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Age Requirement Policy

Guests must be 21 years or older with valid identification to reserve a room or check in.

Rated 3.1 out of 5 by 412 reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5 by Loved this hotel!!!! I had a wonderful experience at this property. The front desk agents provided me with exemplary service throughout my stay. My accommodations exceeded my expectations. Great coffee in the lobby in the morning!!!!! Thank you for a great stay. I will recommend your property to all my friends and family. October 2, 2014
Rated 2 out of 5 by Apparently the wrong night to stay here When I checked in the lady greeted me and was nice and explained all amenities including 24 hour room service. Later after shift change, I went to the front desk to ask for change and she told me to go get change at the bar on the 2nd floor. I went up there and was told that the front desk would have to give me change. I left the hotel for a few hours and asked a different lady at the front desk what was available to eat besides the 24 hour room service and she told me that not only was there nothing open there, but apparently there isn't even room service available tonight. This hotel sucks! They told me I could order food from a 3rd party - gee frickin thanks! Oh, and the toilet in my room runs all of the time. July 2, 2013
Rated 2 out of 5 by Upgraded Room wasn't much of an upgrade I travel frequently, often times 15+ hotel stays a month lately I've been trying to stick to SPG hotels. This was my first stay at this particular W, and I must say I was pretty disappointed. I've been to the hotel for various events etc, so I expected better. Usually I'm offered room/suite upgrades, I had to specifically ask this time, and they were reluctant to do so it seems, which is odd seeing that I have 40 stays with them in the last 60 days. Yet on top of the "upgraded" room (higher floor, corner room)I received the furniture was dirty, the walls in the bath room were dirty, the fixtures and furniture throughout the bathroom were rusty and the darn toilet has a problem because every 5 minutes it runs. If this is how they treat frequent loyal customers or if this is the best(or anywhere near) they have to offer I don't think I'll be staying here again. Definitely Disappointed. August 1, 2013
Rated 2 out of 5 by not worth it The room was clean. That is my only compliment. I paid extra for corner room, which meant that I was sandwiched between two other rooms. It was so loud I could hear the next room snoring. It says there is extra square footage, but I think it was in the hallway. The day we checked out, someone knocked on our door at 09:00 to see if we checked out already. We didn't need to leave until 12:00. What was the point? Don't they have computers for that? To top it off, when I got home and saw the email of my receipt, there was a charge for the mini bar that we never used. September 15, 2012
Rated 2 out of 5 by Not a real W My room was not very clean and there appeared to be blood on the chaise in the room. Hairs could be seen on the floor and my sheets had a hole in them One of my towels had dark spots on it and did not smell fresh. When I checked in I agreed to forgo cleaning for the first 2 days of my stay, but I was there 5 nights and my room was never cleaned I requested an early wake up call the morning of my departure and it never came. Thankfully it was a backup or I would have missed my flight. I have stayed at many W hotels and typically the are on the higher end side. This one was not even close. I love spg and want you guys to do well. Sorry to be so harsh. A positive was that my check in was very efficient and the room service was pretty good. March 8, 2013
Rated 3 out of 5 by Update sorely needed My husband and I were visiting New Orleans this past weekend and decided to stay at the hotel due to other friends staying there too. The location is fantastic (situated between the Garden District and the French Quarter), although the outside of the hotel leaves much to be desired. The staff greeted us VERY kindly and this was consistent throughout our entire stay. The room was and smelled damp. The front desk warned us about the hours of construction for their remodel, which held true. Naps during the day were not an option. While the room was spacious, the outlets were poorly placed, the lighting was horrid and the bathroom needed the most work of all. Water pressure was pretty bad (harsh/fast or a drip) and finding somewhere between scalding and cool was difficult. Also, our shower faucet dripped constantly. We're happy to hear that improvements are on the way, but I'm not sure we'd stay here again with all of the other options in NOLA. Have to repeat again that the staff at the hotel was fantastic! August 18, 2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by WoW...not the good kind Ever since it opened, the W Hotel on Poydras has been our HQ when we visit the Big Easy. We enjoyed the style, service and vibe of the property. But what a difference 2 years can make. Still on the ball; the valet and bell service…and well that is about it. I’ve never written a negative review and regret doing so, but hopefully other Starwood Preferred members will appreciate the blunt honesty. At check-in the desk agent was barely audible over the enlivened guests at the bar. I’m usually the one in the group that says, “hey, did you hear that?” to replies of “hear what?”, so I know it’s not my hearing. After asking the young lady to repeat herself 3 times, and then specifically asking her to speak up, she refused to do so. I’ve never been required to work that hard to check in to a hotel, even in foreign countries where I didn’t speak the language. As we checked in, our 5 pound Maltese was proudly displayed on my mate’s shoulder in his sporty, soft side, travel crate. Nothing was said about him, a pet deposit or fee. A few hours later a Pet Waiver mysteriously showed up under our room door after we’d unpacked and enjoyed a glass of wine at the bar. Uncomfortable with the late notice and what we considered to be an exorbitant fee, we immediately went to the front desk to register our concerns. My mate had a pleasant discussion with the desk agent (a different one) where she told the agent we’d be happy to pay for any damages done by our 5 pound monster (joke, he never made a peep) and was not interested in paying the $100 fee and asked that it not be charged. To which the agent replied that under the circumstances, she didn’t see a problem with the fee being waived. At that time, it was made VERY clear, that if there was going to be a problem with waiving the fee, that we were to be contacted IMMEDIATELY. This was about 5:00 pm. It wasn’t until we were checking out of the hotel the next morning at 3:45 am-ish that upon reviewing our portfolio that we found the $100 pet fee. We relayed to the desk agent that the fee had been waived, but she insisted that it be paid. We declined, citing the other agent's waiving the fee and lack of contact to the contrary and proceeded to make our way to the airport. That morning, as well as the night before we had no hot water in either the shower or the tub. Is it too much to ask the basis bases be covered; hot water, clean towels, sheets etc.? A request was made when we checked in for a few items; 2nd luggage stand, some Equal, etc., nothing exotic or excessive. We only received ½ of the items requested with no follow up on what wasn’t received. After getting back home I received an email from the hotel’s Welcome Office Talent Coach personally apologizing for the confusion and confirming the waiver of the disputed pet fee. Unfortunately, the following day the credit card used for the room was checked on line to find not 1, not 2, but 3 separate $100 charges. Upon contacting the Welcome Office manager by phone, he said that they’d basically changed their minds and were charging us a pet fee. He was very indifferent about the failings of his staff, 2 of whom waived the fee (once in writing) and indignant about his position. The bottom line is at this Starwood W Hotel, Whatever/Whenever means that they will try to charge you Whatever they want, Whenever they want. Without warning they feel free to put $100 hold or charges on your card and renege on their promises to the detriment of Starwood Preferred Guests. But don’t just take my word for it. Look at the reviews on Trip Advisor and the W’s own website: http://www.starwoodhotels.com/whotels/property/reviews/index.html?propertyID=2030&language=en_US&localeCode=en_US . Only 59% of reviewers recommend this property! Some of the other 1 star reviews from as recent as September of this year sum up some of what I too experienced but haven’t mentioned with titles like: HOT AND FALLING APART, SAD EXCUSE FOR A STARWOOD PROPERTY and STAFF AND HOTEL DO NOT LIVE UP TO THE W STANDARDS. And just to show that they weren’t just having a bad month, check out other reviews entitled The Worst W Hotel EVER, a BIG Disappointment, Terrible and Disappointed. The list continues; Horrible Stay, Guest Rooms Need to be Cleaned and Dirty Room, Thin Walls. Granted, these reviews are all 1 star, but based on years of experience at this specific property, this W has way too many 1, 2 and 3 star reviews based on its potential. SO DON’T CRY AND SAY YOU WEREN’T WARNED: IF YOU STAY HERE YOU WILL BE SORRY! There are other Starwood properties to choose from in New Orleans. Hopefully their management values SPGs and they take pride in their property’s condition and the real WoW service that W has built their reputation on. Anyone reading this review please feel free to contact me to confirm the validity of this review. I am easy going and level headed, but can only take so much abuse. November 7, 2012
Rated 3 out of 5 by Hotel needs to freshen up Hotel needs to stop trying to be so New York! It's too dark in the lobby areas - maybe not New York, but vampires?. I know you could not even read a newspaper if you had to. Black furniture and charcoal walls in rooms is just too much. But maybe the darkness is trying to hide some of the shabbiness of the furniture. Room could have been cleaned more thoroughly before arrival. Get rid of the velvet chairs and chaises! These are downright gross. And, the cloying air deodorizer in the elevator area was sickening and too strong. Again, what are you trying to hide. Staff was very nice. August 19, 2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by I would never stay here again Staff was not helpful and didn't follow through on their jobs. Overall, not very comfortable or friendly. I have traveled throughout the U.S. and internationally and this hotel is sub-sub-par. September 2, 2014
Rated 3 out of 5 by My Stay I recently stayed for 2 nights in a Luxury Suite and was quite disappointed when my family and I entered the room. The living area featured just a TV and wall couch. There was no decor (bare walls). A lot of wasted space. I am not sure if the renovations were complete on this particular. Also found breakfast to be pricey (continental breakfast $18) The good: The bedroom was very nice and quite comfortable. No problems sleeping well. Bathroom was also nice. Great location and easy access to local attractions. All in all I will stay here again but may ask for another room if I have the same results. Thanks September 9, 2014
Rated 3 out of 5 by Good location, but hotel needs some work We stayed in this hotel for 4 nights for a cheer competition. The location was convenient for the venue, and also wasn't a bad walk to the French Quarter. However, the hotel itself could really use an overhaul. The beds were not comfortable, the room was small and awkwardly laid out with the door opening right into an angled wall that contained the closet. Additionally, we had staff vacuuming outside our room at 7:20 am, with absolutely no apology. The last night of our stay the bar was closed for a private event, and guests were not notified at all. Housekeeping never arrived the last day of our stay until after 6:00 pm - who wants their room cleaned then? February 25, 2014
Rated 3 out of 5 by Great Customer Service Great Location, customer service was excellent. An extra Thank You to Claire who had a complimentary bottle of wine in our room for my sister's 60th birthday. It is very much appreciated. Offering of bottled water coming and leaving the hotel were awesome seeing as though it is pretty warm there this time of the year. Thank you for a great time. P.S. Your beds and linens are the greatest!! September 19, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by WAY better than reviews said it would be I was extremely nervous about this stay. As Platinum Ambassador status, I travel and hit SPG properties a ton. Best in the world is still the Sheraton Downtown Atlanta. But overall my expectations are generally high for SPG. This hotel had some horrible reviews. I actually pondered cancelling via airplane wifi and rebooking another close property...glad I did not. Staff welcomed me graciously, no hands out for tips. Check-in was quick. Recognition for SPG status was good, got a nice suite upgrade. Overall, staff was very friendly, efficient, and all hotel was what you want from a W - trendy, clean, and comfortable. Well done. August 26, 2013
Rated 2 out of 5 by Under Construction Without Warning I booked my room at The W hotel in New Orleans about 4 weeks before our stay. Upon arrival, we found out that the hotel had changed owners / management and was under construction for renovations. The room itself was nice but we were awaken early in the morning by sounds of construction. This was bad enough but then there was no coffee pot in the room and when we went downstairs to get a cup of coffee they were out at the bar / restaurant as well. So after a night in New Orleans on Bourbon Street for a nice weekend getaway... we were very rudely awaken by construction that was non-stop (for hours) and No coffee to be found. Not a very good experience. August 25, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Friendly staff Thanks to the amazing recommendations by Chief Concierge, Danny Alford, I experienced amazing food and music at local establishments I'd have never found on my own. Also, the bartender, Brittany, was very friendly and helpful in getting just the right refreshment after a long day of community service. October 28, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great workout facility Hotel had great workout facility July 19, 2013
Rated 2 out of 5 by Not W Standard I have stayed in a number of W Hotels, and this was my 2nd stay in this one in the last 3 mo. I thought the first stay experience was a fluke, but this one was no better. Both times I had a malfunctioning lamp in the room that was never fixed. This time it was a main floor lamp. Mentioning it to the front desk never worked either time. This time I had to also catch the housekeeper to tell her, and they simply removed the lamp entirely, so half my room was dark for my entire stay. The SPG perk of bottled water NEVER happened. Four days of forgetting? One day my room was not cleaned until after 6 :30 pm. and even then, it was obviously not vacuumed. During both stays here I could not get the safe open because it was locked with an unknown code. Despite SEVERAL requests to have it opened, the hotel ignored them and never sent anyone to assist, so I had no safe to use. Both times! At other hotels, there is usually a concierge present in the lobby. After 2 stays (total 8 days) here, I only saw a Whatever/Whenever concierge at that station once. The desk was empty every time I passed it. The one time he was present, however, the concierges was helpful and suggested a wonderful place for brunch. A friend of mine will be going to New Orleans in a few months and asked if he should stay at the W. I was disappointed to have to say no, but I suggested to him another nearby one instead. All the other W Hotels I have stayed at were good, and the best was Taipei's. This one falls short of what was expected and did not even meet their own standards for an SPG guest. What is most disappointing is the multiple requests that went unanswered on both visits. I will not return to this hotel next time. February 13, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Excellent Experience I stayed at this hotel for the first time and was very impressed with the staff and room. The room was recently renovated and the staff was friendly and helpful. I will be staying here again! August 14, 2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by Not the NOLA experience we hoped for. The check in was smooth and clerks were nice. The room was small! 3 people with 4 suitcases + carry ons for 5 days with no chairs, no dresser drawers no where to move around, a tiny closet...it just doesn't work guys!! It seemed like a by the hour rental!! The bathroom was less than desirable! The tub was dirty...get some Comet brand soap/scum cleaner...it works!!....The shelf that was under the sink was dusty...we really should have written a date in it!! We had to walk quite a distance to change hotels. November 8, 2013
Rated 2 out of 5 by You've been warned...we didn't listen We reserved a room several months ago, but didn't really read the reviews before reserving. We have stayed at many W's and know their reputation. We've never been disappointed by this hotel chain, so why would we think this one would be different. After reading the reviews, learning that it was a bit dusty, but was getting a well deserved renovation, we started looking at different hotels in the area. We waited too late because most of the hotels were booked, due to the Essence Music Festival. Our corner room was ready when we arrived. So, the first thing that I did was inspect the room and do a quick "once over" with my own wipes in the bathroom and drawers. The dust was apparent, but the room didn't look dirty per say, just dusty and old. We knew that going in. Right away, we could hear the pretty constant tapping from the hammers and drill sounds. After a couple of hours of turning up the volume on the tv, we called the front desk to see if there was a quieter room and were told that you could hear it from anywhere in the building through the pipes. We were disappointed, but again, knew that there was construction going on prior to arrival. We were excited to see the city, so we unpacked and went on our way. We arrived back at our room around 3 a.m., on the 4th of July, but didn't manage to go to sleep until around 4. Yep, you guessed it, the workers woke us up before 8 a.m. with the hammering and drilling!!!! We just knew that at least this one day, the 4th, would be quiet. We called the front desk and were unapologetically told that they work seven days a week. We couldn't be mad with anyone but ourselves because people on TripAdvisor and SPG warned us!! So, since we couldn't sleep, we got up to take our showers and hang out. I walked into the bathroom to turn the shower on and noticed debris in the tub and the vent in the shower had a gap wide enough for us to see "daylight" inside. As a girl, my fear was, if I could see out, someone could see in. We called downstairs again and were told that they were sending someone up to clean the tub and fix the vent. All the while, we could still hear the noise from the workers. Four people came to work, including clean, in the bathroom and while doing so, I heard stuff fall from the ceiling into the tub and one of the men said, "I'm not breathing this mess." Well, why would we want to breathe it? A little while later, a lady, cleaning the tub, sneezed. Someone said, "Bless you. It's this stuff from them working up there. They knocked stuff in." I knew at that moment, I had no desire to continue breathing God Knows What! We asked to move, but were told there wasn't anything immediately available, but she said that she would try to find something. A little while later, something "came available." We were offered a newly renovated room, which we gladly accepted. Sadly, it was room by the elevators, where you could hear every single conversation, every single elevator ding, etc. However, we gladly stayed so we wouldn't get stuck in the bad "air" room. It was nicely renovated, except there aren't any towel racks to place moist (after shower) towels on, the sink makes a loud dripping noise if you don't keep the sink stopper closed at all times, and the water from the shower manages to seep underneath the shower door and get the bathroom floor wetter with each person's shower. I didn't complain because the room was nice and clean and I know that these are simple issues that will, at some point, be rectified. One last thing, the noise was still very noticeable and very annoying, but wasn't as unbearable as the first room. If we'd taken heed to the warnings on TripAdvisor and SPG, we certainly would have stayed somewhere else. You've been warned! July 8, 2014
Rated 3 out of 5 by Expecting the best available rate, NOT TRUE I booked my room thru a Wedding party booking, expecting the best available rate. NOT TRUE. By using AAA, I was able to aquire a 30% additional discount and was given a $25 food credit too. I was also billed for several mini bar items which i never touched. Plus, questions I asked at the front desk could not be answered. A check out kiosk or telephone check out would have given me more information about my bill than the front desk staff that has no authority or billing knowledge. September 16, 2013
Rated 2 out of 5 by W New Orleans The rooms at this hotel are in desperate need of an update. They are small, oddly shaped, worn, and it shows. There is a plumbing problem as well. The pipes make noise all night, shower drains clog, but the shower pressure is excellent! The bathroom was dirty, the toilet was not flushed when I checked in, there was hair in the shower which was not mine, toilet seat would not stay up cosmetic mirror was filthy. You would think that the housekeeping staff would notice these things when they are cleaning the rooms and get them fixed. The other staff is excellent and tried to fix everything. This hotel is not worth 10,000 points a night. September 30, 2013
Rated 3 out of 5 by Poor Room Design I was not impressed with the rooms at the W Hotel in New Orleans. The bathroom is poorly designed in that there is no floor barrier between the shower and the rest of the bathroom so the entire floor gets wet as water drains across it. Also the shower head is only 5'6" or so off the ground, requiring most to duck to get under it. Also the closet is split into a lower and upper area, with the lower to be used for hanging clothes. Unfortunately the bar isn't far enough off the ground to prevent some items from touching the ground and getting wrinkled. Finally, the carpet was pretty wore out, as well as the furniture. The common areas were nice, and the bed was as comfortable as you would expect from a W hotel. However, I would avoid this hotel and recommend staying at one of the other premium hotels in the local area. October 4, 2013
Rated 2 out of 5 by Hungrykeith An update to my previous review: The positive points about this hotel are: the small clean swimming pool, the gym on the pool level is a good size, the concierge service is friendly and knowledgeable, the car valets are fast and helpful, the lobby is big with ample seating and two bars, the location is just a few blocks from the French Quarter, about a 5 minute walk to all of the action. If the rooms were refreshed this would be a great place to stay. October 1, 2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by Nice lobby Terrible guest rooms Our room smelled like mildew, the carpet was dirty, brown, torn and damp. The bed linens were stained. I called the front desk to ask for an acceptable room. We were shown 3 rooms that were in the same or whose condition. One room had ripped upholstery with the filling exposed. We asked for assistance moving to a nearby w hotel but management was uninterested in helping us. We were refunded our money after midnight. Luckily we had a car. If not we would have been on the streets of New Orleans with luggage and without a hotel room. We finally checked into an acceptable competing hotel at 3am. I contacted W corporate office but have not received an official response in over 1 week. The W hotel used to be my go to hotel. I did not know that they had this type of property. Now I am very reluctant to book a W hotel in an unfamiliar location. December 5, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Exceeded expectations I was anxious based on previous reviews. The staff was great from the moment we arrived (after midnight) until we left. Every employee always asked how we were doing, and they helped with every request. Courteous, friendly, exceptional. Room was great, although it could use updating, especially the bathrooms. Pool size was disappointing. April 30, 2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by 1st New Orleans Trip This was my first trip to New Orleans in over 20 years and the first time staying in a W hotel. The W on Poydras was great. Very friendly and attentive staff and very willing to help with any and all questions/requests that I had during this stay. Room was very comfortable and relaxing and I had a great view of the river from my King Cool Corner room. Easy access to the French Quarter and the River Walk. Could stand a little improvement on the TV reception with certain channels but it wasn't a big deal. Overall, I would highly recommend this W hotel to anyone that is looking for a great place to stay while in New Orleans. December 4, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great place and close to everything Work on the internest connection. everytime you were away internet for a small amount of time, you would have to reconnect using the passcode. Should be able to stay connect or have internet recognize the code. Otherwise, everything was wonderful, thanks. April 7, 2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by great for younger crowd it's okay for younger crowd - very noisy on week-end nights in lobby area whish is where they have the bar. restaurant is only open for breakfast and lunch, not dinner. rooms are on small side but nice. could use better cleaning staff - had q-tip on carpet from prior quest. only there for 1 night - bellmen very friendly and acommating. November 25, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great location, easy access Hotel has an excellent location: a few blocks from the French Quarter, across the street from the casino, and one block from Riverside and trolley. The service is spectacular and the staff is very friendly and accommodating. The bathrooms are a little crammed and old, but the room as a whole was clean and comfortable. May 2, 2013
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