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Rated 3.6 out of 5 by 456 reviewers.
Rated 1 out of 5 by Sorely Disappointed Maybe our expectations were to high but to say we very disappointed in our experience at the Sheraton Read House would be an understatement. From our arrival we felt like we were a bother to the front desk staff and our room experience was if they had put us in a room not used much. Let me just just hit some of the lowest items: 1. Upon arrival the tickets for the iMax and Aquarium that were suppose to be part of our package were not there. 2. In our room we had to wait a minimum of 10 minutes for the hot water to warm up. 3. The fitted sheets on our bed continually came of while sleeping or resting on the bed. Not only did they come off the fitted sheets were paper thin. 4. The pillows were horrible. I don't know what kind of pillows they were but if you laid your head on them you admittedly hit your head on the mattress as they had no support or firmness. We headed up getting the throw pillows off the couch for some height and firmness. 5. Saturday morning we awoke anxiously to get our tickets for the aquarium and iMax to be there at the opening at 10:00. However when we went down to the desk they were not there (STILL) and the lady at the front desk informed us that we would have to wait because she was gonna be inconvinenced togo and pick up the tickets. This was for a reservation we had made weeks ago. We waited then in our room for two hours for the tickets to come. I am disappointed with my stay. I expected great things but have had better service and much low cost hotels. March 25, 2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by Worst hotel experience ever Never have I experienced a room as dirty and poorly kept as I have at the Sheraton Read House. I so highly anticipated my stay at the Read House. I flew into Chattanooga for the wedding of a young lady who is like my daughter. She planned to stay there with me the night before her wedding. Wanting a nice place for her to get ready in the morning of her wedding, I booked the junior suite. We were both so excited. That excitement ended when I opened the door to the room. My first impression was a vague disappointment. The room was poorly lit. The furniture, wall coverings and carpet appeared to be old and worn. As I took everything I thought, well, it is an historic hotel. That's okay. So I made my way into the bedroom. The first thing a noticed is a broken and stained chair. Right behind it was a floor lamp that was tilted with a light bulb hanging out by the wires. Next, I made my way to the extremely small bathroom. My first thought was how small it was for "junior suite." Then I saw the dirt and grime on the back of the magnifying mirror that was attached to the wall. From there, I opened the shower curtain to find a dirty shower and bathtub with chunks of I-don't-know-what on the walls. I made my way back out to the bedroom only to see a layer of dust so thick on the walls, it appeared to resemble a popcorn ceiling. That same dust coated the curtains in the room. At that point, I phoned guest services who stated she could have someone come up to clean it. I explained that the room needed more than a quick cleaning. I asked about switching rooms. She stated that they were booked full, but would have the manager call me. I waited for 30 minutes with no return call. I called again, but when I got the same response that she would have the manager call me. Instead of waiting I took my luggage and went down to meet with someone. There was only one person working at the desk. I had to wait another 20 minutes to get her assistance. She then somehow found another room even though they were booked. I asked if I could look at the room first. She gave me a key, so I went up to take a look. Although better than the first, it appeared to be in a long line of dorm rooms. Dorm rooms??? Anyways, although it was visually more appealing than the original room (minus another stained chair), the smell inside was revolting. The windows were wide open, as apparently they knew something was wrong, and they were trying to air it out. Needless to say I did not stay at the Sheraton Read House that night or any other night as planned. I politely but assertively asked to be let out of my reservation, and the lady at the desk complied. I quickly made my way out the door without looking back. It was an incredibly disappointing experience. October 27, 2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by Unhappy Guest I booked a room at this hotel about a week to a week and a half in advance. Apparently, I was no better off. As soon as I got there to check in, the front desk clerk told me that since they were so booked up, they had to put us in a tiny room (pinching her fingers with about an inch of space between); stating there was that little space between the bed and tv (and bed and wall). She offered us free breakfast to make up for this. Now had she just welcomed us and made it sound like they were giving us free breakfast without mentioning the room was tiny in comparison to others, we never would have known! Then the air unit was showing 60 degrees; well it was more like 76. It was humid and the floor felt damp. We called and they sent an "engineer" to fix the unit. He told us to wait 30 minutes. It was just as bad off as when we got there. They offered us free Starbucks, however that does not make up for paying for an expensive room to sweat all night and barely move past the tv and bed to get to the bathroom. After entirely too much back and forth on the phone, they offered to move us. So they did have a regular room available?! It took them a good hour to move us. Will not stay here again! Book elsewhere! Somewhere with updated units! They need customer service training as well. September 5, 2012
Rated 2 out of 5 by Hotel need improvement. The bathroom in Room 411 needs improvement. The floor was gray and dirty looking. The shower/tub tiles looked like black mold was growing between the tiles. It also smelled like sewage. October 20, 2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by This hotel was not as advertised Room was cramped, smelled musty was not clean, and the paint was cracking in all spaces of the room, rust in the bathroom (bathtub and sink fixtures). Drapes did not close entirely or properly, allowing city light in all night. Noisy room. Check-in staff was unprofessional, unfriendly and generally unhelpful. Would not stay at this hotel again, even if room was free. March 14, 2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by Extremely disappointed! We were part of a wedding party this past weekend, (Memorial Day). We had a whole block of rooms reserved. I have stayed at the Read House many times in the past and of all the hotels recommended by the bride and groom, we chose to stay there and urged all of our close friends and family to stay there as well. OK, where do I begin? When I checked in, the person at the front desk first told me there was no reservation under my last name. I insisted there were 2 rooms. After searching under my husband's name (same last name), he found 5 rooms...we only had 2 rooms reserved. My sister had the same thing happen. She had 2 rooms reserved and the computer showed 9 rooms !!! We had to call sales to get it straightened out since we were part of a wedding block. Another friend of mine had no reservation and tons of other people had problems when they checked in. We also booked a breakfast for the wedding group Sunday and was very disappointed in the set up. Not enough coffee, etc. Our keys didn't work half of the time and we had to keep going to the front desk to get new ones (didn't keep in wallet or by cell phone). Also, our room didn't get cleaned one day and we talked to many other people who said the same thing. That is inexcusable. The housekeepers were not able to communicate with us, as they spoke no English. One day I asked our housekeeper to come back in 30 minutes and she proceeded to start cleaning the bathroom...since I was in the room by myself, I let her clean. One friend said they got moved from their room 3 times! Another friend said after he checked into his room and unpacked, he returned to his room to find that someone else had moved in too! Hard to explain how that happened. Oh, and the people in the bar were SO RUDE!!! We were a very mild-mannered group and they made it very clear they were ready to close and started flashing the lights...the next evening, I went down to the bar at 5 to meet a friend and the female bartender didn't even approach me (she wasn't busy)...I had to get her attention and ask for a drink. She didn't smile and wasn't pleasant. It's obvious that so many people in the hotel are POORLY TRAINED. This is all about management and it is BAD! The only bright spot was the valet service. Everyone we came in contact there was great, especially Timmy. There's more, but I think I've said enough. May 28, 2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by This hotel rooms are nasty The look of the lobby is very beautiful. However The rooms are a horror story. We were move to three different room in less than 30min of our check in time. Room 1 had a horrible smell from rain leaking in it. Room 2 had rips in the sheets and a big reddish purple stain in one of the bed covers. Lastly is room 3 on the top of the ceiling was big moldy water stains and the room had a slight smell. I wish we could have just slept in the lobby till morning. After all we went through we still were charged. May 24, 2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by Spacious room We booked a standard room and received a junior suite at a late night check in. The lobby has some historical stuffs which we enjoyed a lot. The staff at the counter is friendly and helpful. The only drawbacks are that the AC is really loud at night and the restroom is quite small compared to the room. November 2, 2014
Rated 2 out of 5 by Review I stayed at this hotel for a meeting taking place there. The staff was very friendly and did bring towels and other things when asked. The room was ok, and the bed was comfortable. I did have to turn water on in the shower and let run for 15 minutes before it got hot. There were cobwebs in the corners of the closet, and seating area of the room and what appeared to be dirt or mold on the HVAC vents. There are many defects in the landscaping, slate tile outside and ceiling in hallways. October 27, 2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by My experience with this hotel was extremely disappointing! The room was dusty -- looked like it hadn't been cleaned in weeks. It was right across the hall from the elevators and next door to an ice machine, so I was probably the first person to stay in it in weeks!! Couldn't get any rest for loud-talking guests and the door to the ice machine room slamming until after midnight! Couldn't get the shower nozzle to work. Room service should change their "guaranteed times" to begin at 6:45 instead of 6:30. April 12, 2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by Bad experience 1.Bathroom has absolutely NO vanity space. I had to put all of my toiletry items on the floor for 5 days. Very inconvenient. 2.Curtains would not close. Only sheers. Daylight should not come so early when you are on vacation. 3. Bed was very worn. Had to sleep sideways in the bed to keep from falling in the hole in the middle. 4. TV was located at a bad angle. No way to watch tv from the bed or the loveseat. June 18, 2012
Rated 1 out of 5 by Disappointment 1. Both room key cards failed to open the door. Had to go get new keys. 2. TV didn't work. View from window was an old brick walled warehouse. 3. Requested new room: was told the keys would be right up. Waited 15 minutes. Had to go back to the desk where I was told by the female clerk that she was just getting them ready. 4. She also told me I could just go to the other area of the hotel to the new room. Note: we had not been there before and didn't know our way. 5. New room had no TV remote. 6. Had dinner in the Porter's. Asked for a better wine: out of stock. Asked for the next better wine: same story, out of stock. 7. Ordered a "medium" $79 bone in filet. It came blood rare. Had to send it back. 8. Because of the room situations, our time was limited in being able to accomplish a few "tourist" tours before dinner and theater. 9. This was our first visit to the Sheraton Read House and unless we're refunded our entire expenses, it will be our last visit. March 19, 2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by Would not recommend staying here. My bad experience with this hotel started with check-in. We arrived a little before 3 pm and were told that check-in couldn't happen for at least another 15 minutes. There was a large crowd waiting to check in, so in order to avoid wasting time waiting to check in, we left to go visit the Aquarium. Upon our return, we were told that we couldn't have the type of room we had reserved and paid for. In the room we ended up in, we had no way to cool the room's temperature. We couldn't open the windows, and the air conditioner was blowing out warm air despite being set at a low temperature so we were forced to attempt to sleep in an uncomfortable warm room. The next day, by late afternoon, the type of room we had wanted still was not available, and we learned that there was no way to get colder air into the room. Additionally, the room hadn't even been cleaned. Rather than stay another night as planned and not be able to sleep in the warm room and undesirable arrangements, we left. October 28, 2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by worst sheraton i have stayed at this was worst sheraton i have stayed at it had many issues and when i told them about them they was no help. also while writing this review i read some others and they have had the same complaints for over a year. and recieved no reconition for being spg member. June 11, 2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by Housekeeping & Maintenance needs much improvement HK: Services were deplorable! Room was NOT clean, particularly the bathroom. Sheets were NOT changed. One day there was NO service at all even though a request had been put in to have the room cleaned by 3:30pm. Hair on bathroom floor from previous guests. Ameneties were not re-stocked consitantly. MAINT: HVAC unit control did not have an off-on switch and ran constantly. Very poor control!!!! Carpet filthy! Dirt in corners. OTHER: Food tray from room service of another guest was left in the hallway > 2 days until we INSISTED it be removed. NOTE: Complaints were not addressed by desk staff until Hotel Mgr. got involved. He handled the situation VERY professionally and made amends. However the very next day my wife had another HK issue. It was very clear that there is a HUGE DISCONNECT with the HK Staff & Their Mgmt. Very Poor training, oversight & F/U by the HK Mgmt. Staff. HOWEVER: We did very much enjoy the quality of food & the Staff at Porter's Resturant. Maybe they should be held up as the Gold Std. for the Front Desk & HK Staff to follow. September 22, 2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by Landmark but lacks investment! The bathroom is lousy and has no ventilation. The room and bathroom, especially carpet and ceiling was at several places dirty. No fridge, no mini bar ... February 20, 2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by Y'all need to do some serious work Wow. This beautiful hotel needs some serious plumbing and A/C work. The noise from both is deafening and almost funny except for the lack of sleep. October 21, 2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by Poor housekeeping staff and poor room condition I stayed in this hotel for one night. Checked in and request for a sofa bed set up. Went out for dinner and when I went back to the hotel, all i see is some bedding left on the sofa. I called guest service and before I could finish explaining the issue, the lady interrupt and said I should have requested for the bed to be set up. When I finally had the chance to explain I did request, she then said she will get the housekeeper on. When the housekeeper arrive, she said all she was told is we require to use the sofa bed and did not mention we requested for set up. I responded, if I require a sofa bed then what is the use of a duvet and a pillow for 2 kids on a sofa not set up. She was very rude and unfriendly at all. She did not even get the sofa bed set up properly and just left. The only positive, she did brought the 1 additional pillow and towels. The bathroom looks like it is falling into pieces. The grouting on the tiles are coming apart and there damp on the carpet going into the bathroom. The towel rails are all corroded and the exhaust fan in the bathroom not working. Also they had a tag at the door mentioning this is a Starwood preferred guest room. Not sure if I want to be a SPG member getting this type of room. January 4, 2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by Horrible Experience I stayed at this hotel last Friday evening and had the experience of what I would expect from a $50 hotel. The problem is - I paid $200. Here are a few of the problems: 1) I was in Room # 407. I did not realize until I was trying to sleep that the elevator was behind the wall nearest the head of the bed. Once I turned off the TV, I could hear the elevator noise all night. You need to insulate that wall or not put guests in that room at all. 2) In the middle of the night, the entire room started to smell as if raw sewage had been pumped into ventilation system. It was an incredibly strong odor that eventually dissipated or I became immune to it. 3) I am still waiting for my 6am wake up call. I could go on and on about how important it is to have a reliable system for wake up calls, but I'm assuming you understand that. 4) The bath drain was not attached to the tub. This was not the only maintenance issue, but probably the most glaring. I thought I had read that the hotel had recently been renovated. If true, they missed that room. It is old and dilapidated. 5) There was no one at the front desk when I tried to check out. When they did finally show up, they never asked about my stay - which I think is probably the root to all of your issues. Your employees don't care about guest's experience. October 14, 2013
Rated 2 out of 5 by Left much to be desired The facility is located conveniently near the wedding venue, but the building was in an obvious state of disrepair. The floor I stayed on had a leak in the hallway undergoing repair. There were many poorly made repairs made in the room and hallway areas. It was obvious the hotel had seen a hard life. I would have overlooked this but the shower curtain in our bathroom was soiled as well. I believe the management needs to do an overhaul of the building and improve staff training. "No Reservations" by Todd Gothberg would be a great place to start! Nothing about my stay made this become my destination for trips to Chattanooga in the future! November 25, 2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by An Old Lady without Charm From the moment I stepped into the Sheraton Reade House in Chattanooga, from facility to staff, we were gravely disappointed. Touted as the 'Grande Dame' of Chattanooga, the Reade House was sagging in appearance and missing in conveniences necessary for the stay of those persons you are desirous to attract. My wife and I were there for a formal event, arriving with expensive jewelry that we assumed would be placed in a room safe. Lacking one, and with the instruction that the hotel can store personal or items of value, I went downstairs with the stash, only to be told that it 'wouldn't fit', since your facility only has a safety deposit box sized container. Finally, the manager told me she would place the items in her safe which was an obvious solution for which I did not have to be put through the ringer. The bathrooms are extremely small. The rooms need refurbishment. The desk staff do not know the locations of rooms by numbers and could not move me to a side of the facility without asking further, indicating a total lack of training. I needed to wait twenty minutes to check-in without even a word of acknowledgment that we were waiting on a line of no one but us. Most importantly though was the cultural divide. There seemed to be no appreciation of the importance of hospitality and the notion of going out of one's way to please. Instead, it felt we were the inconvenience for being there. THE ONE EXCEPTION WAS, TO MY DELIGHT, THE CREW THAT TOOK MY LUGGAGE AND CAR. TO THE PERSON THEIR GREETING WAS CORDIAL, FRIENDLY, AND PROFESSIONAL. THEY MADE COMING INTO THE DOORS OF YOUR HOTEL A PLEASURE. Little did we know we were entering a house of horrors. April 16, 2013
Rated 2 out of 5 by Room 644 The room was smaller than anticipated. The shower head was rusted, the tile in the shower was cracked, the makeup mirror had recently been repaired and the marks left from the repair were still evident. The hall was extremely loud during the early morning hours and calls to the front desk did nothing to calm the situation. The wait staff in the restaurant was not friendly which kept us from visiting a second time. Checkin went well and the valet staff was superb. October 28, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Beautiful! This lovely old hotel had it all, friendly staff, great location, fabulous indoor pool. We didn't opt to eat at the restaurant but there were many great choices near by. November 18, 2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by Points Not Awarded 25 rooms booked on my credit card. Request was for points on one room. Verbal and email confirmation given to award points. spg call referred me back to hotel. Manager did not return calls or email. Not enough staff on duty to assist group. Some fixtures needed repair; plaster loose in places. 5 attempts by front desk to retrieve a package. It was there but had to call later to have it shipped to me at my expense for front desk 5 errors! April 27, 2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great hotel...Disappointing restaurant Stayed for 3 nights around 4th of July celebrating anniversary. Hotel and staff were great. Wonderful front desk staff. Great room also. The Steakhouse that heralds itself as the only prime steakhouse in town, was an extreme disappointment. Server was good but food quality and manager addressing issue were poor and unacceptable. Would definately stay at this hotel again, however strongly suggest dining dining elsewhere. November 26, 2011
Rated 1 out of 5 by Great location This is a beautiful hotel, I like the old charm of this hotel. Valet staff were nice and helpful with directions. check in and check out staff were not friendly. The air conditioner in the room was noisy and the sheets were wore out- no elastic. We fought the sheets all night long. Bathroom was clean, however hair was all over the place. Breakfast in the dining room was good. April 16, 2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by Disappointed I wanted to love this hotel. The building is amazing and it is great to see older building keep their history and charm. However, upon arriving to our room there were dishes left by the previous guest left outside our door. The dishes were left from room service and included half eaten food and coffee that had things floating in it. The biggest problem however was the plumbing issue. Our shower was clogged and our sink backed-up into our tub. On leaving for dinner my wife and I stopped by the front desk to address the issue, after calling from our room three times without and answer. We were told that someone would fix it upon our return. It had not been fixed and now had black junk floating in it. At this point it was late and changing rooms was not an option for us. It was only an over night stay, but we will not return to this hotel or recommend it to anyone. The only bright side to our stay was Ashley, that helped as we left. February 20, 2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by Terrible I had high expectations for this hotel as it is a historical site, however, the site left me with much disappointment. The rooms are in dire need of updating, including the peeling wallpaper, dirty floors, dirty bathrooms, etc. I paid for access to the concierge lounge, however, they failed to tell their patrons that the lounge is closed on the weekends! This is misleading and should certainly be addressed immediately and stated on their website. When checking in, the staff was helpful and stated that we could go up to the lounge and get water. After a long day out, I went up to the lounge and tried to get water. Since I could not access the refridgerator, I called the front desk. Whomever answered the phone was VERY rude and should NOT be in customer service as they told me I should not be there and cut me off everytime I tried responding to her questions. Rediculous! I will NEVER stay there again - in fact, this has tainted my view on Starwood Hotels. September 19, 2012
Rated 1 out of 5 by Worst SGP Hotel Experience Hotel room had not been maintained ... paint chipped, walls plastered/banged up, visible small holes in wall, bathroom tube cracked and chipped, elevator dirty with empty bottles in it, one elevator not working, pool area filthy with no clean towels (dirty towels laying all over the pool area), club lounge did not have napkins, or forks for breakfast (my family had to share two knives and a fork to eat breakfast). It was also a pancake breakfast and there was only one small bottle of syrup left of which my family of four had to share. No coffee in club lounge for breakfast, they were out. I had breakfast at 8am. Tables in lobby area, by TV, were covered in with beer bottles and empty glasses. Club lounge night before was out of bottle water, there was none in my room, so I had to by some from front desk. My family and I were not able to log into wireless on any of our devices during the entire stay. My bill was double charged for parking $15 per night, only stayed one night. I had to get this corrected morning of checkout. Only bright spot, was the valet! January 21, 2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by travel Light bulbs did not not work.. charged for water. bill delivered at 3 in the morning. No one to carry luggage to room. Had to roll up my own suit rack. Honeymoon package was 2 pieces of paper. Hair in tub. December 30, 2012
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