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Информация позволяет найти номера, лучше всего подходящие для гостей мероприятия, и подготовиться к вашему приезду.

О раскладушках и дополнительных персональных сборах см. условия и описание номера.

Примечание. В этом отеле гости в возрасте 12 лет и младше считаются детьми. Пожалуйста, измените количество взрослых и детей.
Информацию о предоставлении раскладной кровати и плате за дополнительного гостя узнавайте из условий предоставления номера.

Family Plan Policy

Children who are under the age of 12 sleep for free in the existing bedding of a room shared with a paying adult. There is a limit of two children allowed per room. Children under the age of three enjoy complimentary breakfast while children three to 12 years of age receive a reduced rate. Standard charges apply for children who are 12 years old and older.

Age Requirement Policy

Guests must be 18 years or older with valid photo identification to reserve a room.

Plaza Athénée Bangkok, A Royal Méridien Hotel - Spa Athenee

Spa Athenee

Plaza Athénée Bangkok, A Royal Méridien Hotel
Spa Athénée

Located on the fifth floor of the hotel, the award-winning Spa Athénée showcases an innovative therapeutic approach that focuses on the benefits of preventive maintenance. Based on the long-standing Eastern tradition that your blood type is the key to your well being, the trained therapists at our spa customise every treatment according to your specific blood type.

Available for the first time in Thailand, this unique approach allows our staff to formulate oils, creams, and lotions with a variety of natural essences that correspond with the specific traits and characteristics of each blood type. Called “Immunetra,” this customised process helps to stimulate your immune system, ease your tension, calm your mind and help your body protect itself against future illness.

Furthermore, our separate menus for ladies and gentlemen dovetail the benefits of each treatment with your key feminine or masculine traits and features.

Incorporating powerful ingredients like lotus blossom, wine, lavender and ground-up tourmaline, every Immunetra treatment at Spa Athénée pampers you thoroughly from head to toe. A wai and refined Thai herbal tea is served upon your arrival—setting the stage for the exquisite journey that is about to begin. Submerge yourself in a rose petal strewn red wine and milk bath or experience an energising lotus foot salt scrub. Gentle exfoliation and body wraps help to detoxify your skin and restore natural radiance, while a blissful hour of precise massage relieves tension and restores energy flow throughout your body. As the perfect finishing touch, enjoy a gourmet interlude of healthy, delectable spa refreshments.

Seven single and couples suites are equipped to provide the most sophisticated spa and beauty treatments you could desire. Decorated in a refined contemporary style, each room features evocative Thai silks, gleaming wood floors and dazzling French crystals. Lit candles spread a warm soothing glow while cast iron bowls of floating rose petals infuse the air with their gentle perfume.

Spa Athénée

Обстановка: Tranquil + Relaxing
Специальные помещения: Jacuzzi, Couples Suites, Sauna, and Steam Room
Позвонить в спа: (66)(2) 650 8800, ext. 5001

Процедуры по уходу за телом

General Services

  • Услуги спа
    Designed by expert wellness and spa professionals, Spa Athénée Signature Therapies not only pamper but provide noticeable and lasting results.

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  • Спа-процедуры
    At Spa Athénée, we believe every action requires an equal and opposite reaction. To prepare you for life’s eventualities, our lifestyle therapies help strengthen, relax or restore your body as the situation requires.

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  • Услуги спа
    Eastern traditions and medical science alike believe that blood type is key to physiological and personality characteristics. Spa Athénée applies this learning to its holistic treatment menu—customising every therapy for optimal benefits.

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Услуги массажа

  • Массаж
    Our Massage Therapies are designed to skillfully target your body’s natural immune system by providing holistic maintenance matched to your specific blood type.

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Услуги салона

  • Салонные услуги
    Pamper yourself from head to toe with our superb salon services—for men and women. Allow our stylists to cut, style and treat your hair, while our aestheticians offer a full suite of waxing services as well as pampering manicures and pedicures.

Услуги по уходу за кожей

  • Процедуры по уходу за кожей лица
    L’expérience Anne Sémonin combines aromatic essential oils, trace elements and marine ingredients with classic French expertise to revitalise your skin and energise your mind and spirit. Rediscover your senses and emerge recharged and glowing.