Le Méridien Tengchong Área local

A new perspective awaits in Yunnan Province’s third-largest city at Le Méridien Tengchong. Our stylish hotel is west of Tenbang Road in Tengchong County. A retail shopping street is just steps away, and Tengchong Tuofeng Airport (TCZ) can be reached by car in just 15 minutes.

Once one of the Silk Road’s communication hubs, Tengchong has a rich culture that can be appreciated in Heshun Ancient town. Located just 10 minutes by car from the hotel, this peaceful, scenic village is filled with pavilions, lotus ponds, memorial halls, and other impressive architecture. Take a medicinal soak in one of the hot springs or geysers at Reihai Geothermal Park. More nature can be experienced just five minutes away at Dieshuihe Waterfall.

Marvel at the dozens of volcanoes in Tengchong Volcano Park in a hot-air balloon. Surrounded by mountains on four sides, Beihai Wetland is equally stimulating. Just a 12-minute drive from the hotel, this large grassland reserve comprises rice paddies, lakes, and bamboo bridges. It is also the only national wetland protection zone in the province. Climb aboard a cable car and ride halfway up Yunfeng Mountain amid stunning landscapes, then trek to view the famous Taoist temple at the summit. Or see the flora and fauna at Gaoligong Mountain National Nature Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Visit some of the nearby shops to browse Yunnan’s famous handicrafts, including jade items, rattan articles, xuanzhi (rice paper), and Chinese medicinal products. Savour some of the province’s highly prized pu-erh tea, local coffee, yak butter tea, and red wines. Delicious spicy food abounds here. Gourmets will also delight in Yunnan’s indigenous steamed rice noodles served with vegetables and meat, tofu, goat cheese, yak cheese, and sauerkraut.

Atracciones locales

  • Cascadas de Dieshuihe  4.0 km/2.5 millas


  • Centro de Comercio de Tengchong Jade  3.0 km/1.9 millas

Destinos cercanos

  • Antigua ciudad de Heshun  7.0 km/4.3 millas


  • Parque de los humedales de Beihai  9.0 km/5.6 millas
  • Parque Geotermal Rehal  14.0 km/8.7 millas
  • Parque del volcán Tengchong  14.0 km/8.7 millas


  • Aeropuerto Tengchong Tuofeng (TCZ)  14.0 km/8.7 millas



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