee keep me coming back, however aside from location and price I might not otherwise stay at this location in the future. The hotels are all the same down to the W XYZ bar, Re: Fuel, SPLASH and the rooms. I've stayed at ones in downtown Minneapolis, MN, Green Bay, WI and I've now confirmed my suspicions they all handle SPG members very differently and appear to offer fewer points/comps than Milwaukee. October 11, 2012
Rated 2 out of 5 by Best Intentions This is my six or seventh stay at this hotel, and if you had asked me before this stay, my rating would have been much, much higher. I love the vibe of the hotel, and the rooms are perfectly sized, and the bathroom amenities are beautiful. The pool area is a great place too. The only highlight of my most recent stay was Jackie at the front desk in the morning, because the rest was just mistake after mistake every day. It took half an hour for the front desk to get the chain reservation to work on my hotel cards (almost like being punished for trying to stay longer), and apparently it didn't register in the system, because three times during the latter part of my reservation, other people were assigned my room and tried to access it while I was there. I alerted the front desk multiple times, they said everything was fine, but it kept happening. The two times I needed housekeeping in my room they were six hours behind, so when I got back to my room for dinner, they had just started my room and gruffly told me "twenty minutes." The already sparse front kitchen area was out of stock of half of their items for half of my stay (However the egg breakfast sandwiches are delicious and almost made up for it). There were only two or three people at the front desk who demonstrated any customer service during these things (again, Jackie was AWESOME), the rest were very blase about other people being able to access my room. Finally, after I reported all of these things and a couple others like insanely noisy people in the hall, I was promised several thousand spg points by the front desk. Still haven't seen any in my account. Maybe my stay was a fluke, but until something is done to correct a couple things, I recommend going to the other Starwood hotel in the Domain. May 9, 2012
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