Global Citizenship


Across our Global Citizenship efforts, we work with a wide range of partners, including not-for-profits, educational institutions and other corporations to further our shared goal of creating a better world. Below we include a few of our key global collaborations.

Clean The World (CTW)

In 2011, Starwood became the first corporate partner to join Clean The World’s efforts to promote a global hygiene revolution through the collection and recycling of hotel soaps, shampoos, conditioners, lotions and gels. Through 2013, Starwood’s partnership with Clean The World has recycled and donated 218,000 bars of soap and 221 pounds of bottled bathroom products to impoverished communities around the world, helping nearly 100,000 children live healthier lives.


In 2013, Starwood expanded our existing partnership with Coca-Cola to focus on global sustainability issues through resource management as both partners share several common sustainability objectives including the need to reduce the environmental impact of their overall business, develop sustainable products and services that meet customer needs and create an operating framework and culture committed to sustainability.

Conservation International

In 2009, Starwood launched a global partnership with Conservation International that led to Starwood’s initial environmental strategy and helped to establish performance targets and underlying actions to conserve water, reduce energy consumption, enhance indoor environmental quality, and minimize waste. Additionally, in 2012, through an internal best practice competition, we donated more than $47,000 to Conservation International’s Save a Mile of Ocean initiative.


In collaboration with EcoLab, Starwood developed a list of environmentally friendly cleaning products and operational processes aimed at improving indoor environmental quality (IEQ) in our guest rooms through housekeeping. This list serves as a resource for all Starwood hotels around the world to source cleaning products that contribute to the health of our guests and the planet.

New England Aquarium (NEAQ)

Continuing our work to promote sustainable food & beverage in our properties, Starwood is partnering with New England Aquarium to advance seafood sustainability while increasing subject matter awareness and providing education to our properties’ food & beverage and procurement departments.

NRG Energy (NRG)

In 2013, Starwood announced a global alliance with NRG Energy to expand the use of solar energy systems at our properties. This alliance will allow Starwood to reduce our electricity costs, lock in predictable future energy costs, and reduce our carbon footprint and GHG emissions.

South Pole Carbon

To advance our emission reduction strategy, Starwood is partnering with South Pole Carbon as our global carbon offset partner, providing guests and meeting planners the ability to offset their carbon footprint by donating to a South Pole Carbon accredited sustainability project.

Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP)

Mindful that our operations can put sensitive areas we operate in at risk, Starwood is partnering with Sustainable Fisheries Partnership to help improve biodiversity and ocean ecosystems through locally based fishery improvement projects.


As one of our longest standing partners, UNICEF collaborates with Starwood on fundraising programs including Check Out for Children™, Road to Awareness™ and associate fundraising events, in which our guests and associates have helped us raise over $30 million since 1995 to provide the most disadvantaged children across the globe access to quality education and a clean and safe educational environment.