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The spa is designed to restore your body, mind, and soul from the moment you step into the elegant reception area with its inspiring views of People’s Square. Decorated in a flow of natural wood, shimmering Chinese silks, and crisp white linens, the spa embraces a tranquil unhurried ambience as the perfect antidote to hectic modern life. To that end, soft music flows throughout, while aromatherapy candles lend their soothing fragrance to the beautiful setting.

The generous 558-square-metre spa encompasses a large communal relaxing area for guests to enjoy before or after their appointment. Eight beautifully designed private treatment rooms include four double rooms with en-suite showers and massage soaking tubs, one Reflexology room, and three single treatment rooms. In the spa retail area, guests may browse a curated assortment of Chinese artefacts as well as spa products for purchase.

The menu of treatment options draws upon a fusion of Asian, Chinese, and European traditions—each designed to restore a sense of balance, wellbeing, and abiding calm. Particularly popular are such signature treatments as the Balinese Massage, the Relaxing Massage, and the Natural Relaxing Facial.

During each treatment, our expert staff will combine Biodroga facial and body products with traditional local ingredients—to create a personalised experience for every guest.

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Das 10h00 às 02h00

Relaxing, tranquil, and calm
Instalações especiais:
Spa retail area, 4 double rooms, 3 single rooms, 1 Reflexology room
Restaurante de spa:
24-hour in room dining service
Ligue para o spa.:
(86)(21) 3318 9999 x7900

Body Treatments

Aromatic Milk Bath
This bath adds tropical touches with concentrated fragrances and relaxing essences.
  • 30 minutes/380 CNY
Miao Ethnomedicine Steam Therapy
This steam therapy balances the elements with soothing pressure and supplementary oxygen.
  • 30 minutes/320 CNY
Miao Ethnomedicine Holographic Therapy
This therapy provides tailored solutions for those who pursue a high quality of life but contend with health problems, stress, or lack of exercise.
  • 90 minutes/980 CNY

Massage Services

Perfect Experience
Enter a state of complete serenity during a massage by a skilful therapist using all-natural aromatherapy oils. Emerge from the treatment fully refreshed with renewed flexibility.
  • 120 minutes/2,200 CNY
Chinese Tui Na Discovery Massage
This traditional healing massage technique stimulates the energy pathways of the body—helping to release tension and restore a deep sense of well being and balance.
  • 60 minutes/780 CNY
Lymphatic Drainage Massage
Gentle pressure and continuous, moderate, rhythmic contact work to improve the purification function of the lymphatic system, increase circulation, and remove toxins from the body.
  • 60 minutes/880 CNY
Balinese Massage
A signature Le Spa treatment, this traditional Indonesian massage combines smooth, even strokes with rich aromatic oils. The gentle rhythm and pressure help to calm the mind, relax the body and rejuvenate the spirit.
  • 60 minutes/1,080 CNY

Skin Care Services

Jade Anti-Ageing Eye Treatment
The delicate eye area is soothed and refreshed, relieving swelling and puffiness. Fine lines and wrinkles are refined, and skin’s moisture levels are regulated.
  • 30 minutes/380 CNY
Moisturising Treatment
The treatment increases the skin’s water-binding capacity and provides long-term improvement in its moisture levels. Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed, and your skin takes on a radiantly fresh look.
  • 60 minutes/660 CNY
Medic Skin Sensitive Treatment
Treatment with Oxygen Formula improves cell respiration. This activates biological cell function, resulting in a substantial boost in skin performance. The Oxygen Sensitive Treatment is an experience in metabolic enhancement and deep development
  • 60 minutes/760 CNY
Men’s Vitality Treatment
After a relaxing Aroma Neck Roll, enjoy a gentle peel with an intensive active-ingredient concentrate, an effective mask, and an invigorating massage. This gentle caffeinated kick banishes fatigue symptoms, infusing skin with new energy.
  • 60 minutes/660 CNY