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Le Méridien Yixing Окрестности

Overlooking Dongjiu Lake, our stylish hotel is located in Dongjiu New City—the heart of Yixing’s central business district. Conveniently situated for business travellers, most corporate offices are mere steps away from the hotel. As an integral part of the impressive Wanda complex, luxurious shops, high-end apartment residences, and a lively restaurant and bar scene surround the hotel.

Yixing is renowned across China as the home of the traditional “zisha” teapots—made from the local purple clay. History buffs can explore this fascinating tradition at the expansive Yixing Ceramics Museum. Its most famous piece on display—the Hei Yi Hui Wen Ping—is considered a national relic. To fully appreciate the revered tea tradition, we recommend guests try the province’s famed Biluochan tea or unique green Yangxian tea. Also of historical significance, the Palace of Prince Fu of Taiping Heavenly Kingdom showcases 12 elaborate frescoes, a classical gate, and magnificent stone lions.

The surrounding area is rich with many natural attractions. In addition to the bucolic canals, lakes, mountains, and rivers, the famed Shanjuan, Zhanggong, and Linggu Caves are worth discovery. Explore the magical calligraphy, stalactites, stone pillars, and rock formations on a boat ride through Shanjuan Cave. After, a cable car ride offers sweeping views of the surrounding Buddhist temples and historic village. Venture into the depths of of Zhanggong Cave for a firsthand glimpse at the impressive stone pillars, stone sheets, and stone flowers, and explore all four sections of massive limestone formations at Linggu Cave. The beauty of Yixing’s Bamboo Forest Park is also not to be missed.

For international gourmets, a visit to Yixing’s markets and restaurants offers ample opportunity to try the local produce, including fish, shrimp, river crabs, chestnuts, locally-farmed lily—dubbed “the ginseng of Taihu Lake”—and the popular bamboo shoots used to prepare Huiyang dishes.


  • Торговый центр Xinchao, г. Исин  2.8 км/1.7 мили (миль)
  • Магазин RT-Mart North City  3.5 км/2.2 мили (миль)
  • Huadi, г. Исин  3.9 км/2.4 мили (миль)
  • Jixinglong  4.0 км/2.5 мили (миль)
  • Quanye Plaza  4.1 км/2.5 мили (миль)
  • Пешеходная улица вдоль реки Цзяоцяо  4.4 км/2.7 мили (миль)
  • Спортивный торговый центр Zhangyong  4.4 км/2.7 мили (миль)
  • Магазин RT-Mart, South City  4.6 км/2.9 мили (миль)
  • Торговый центр Sunan  4.7 км/2.9 мили (миль)


  • Исинский вокзал скоростной железной дороги  7.6 км/4.7 мили (миль)
  • Международный аэропорт Wuxi Shuofang  60.0 км/37.3 мили (миль)

Искусство и культура

  • Музей Zisha  10.0 км/6.2 мили (миль)
  • Исинский музей гончарного искусства  15.0 км/9.3 мили (миль)
  • Гора Лунчи  35.0 км/21.8 мили (миль)


  • Промышленный парк природоохранной науки и техники, г. Исин  9.5 км/5.9 мили (миль)

Местные достопримечательности

  • Пещера Чжангун  22.0 км/13.7 мили (миль)
  • Пещера Шаньцзюань  25.0 км/15.5 мили (миль)
  • Bamboo Ocean  31.0 км/19.3 мили (миль)


  • Старый центр города Исин  3.5 км/2.2 мили (миль)

Отдых и развлечения

  • Спортивный центр, г. Исин  3.4 км/2.1 мили (миль)
  • Тренажерный зал города Исин  4.7 км/2.9 мили (миль)
  • Парк Longbei Mountain Forest Park  5.6 км/3.5 мили (миль)
  • Озеро Туань, Wetlands Park  6.2 км/3.8 мили (миль)



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