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The spa is designed to restore your body, mind and soul from the moment you step into the elegant reception area with its inspiring views of People's Square. Decorated in a flow of natural wood, shimmering Chinese silks, and pristine white linens, The spa embraces a tranquil unhurried ambiance as the perfect antidote to hectic modern life. To that end, soft music flows throughout, while aromatherapy candles lend their soothing fragrance to the beautiful setting.

The generous 558-square metre spa encompasses a large communal relaxing area for guests to enjoy before or after their appointment. Eight beautifully designed private treatment rooms include four double rooms with en suite showers and massage soaking tubs, one Reflexology room, and three single treatment rooms. In the spa retail area, guests may browse a curated assortment of Chinese artifacts as well as spa products for purchase.

The menu of treatment options draws upon a unique fusion of Asian, Chinese and European traditions—each guaranteed to restore a sense of balance, well being and abiding calm. Particularly popular are such signature treatments as the Balinese Massage, the Relaxing Massage and the exclusive Natural Relaxing Facial.

During each treatment, our expert staff will combine the renowned line of Phytomer facial and body products with traditional local ingredients—to create a highly personalised experience for every guest.

Relaxing, tranquil, and calm
Restaurante de spa:
24-hour in room dining service
Instalações especiais:
Spa retail area, 4 double rooms, 3 single rooms, 1 Reflexology room
Horário do spa.:
10:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Ligue para o spa.:
(86)(21) 3318 9999, Ext. 7900

Body Treatments

Cells Energising Body Masque
This powerful body masque works on a metabolic level—by hydrating, increasing cell viability and nourishing surface skin with vital nutrients for visibly smoother, rosy results.
  • 60 minutes/750 CNY
Hawaii Sea Salt Scrub
Our Hawaii Sea Salt Scrub uses natural marine salt and fragrant aromatherapy oils to sweep away dry skin cells and stimulate blood circulation—leaving you with baby soft skin all over.
  • 40 minutes/480 CNY
Sea Essential Seaweed Body Wrap
Our Essential Seaweed Wrap gently exfoliates allowing skin to absorb the healing benefits of the mineral-rich seaweed wrap. An application of body lotion locks in vital moisture and leaves skin feeling fantastic for days.
  • 60 minutes/660 CNY
Epicurean Body Scrub
A gourmet delight, our Epicurean Body Scrub polishes your skin with a gentle rice powder and then conditions it with natural yoghurt—leaving it smooth like silk. Ideal for sensitive and oily skin.
  • 40 minutes/680 CNY

Hands & Feet

Foot Reflexology Massage
Based on the principle that our organs are connected to reflex points in our feet, Reflexology stimulates these points to restore balance throughout the body. The ritual includes with a foot soak, shoulder massage, and a session of Foot Reflexology.
  • 30 minutes/300 CNY; 60 minutes/480 CNY

Massage Services

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage
This traditional massage technique blends firm acupressure with movement to increase your flexibility and energy level, while simultaneously stimulating circulation and relieving tension in the joints and muscles.
  • 60 minutes/780 CNY; 90 minutes/950 CNY
Chakra Art Massage
Designed to encourage lymphatic drainage, this visibly restorative massage helps to combat cellulite for a more slender and toned figure.
  • 60 minutes/780 CNY; 90 minutes/950 CNY
Chinese Tui Na Discovery Massage
This traditional healing massage technique stimulates the energy pathways of the body—helping to release tension and restore a deep sense of well being and balance.
  • 60 minutes/780 CNY; 90 minutes/950 CNY
Swedish Massage
This classic European massage works on the deep tissue of the muscles and helps your body eliminate toxins and lactic acid build up, while reducing tension.
  • 90 minutes/950 CNY
Balinese Massage
A signature Le Spa treatment, this traditional Indonesian massage combines smooth, even strokes with rich aromatic oils. The gentle rhythm and pressure help to calm the mind, relax the body and rejuvenate the spirit.
  • 90 minutes/950 CNY
Restore Vigour
This deeply restorative spa ritual leads you through a progression of exceptional signature treatments that are designed to leave you energised and alert.
  • 60 minutes/850 CNY; 90 minutes/1050 CNY
Hot Stone Massage
During this pampering treatment, warm flat stones are massaged over the entire body—allowing the heat and essential oils to penetrate and relax tired muscles.
  • 90 minutes/950 CNY

Skin Care Services

Phytomer Sea Essential Moisturising Facial
Designed to treat dehydrated skin, this intensive moisturising facial includes a Phytomer self heating back masque, a deep cleansing with steam and extraction, a gentle peel, application of hydrating serum, a facial massage, and a facial masque.
  • 75 minutes/720 CNY
Phytomer Prestige Limitless Facial
This unique facial applies a succession of three high performance masques to counteract all the visible signs of aging.
  • 90 minutes/880 CNY
Eye Mask
Experience the perfect antidote to dark circles, fine lines, and puffiness around the eyes. The Eye Mask may be added to any of our facial treatments.
  • 20 minutes/180 CNY
Phytomer Seawater Pearls Ritual
By applying a highly concentrated extract of natural algae, marine minerals and ultra-moisturising brown algae, this superb facial treatment banishes the look and feel of dry distressed skin immediately.
  • 90 minutes/880 CNY