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Four Points by Sheraton Bijie

Home to many ethnicities and deemed a top summer destination, Bijie is a prefecture-level city situated in the northwest part of China’s Guizhou Province. The Four Points by Sheraton Bijie is conveniently located in the city’s business center, at the intersection of Baili Azalea Road and Kaihang Road. Our hotel is part of a complex that contains the city’s largest shopping mall, and Qixingguan district government offices are just steps away. Bijie Feixiong Airport (BFJ) is just 18 kilometers from our hotel, and Guiyang Longdongbao International Airport (KWE) is 200 kilometers away.

Bijie’s splendid scenery includes the famous Zhijin Cave Scenic Area located in Zhijin County. The highlight there is its famous karst cave, deemed one of China’s most beautiful. The freshwater Caohai Lake is home to many bird species, including black-necked cranes, red-crowned cranes, white storks, and white-tailed sea eagles. Extending 50 kilometers, the natural One-Hundred-Li Azalea Belt is the largest of its kind in China. When the azaleas are in full bloom in March and April, this area is a spectacularly vibrant sight. Lying between Nayong and Dafang, the noteworthy Jiudongtian Scenic Area is filled with valleys, limestone caves, and underground streams. Other attractions near Bijie include the Hezhang National Forest Park, the Jiucai-Ping Stone Forest, the Datun Chieftain’s Manor, and Dongfeng Lake.

For indigenous local culture, head to Weining County or Kele Town to see villages that the Yi and Miao ethnic minorities call home. In addition to the Yi people’s Torch Festival and the Miao people’s reed panpipe dances, unique and memorable experiences include horse racing, traditional folk dancing and singing, and colorful costumes. Dafang is particularly famous for selling lacquer ware and Yi wine, which comes from Zhijin County.


  • JinYuanDa Real Estate Co., Ltd.  0.1 km/0.1 Meilen
  • Yu Die Group  2.2 km/1.4 Meilen
  • BiYang Real Estate Co., Ltd  3.2 km/2.0 Meilen
  • Southwest Region Mining Holding Co., Ltd  3.2 km/2.0 Meilen

Freizeit und Erholung

  • Volkspark (People's Park)  1.7 km/1.1 Meilen
  • Tianhe-Park  6.2 km/3.8 Meilen

Kunst und Kultur

  • Qi Xing Guan District Museum  0.4 km/0.3 Meilen
  • Bijie Museum  3.4 km/2.1 Meilen

Nahegelegene Zielorte

  • Stadtzentrum Bijie  1.7 km/1.1 Meilen

Sehenswürdigkeiten vor Ort

  • Aussichtspunkt Hundred-Mile Azalea  65.0 km/40.4 Meilen


  • Flughafen Bijie Feixiong  18.0 km/11.2 Meilen

Öffentliche Einrichtungen

  • Qi Xing Guan District Hospital  0.4 km/0.3 Meilen
  • College Bijie  2.5 km/1.5 Meilen
  • Bijie First Multiple People’s Hospital  2.7 km/1.7 Meilen
  • Bijie Vocational and Technical College  4.7 km/2.9 Meilen
  • Ling-Feng-Tempel  11.4 km/7.1 Meilen



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