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Le Royal Méridien Shanghai - Chinese Handicraft

Chinese Handicraft

Le Royal Méridien Shanghai

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Located on China’s central eastern coast at the mouth of the Yangtze River, Shanghai is the showcase of China’s thriving economy.  Originally a fishing town, its long history saw Shanghai rise as the country’s financial and commercial hub, home to one of the world’s busiest cargo ports and a favourite business and leisure destination.

One of its most important streets is Nanjing East Road, where Le Royal Méridien Shanghai stands as a centrepiece of opulence and gracious living.

Nanjing Road East highlights a pedestrian street, a stretch of commercial establishments popular among international and domestic tourists. A shopping paradise, here hundreds of retail outlets sell a myriad of merchandise ranging from Chinese herbal medicine, arts and crafts to chic designer clothes. Its advantage as a recreational area is strengthened by the easy access it provides to major landmarks. A few steps away are the People’s Square (formerly Shanghai Race Course) and People’s Park and a 20-minute walk is The Bund, a major street lined with old European buildings overlooking the promenade and the Huangpu River. Across the river is Lujiazui, home to the world’s third tallest TV tower, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, and Shanghai Aquarium.

Short car trips allow guests to engage in the full enjoyment of cultural and historical attractions:  the 400-year old Yu Garden and Bazaar in the Old Town, the Jade Buddha Temple, Jing’ an Temple and Xintiandi, a trendy dining and lifestyle hub popularly known for the restored shikumen (old stone gates) gracing the façade of its structures.

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Art Gallery

1.85 миль


上海博物馆 | Shanghai Museum


Monument / Landmark

0.42 миль




Italian Restaurant

0.88 миль


el Willy


Spanish Restaurant

1.09 миль


Bar Rouge



0.86 миль


el Willy


Tapas Restaurant

1.09 миль




Latin American Restaurant

0.89 миль


Avocado Lady



2.36 миль




Mediterranean Restaurant

1.78 миль


The Grumpy Pig



1.14 миль


  • Nanjing Pedestrian Walk  0.0 км/0.0 мили (миль)
  • People's Park  0.2 км/0.1 мили (миль)
  • Yu Yuan Garden  3.2 км/2.0 мили (миль)


  • Raffles City  0.5 км/0.3 мили (миль)
  • Hong Kong Plaza  1.6 км/1.0 мили (миль)
  • The Bund  1.6 км/1.0 мили (миль)
  • Huaihai Mid Road  1.6 км/1.0 мили (миль)

Искусство и культура

  • Shanghai Grand Theatre  0.1 км/0.1 мили (миль)
  • Shanghai Art Museum  0.2 км/0.1 мили (миль)
  • Museum of Contemporary Arts  0.5 км/0.3 мили (миль)


  • Coles Myer Asia  0.1 км/0.0 мили (миль)
  • Agilent Technologies  0.1 км/0.0 мили (миль)
  • Trane  0.1 км/0.0 мили (миль)
  • ABB  0.1 км/0.0 мили (миль)
  • Raffles Tower  0.1 км/0.0 мили (миль)
  • Texas Instruments  0.1 км/0.1 мили (миль)
  • Abbot Laboratories  0.1 км/0.1 мили (миль)
  • Ciros Building  0.1 км/0.1 мили (миль)
  • The Headquarters Building  0.1 км/0.1 мили (миль)
  • Harbour Ring Plaza  0.1 км/0.1 мили (миль)
  • Novel Plaza  0.1 км/0.1 мили (миль)
  • GlaxoSmithKline  0.1 км/0.1 мили (миль)
  • APL Logistics  0.1 км/0.1 мили (миль)
  • Tian An Center  0.1 км/0.1 мили (миль)
  • Pepsico  0.1 км/0.1 мили (миль)
  • BASF  0.1 км/0.1 мили (миль)
  • TNT Logistics  0.1 км/0.1 мили (миль)
  • Maersk Logistics  0.1 км/0.1 мили (миль)
  • Epson  0.1 км/0.1 мили (миль)
  • C Melchers  1.6 км/1.0 мили (миль)
  • ITT Industry  1.6 км/1.0 мили (миль)
  • Henkel  1.6 км/1.0 мили (миль)
  • Nokia China Investment Company  1.6 км/1.0 мили (миль)
  • Capital Land  1.6 км/1.0 мили (миль)
  • Central Plaza  1.6 км/1.0 мили (миль)
  • East Ocean Centre  1.6 км/1.0 мили (миль)
  • Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu  1.6 км/1.0 мили (миль)
  • Hewlett Packard Corporation  1.6 км/1.0 мили (миль)
  • Jebsen & Co. LTD.  1.6 км/1.0 мили (миль)
  • Lujiazui Financial District  3.2 км/2.0 мили (миль)

Местные достопримечательности

  • People's Square  0.1 км/0.1 мили (миль)
  • Oriental Pearl TV Tower  3.2 км/2.0 мили (миль)


  • Xintiandi  1.6 км/1.0 мили (миль)


  • Shanghai First People's Hospital International  5.0 км/3.1 мили (миль)
  • Traffic University  8.0 км/5.0 мили (миль)
  • Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center  20.0 км/12.4 мили (миль)



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