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Catering/Convention Services

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Our Banquets & Catering/Convention Services teams are responsible for the sale and successful execution of each event within the hotel. From weddings and parties to large corporate meetings, each team plays an important role in the delivery of events as well as the overall satisfaction of our guests.

Ideal Banquets & Catering/Convention Services candidates are people with a passion for service and excellence. They meet or exceed guests' expectations by creating and delivering a memorable experience from start to finish. These associates possess excellent teamwork and communication skills, as both are necessary to maintain a well-orchestrated operation that resonates with guests. Operation efficiency and consistent, high-quality service are critical to success in both departments.

Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. offers opportunities in the following areas of Banquets & Catering/Convention Services:

Banquet Services

  • Banquet supervision and management
  • Banquet Server
  • Banquet Bar Attendant
  • Banquet Set-Up

Catering/Convention Services

  • Director of Catering and/or Convention Services
  • Catering/Event Sales Management
  • Convention Services Sales Management
  • Catering or Event Planning Management

Banquets and Catering/Convention Services provide the opportunity to work closely with guests and tailor each event to the specific needs of the individual. As a result, associates are able to use their creativity for a customized experience that inspires on a personal level. Management positions within Banquets and Catering/Convention Services are often filled with qualified line-level associates who exhibit leadership potential, high levels of competence and a desire to succeed. Some associates choose to stay within the Food and Beverage division (F&B) as a long-term career option; these associates are given the opportunity to move to alternative locations or to larger operations. Other associates opt to use their grounding in F&B as a springboard to a variety of hotel management positions.

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