LM100 | Hisham Bharoocha


Artist and musician Hisham Bharoocha never stops referencing and reflecting his own experience when painting or composing. His art tends not to be figurative nor literal, but impressionistic and abstract, but if one looks and listens carefully, the assembled perspectives of a young, forward-thinking artist emerge. Through his art, he grapples with questions that are both universal and individual. The most recurring question is simple yet confounding: Why are we here?

The method and the subject of Bharoocha’s work stems from the varying intersections of his daily life: visualizations rendered through his meditation practice, impressions of urban life growing up in Tokyo and living now in New York City, and the unexpected juxtaposition of subconscious memory with deliberate thought. As a result, his work is far from minimalist, but often complex, frenzied, and intense. “My work is about vibration,” Bharoocha says. He tries to use a wide an array of notes and sounds in his music, and in his painting, he often uses every color he can find, trying not to use the same color twice. “There’s all these different kinds of layers coming in and out,” Bharoocha says.

Bharoocha’s role within LM100 originated with his creation of an art installation in conjunction with the Yerba Buena Cultural Center in San Francisco for Le Méridien’s “First Night” San Francisco. Bharoocha feels that a hotel should incorporate art to create "an environment that someone could have an experience in—have his or her own experience in."