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Le Méridien Al Khobar | Arab Heritage Gallery

The Arab Heritage Gallery is the first Fine Art & Craft Gallery established in 1979 in Al Khobar,the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, by the artist and craft designer Nabila AlBassam. It is now a prominent gallery that showcases the works of several artists and craftsmen from the Middle East. In 1979, a small villa next door to the artist's residence was purchased and converted into a gallery for artist and craftsmen to exhibit their works. The first exhibit displayed Saudi Bedouin weaving's and wall hangings. Since then many Arab and foreign artists have exhibited their works in solo and group exhibitions. In 1992 a larger gallery and studio was built in the same location. Then on the adjacent lot, in 2003, an additional new 2 story building was completed. the new building is now an open space area of 136 square meter for exhibitions complete with gallery lights and movable partitions. The other building is now designated for selected crafts from Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries and contains large studio space for framing and painting storage. The Gallery has a new website at that will highlight forthcoming exhibitions and other works of artists on sale.

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