LM100 | Sam Samore


Writer and photographer Sam Samore developed an interest in fairy tales when he was small. “My mom and dad told me lots of stories,” Samore says. His work as a photographer and as a writer requires him to mine both conscious and subconscious experience, experiences as Samore puts it, that “might relate to love, or death, or beauty.” Using a technique called “cinemascope,” Samore tells fractured, poetic narratives that often defy and change one’s expectations of a fairy tale.

Thinking of fairy tales as a shared experience, Samore feels that a reader or viewer becomes connected creatively to the narrator. “My interest is a kind of alienation that we experience from each other so that we don’t always say what we really think to each other so we experience the world as something separate from each other,” Samore says. This connection happens on a conceptual level, but it’s a connection that’s reinforced through Samore’s technique. “I use the grain in the pictures as a texture, a kind of layering and abstraction. In this way, you not only see an image but you also feel something,” Samore says

Samore’s role within LM100 is to help identify and chronicle the narratives inherent in the guest experience, from his contributions to the stories included in Le Méridien’s 50 Beans story collection to his role as an artist behind a series of keys in the UNLOCK ARTSM collection.