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Le Royal Mansour Méridien | FJ Gallery

FJ Gallery opened its doors in December 2008 in Casablanca with an exhibition of Mr Faouzi Laatris entitled "Dimensions variables".
This first event was immediately announcing, the positioning of the FJ Gallery.
It is for Fatma Jellal highlight of today's artists, showing mature approach and understanding of local cultural context. The gallery FJ has a magnificent space of 300 m2, consisting of a patio and a floor, specifically designed for the development of contemporary art exhibition. The gallery has an adaptive equipment.Located in the heart of Bourgogne, behind the high school “Lyautey”, it enjoys an ideal location, both at the center of Casablanca and the hustle and bustle of the city.
The exhibition space has a studio that provides the ability to invite once a year a new artist. This gesture was pronounced as a support for creation which brought FJ Gallery at the crossroads of the traditional Art Gallery and Art Center.

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