Conveniently located on the western shores of the Taiwan Strait, Le Méridien Fuzhou, Mawei is an ideal gateway for discovering the capital of China’s Fujian Province. Offices, shops, and a retail mall are all within easy walking distance. The Fuzhou South Railway Station is only 3.5 kilometres away, the Fuzhou Railway Station is 13 kilometres away, and Fuzhou Chengle International Airport (FOC) can be reached in just 40 minutes.

Ancient and modern cultures juxtapose in stimulating ways amidst an inspiring setting. Dating back more than two millennia, Fuzhou is known as the City of Banyans. The historic seaport is home to the White Pagoda (Bai Ta), which rests on the slopes of Yu Hill, and the Black Pagoda (Wu Ta), on Black Rock Hill. Both of these marvellous ancient structures offer splendid cityscape views. Stroll along the city’s antiquated streets filled with well-preserved historical homes at Sanfang Qixiang. Fuzhou also boasts fascinating temples, including Xichan (one of the city’s five major Buddhist temples), Hualin, and Dizang. Soak in picturesque views at Drum Mountain (Gushan) and find serenity at Yongquan Temple.

More enriching history can be found at West Lake. Created in 282, the area is home to exquisite classical gardens and the Fujian Provincial Museum, which contains a wide variety of intriguing cultural relics. Beautiful sights await at Fuzhou National Forest Park, one of China’s best. Peruse Fuzhou’s other numerous parks and hot springs. For something truly special, visit the resident giant pandas, one of the world’s most endangered species, at Panda World.

Embrace the local arts by attending a Min Opera performance. Fuzhou is celebrated for its lacquerware, paper umbrellas, and horn combs. Other enticing local handcrafted items include cork pictures and stone sculptures.