Four Points by Sheraton


  • 中国
  • 462000
  • 河南省,
  • 漯河
  • 6 Songshan Road West Branch,
  • Yancheng District
  • マップ


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Located in the middle of China’s Henan province, the ancient city of Luohe is the site of thousands of years of rich history and is now famous for its delicious ham. On Songshan West Road in the Songjiang New District, the Four Points by Sheraton Luohe is across the street from the Luohe Education, Culture, and Arts Center, just 10 minutes from the city center, and a 90-minute drive from Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport (CGO).

Explore Luohe’s numerous preserved scenic spots and sites, including Three Bests Milestone about 40 kilometers from downtown in Fanching Town. Renowned as a genuine drafting, calligraphy, and engraving masterpiece, this national relic comprises two ancient tablets carved on chloranthus erectus stone.

Another historical structure, the Xiao Shang Bridge, can be found in the Shang Bridge Tourist Zone. Built in 584 over the Xiao Shang River in Huangdi Temple Village, it is China’s first stone bridge. Or visit the Xu Shen Mausoleum, home to the five-meter tomb of the famous philologist who wrote China’s first dictionary during the Eastern Han Dynasty.

The administrative Nanjie Village in Linying County features high-tech agricultural parks, cultural scenic areas, rare tropical plants, and resort areas. More entertainment can be found at the Xiangchen Bay Amusement Park, surrounded on three sides by the Sha River. Marvel at its 50-meter-high musical fountain, the largest artificial lake in Henan province, several Hui-designed architectural buildings, and a modern recreation facility with international first-class 4D-simulation films.


  • 鄭州新鄭国際空港  107.8 km/67.0 マイル


  • 嵩山少林寺  155.0 km/96.3 マイル


  • 許慎文化公園  8.1 km/5.0 マイル
  • 香陳湾遊楽園  8.7 km/5.4 マイル
  • 開元森林公園  11.1 km/6.9 マイル


  • 漯河教育、文化、芸術センター  0.1 km/0.1 マイル
  • 蕭山橋  17.0 km/10.6 マイル
  • 三絶碑  45.1 km/28.0 マイル
  • 河南博物館  155.0 km/96.3 マイル


  • 漯河中心街  3.0 km/1.9 マイル
  • 漯河南街村  27.3 km/17.0 マイル
  • 鄭州の中心街  130.0 km/80.8 マイル



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