Global Citizenship


With a triple-bottom line approach in mind, we are committed to finding innovative ways to do more with less in a manner that makes business sense for the company. We are helping to drive sustainability efforts and build resilience by thinking about our buildings and business in a way that is agile and flexes with the changing needs of our guests, the environment and communities in which we are operating.


  • 30/20 by 20: a 30% reduction in energy and 20% reduction in water consumption per built hotel room by 2020
  • A 30% reduction in GHG emissions per built hotel room by 2020


We measure progress against these goals at all our properties by asking all owned, managed and franchise hotels and corporate offices to report on their total energy and water consumption. To meet these goals, we are implementing a three-part approach: foundational efficiency measures, capital expenditures and product/technology innovation, to develop wide-ranging operational and systems initiatives that make economic sense.

Sustainability Integration

Our focus also goes beyond energy, water and emissions reduction. In our annual reporting survey, we gather information from our properties on their water risks, waste impact, environmental best practices and certifications. Through our Global Citizenship intranet, our associates can learn how to focus on sustainable food & beverage, provide guests and meeting planners with their carbon footprint using the Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative, view LEED and green building roadmaps and participate in waste minimization programs such as Clean The World.

Strategic Partnerships

Above property, we are developing strategic partnerships to provide our hotels with renewable energy sources, biodiversity improvement projects and landfill diversion programs, creating innovative development models to build resilience into future properties, and working on a Hotel of the Future to integrate sustainable thinking into our processes, procedures, and business decisions – because it is our responsibility to create a better world for our guests and associates to experience.