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An Industry Innovation

Inspired by Westin® Hotels & Resorts, Element Hotels promotes balance through flowing, multi-purpose spaces. Influenced by nature, the smart, environmentally-friendly design maximizes space and enables you to use each area in multiple ways.

Element Philosophy

We believe it’s important for you to achieve a sense of balance – particularly while traveling for extended periods. By stimulating the senses and soothing the spirit, Element helps you relax and refresh, so you can get back to your best self.

Personal Retreat

With its open social areas and relaxing guest rooms, Element serves as a personal retreat from the stresses of travel. So whether you are here for days or weeks, business or fun, you have an experience that enables you to grow, prosper and flourish.

Experience Element

Experience Element

Learn more about the clean, intuitive design of each of our spaces, from the welcoming and versatile whole living area to the soothing and refreshing guest rooms.  Experience Element