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Le Méridien St. Julians Hotel & Spa MyoKa Lotus Spa

Within the tranquil world of MyoKa, beauty is synonymous with well-being. Derived from ancient Japanese, “MyoKa” means “mysterious flower” and stems from the spa’s central philosophy that personal beauty is like a flower waiting to be discovered. Each treatment is based on the philosophy that physical and psychological needs are one, and is designed not only to revive, rejuvenate, and restore the skin and body, but also to balance the mind, body, and spirit.

All treatments and therapies aim to achieve total purification by restoring natural energy and harmony. The spa’s services rely on significant essences of aromatherapy and phyto-therapy, and the treatments all descend from traditions and regimens used around the world.

The spa includes an inviting indoor heated swimming pool, guarded by four enormous white pillars and adorned with hand-carved designs. Balinese statuettes and teak-like wooden furniture—in addition to an array of miniature trees, plants, and shrubs and soft relaxing music—provide an ideal spa ambience.

Spa visits provide guests access to all of the spa’s amenities, including the indoor pool, hot tub, cold dip, sauna, and steam room. Bathrobes, towels, and slippers are supplied by the spa. A healthy food menu is provided on request.

The day packages ensure an unforgettable experience. The spa’s concierge is prepared provide advice or set up a tailor-made package based on individual needs. Pre-booking is recommended to guarantee time and space availability. Some treatments can be arranged in the comfort of your hotel room.

An ideal gift, vouchers are available for any treatment and spa programme at the MyoKa Lotus Spa. They are not refundable and must be presented at the time of treatment.

Guests planning to use the sauna, swimming pool, steam room, or relaxation area must wear a bathing suit. For our guests’ relaxation and well-being, the use of mobile phones, video cameras, or personal stereos are prohibited. Smoking is prohibited in all areas.

Специальные помещения: Indoor pool, fitness centre, nine treatment rooms including two equipped for hydro-therapy, sauna, two steam rooms, Jacuzzi, squash court, and two dance studios.
Часы работы спа-центра: Spa Appointments & Treatments: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM; Public Holidays 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM; Indoor Pool and Fitness Centre: Daily 6:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Позвонить в спа-центр: (356) 2311 0000

Bath Treatment

  • Milk and Honey Bath
    This bath, a ritaul once enjoyed by Cleopatra, relaxes and soothes the skin.
    • Стоимость: 25 minutes/EUR 45
  • Marine Algae Bath
    This bath draws on the active ingredients of pure sea concentrates to restore well-being and relaxation, and effectively treat excess weight.
    • Стоимость: 25 minutes/EUR 40

Body Treatments

  • Tasty Scrubs
    The menu of "Tasty Scrubs" includes Orange Blossom, Honey Sesame, or Apple Green Tea.
    • Стоимость: 25 minutes/EUR 40

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  • Holistic Hot Stone Therapy
    This special treatment uses the penetrating heat of volcanic basalt stones placed on key energy points of the body to stimulate the body's circulatory and immune systems while rejuvenating and rebalancing the body.
    • Стоимость: 30 minutes/EUR 42; 55 minutes/EUR 70; 85 minutes/EUR 93
  • Sweet Banana Full Body Wrap
    This intense moisturizing wrap uses honey and banana to provide the skin a rich source of Vitamin A and potassium. Antioxidants clean and purify the skin while the humectant properties of honey seal in moisture, leaving the skin soft and supple.
    • Стоимость: 45 minutes/EUR 60
  • Sun Lovers Full Body Wrap
    This wrap, designed for skin exhausted with sun exposure and extreme dryness, uses Aloe Vera and fresh cucumber to heal sun damage, rehydrate thirsty skin, and promote new cell growth.
    • Стоимость: 45 minutes/EUR 60
  • Lotus Herb Body Scrub
    This refreshing body scrub uses traditional Asian recipes to cleanse, restore, and hydrate the skin with splashes of tamarind, yogurt, honey, and oatmeal.
    • Стоимость: 25 minutes/EUR 40
  • Mediterranean Sea Salt Body Scrub
    This deep cleansing and moisturising treatment uses a blend of sea salt, mineral salts, and essential oils to relieve stress and replenish the skin's mineral supply.
    • Стоимость: 25 minutes/EUR 40
  • Royal Radiance
    This indulgent package includes a vinotherapy-hydrotherapy bath, a sweet banana body wrap, a Myo Ka mud body wrap, a holistic hot stone massage, an aromatherapy facial, a signature manicure, a signature pedicure, and a spa lunch.
    • Стоимость: 270 minutes/EUR 240
  • Myo Ka Mud Body Wrap
    This detoxifying wrap incorporates a warm body cocoon and a seaweed mask to reduce cellulite, ease muscles, and rejuvenate the skin, drawing on seaweed, thermal waters, phyto-extracts, and essential oils.
    • Стоимость: 45 minutes/EUR 45

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  • Vino Therapy
    This body treatment draws on the enriched ingredients of red vine extracts and organic essential oils, a perfect prelude or conclusion to any spa treatment.
    • Стоимость: 25 minutes/EUR 40
  • Between Heaven and Earth
    This full-body package includes a lotus herbal body scrub, a stress buster massage, a hand treatment, and a foot treatment.
    • Стоимость: 160 minutes/EUR 105
  • A Day Together
    This couples-based package includes a Sweet Banana Wrap, Milk and Honey Bath and a Couples Massage.
    • Стоимость: 120 minutes/EUR 295 (per couple)
  • In The Mood for Love
    This package, designed to celebrate romance, includes a Honey Seasame Scrub, Herbal Hydrotherapy Bath, Signature Manicure, Cleansing Facial and a Full Body Massage.
    • Стоимость: 180 minutes/EUR 155 (per person)

General Services

  • Mums-to-Be
    Designed for expecting mothers, this treatment incorporates a relaxing leg, face, and head massage to relieve unwanted tension and swelling.
    • Стоимость: 55 minutes/EUR 60

Hands & Feet

  • Myo Ka Manicure and/or Pedicure Experience
    The spa's hand and foot treatments are tailored to particular nail needs and concerns, helping achieve and maintain beautiful nails. These revitalizing treatments are all enhanced with a scrub, mask, and massage depending on guests' specific needs.
    • Стоимость: Manicure: 60 minutes/EUR 35; Pedicure: 60 minutes; EUR 40

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  • Nails Extensions/Repair
    This line of treatments extends or repairs nails, depending on individual needs.
    • Стоимость: Prices available on request.

In-Room Treatments

  • In-Room Massage
    This professional and relaxing massage is arranged to take place in the privacy and comfort of a guest's room.
    • Стоимость: 45 minutes/EUR 185; 85 minutes/EUR 225

Massage Services

  • Stress Buster Massage
    This complete body massage eases away tensions with a combination of specialized massage techniques that restore equilibrium and relaxation while stimulating circulation, improving skin and muscle tone, and soothing tired muscles.
    • Стоимость: 85 minutes/EUR 85
  • Four Hand Massage
    This massage incorporates the work of two professional massage therapists working together in a choreographed manner to heighten and intensify the massage experience.
    • Стоимость: 55 minutes/EUR 185
  • Reflexology
    Reflexology is a foot massage technique aimed at relieving tension, muscular pain, and stress by targeting specific pressure points in the feet.
    • Стоимость: 25 minutes/EUR 35; 60 minutes/EUR 60
  • Foot and Leg Energizer
    This foot and leg massage promotes deep relaxation of the entire body, perfect for those who spend a lot of time on their feet.
    • Стоимость: 25 minutes/EUR 35
  • Deep Tissue Massage
    This therapeutic massage uses techniques to stretch the back, shoulders, and neck; relieve stress and tension; ease sore and painful muscles; and restore the body's normal energy flows.
    • Стоимость: 45 minutes/EUR 60
  • Pantai Luar
    This exotic massage treatment uses dumplings made up of warm oils, fresh herbs, coconut, and lime to restore energy levels throughout the body.
    • Стоимость: 55 minutes/EUR 70; 85 minutes/EUR 95
  • Men's Speedy De-Stress
    This treatment, designed for male guests, incorporates a sea salt body scrub, a mixture of aromatherapy oils, an energizing body massage, an express facial, a scalp massage, and reflexology.
    • Стоимость: 150 minutes/EUR 185

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  • Couples Duo Massage
    This wonderful experience, perfect to celebrate a special occasion or "just because," is ideal for first timers with any anxiety about massage, as someone familiar is in the room. This massage takes place in a specially designed couple room.
    • Стоимость: 55 minutes/EUR 140; 85 minutes/EUR 185
  • Oriental Head Massage
    This relaxing pressure point massage focuses on the shoulders, neck, face, and scalp to relieve tension, headaches, and stress.
    • Стоимость: 25 minutes/EUR 35
  • Men's Retreat
    This treatment, designed for male guests, incorporates a gentlemen's facial, reflexology massage and a stress buster massage.
    • Стоимость: 180 minutes/EUR 150
  • Myoka Lotus Spa Massage
    This signature massage uses a mixture of palm compressions, pressure points, and aromatherapy oil, all inspired by ancient Thai traditions, to create a deep state of relaxation.
    • Стоимость: 55 minutes/EUR 70

Skin Care Services

  • Advanced Lifting Facial
    This youth-enhancing facial offers a combination of advanced hands-on lifting and firming massage techniques to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, restore skin tone and texture, and smooth the complexion.
    • Стоимость: 85 minutes/EUR 70

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  • Indulgent Aromatherapy Facial
    This perfect cleansing facial, recommended for sensitive skin types, incorporates gentle skin refiner, pressure point massage, lymph draining, and a calming mineral mask to leave the skin healthy and radiant.
    • Стоимость: 55 minutes/EUR 60
  • Gentlemen's Facial
    This revitalising facial treatment, adapted to the requirements of men's skin, includes an exfoliation and lava stone massage for the face, back, neck, and head.
    • Стоимость: 55 minutes/EUR 65; 90 minutes/EUR 70 
  • Myo Ka Absolute Facial
    This reviving facial goes beyond an ordinary facial treatment to leave the skin restored and rejuvenated like it has never been before. The treatment also includes a well-being massage, with special attention paid to the back and shoulder area.
    • Стоимость: 85 minutes/EUR 80
  • The Red Carpet
    This pampering package includes an aromatherapy facial, a signature manicure, a signature pedicure, and a glamorous make-up treatment.
    • Стоимость: 180 minutes/EUR 175


  • Well Being Aromatherapy Massage
    This massage, designed around the use of aroma-therapeutic oils, alleviates stress, fatigue, jet lag, and a variety of physical ailments.
    • Стоимость: 55 minutes/EUR 60
  • Presso Therapy
    This treatment targets water retention, draining the body of lymphatic and excess fluid with a highly efficient gradient apparatus. Presso therapy may be experienced as an individual treatment or in tandem with another body treatment.
    • Стоимость: 25 minutes/EUR 30
  • TIME
    This lengthy treatment incorporates the advice and in-depth recommendations of a spa therapist to create a sequence of therapies to suit specific and immediate needs.
    • Стоимость: 120 minutes/EUR 160; 180 minutes/EUR 220
  • Blue Lagoon
    This bath draws on the well-being and vitality of the ocean, using marine crystals to promote relaxation, activate perspiration, and ward off water retention.
    • Стоимость: 25 minutes/EUR 35