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  • You can only book 550 days in advance.
  • Please double-check your dates.

The Diocletian Spa offers a wide range of traditional and modern massages, facial and body treatments with Decleor essential oils, Ayurvedic treatments, reflexology, anti-cellulite treatments, pedicures, manicures, and restorative lounge and bath areas.

The spa's signature treatment, the Diocletian Four-handed Massage, allows guests to experience life as a Roman Emperor. Two therapists work in tandem with traditional oil to provide an unforgettable spa experience.

For active guests, the spa provides easy access to Yoga classes, and a starting point for a walk, hike, or swim along the beautiful Adriatic coast. Tennis courts and personal coaches are also available.

Spa access is free of charge to hotel guests. Outside guests may use spa as members on a daily, monthly, or annual basis.  Reservations may be made by phone (385)(21) 500400 or by e-mail. The spa uses Decléor, Thalgo, OPI and Peron Riggot products in many of its treatments.  All treatments are charged in Croatian Kunas (KN), do not include taxes or gratuities, and may be subject to change.

Guest needing to cancel spa appointments should do so at least six hours prior, otherwise a 50% charge will occur. Guests who fail to make an appointment face a penalty for the full cost of the treatment.

The spa opens at 6am and closes at 10pm. Treatments are available from 8am until 10pm. The spa is a member of the Starwood Spa Collection.

    • Hours of operation:
  • 6:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • 6:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • 6:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • 6:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • 6:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • 6:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • 6:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Special Facilities:
The spa facilities include nine treatment rooms, an outdoor Infinity pool, an indoor pool, three Roman baths with heating lounges, a Finnish sauna, a whirlpool, a plunge pool, and Adventure showers.
Call The Spa:
(385) (21) 500400

Body Treatments

FLOW - Circulation Body Aroma Envelopment
This body treatment boosts the body’s circulation with a unique regimen that begins with exfoliation, continues with a friction aromatic massage, and concludes with a body wrap.
  • <P>90 min / 540 kn / 74 €</P>
TONIC - Toning Body Aroma Envelopment
Using Decléor’s body treatment system, this spa regimen begins with exfoliation, continues with an aromatic massage, and concludes with a rich cream bask that hydrates and firms.
  • 90 minutes/KN 540/ 74 €
DETOX - Slimming Body Aroma Envelopment
This advanced slimming body treatment consists of exfoliation, aromatic massage, and a body mask containing essential oils, Ghassoul earth, and sea algae.
  • 90 minutes/KN 450
RELAX - Relaxing Body Aroma Envelopment
This body treatment emphasises total well-being and incorporates a creamy mask that leaves the mind relaxed, the body's tensions eased away, and the skin soft.
  • <P>90 min / 540 kn / 74 €</P>
Aroma Body Exfoliation
This Decléor-derived body scrub draws on essential oils, sea salts, and flower petals to revitalise, mineralise, and re-energise the entire body.
  • <P>30 min / 240 kn / 33 €</P>
Wine Therapy Body Treatment
The treatment begins with a session in an infrared sauna that helps open pores, continues with a full body scrub, and concludes with an immersion in wine and water.
  • <P>90 min / 840 kn / 115 €</P>

General Services

Aroma Localised Detox treatment (Anti-Cellulite)
This treatment targets areas such as the thighs, bottom, hips, and stomach where toxins, fatty deposits, and cellulite accumulate.
  • <P>60 min / 420 kn / 58 €</P>

Hands & Feet

Spa Pedicure
The pedicure treatment cleanses, renews, and restores the feet. Using the technology and practice of Spa Pedicure by OPI, this treatment includes a soak, a scrub, a mask, a massage, in addition to cuticle and nail work.
  • <P>60 min / 420 kn / 58 €</P>
Spa Manicure
This hand treatment includes a heated avocado lotion hand massage, a warm paraffin treatment, and a polish of choice, leaving the hands, nails, and cuticles restored.
  • <P>60 min / 420 kn / 58 €</P>
Aroma Localised Flow Treatment (Foot Relief)
This soothing treatment relieves tired, heavy, and swollen feet.
  • <P>60 min / 340 kn / 47 €</P>

Massage Services

Hot Chocolate Massage
This intense full-body massage incorporates warm chocolate to restore and relax muscles and skin.
  • <P>60 min / 600 kn / 82 €</P>
Aroma Localised Relax Treatment (Tranquility Scalp)
Inspired by ancient Oriental techniques, this aromatherapy massage targets the head, neck, and shoulders to provide deep relaxation throughout the body.
  • 60 minutes/KN 280
This message technique focuses on the soles of the feet and distinct reflex points. Based on the practice of reflexology, reflexotherapy promotes healing and relieves stress, tension, aches, and pains throughout the entire body.
  • <P>30 min / 300 kn / 41 €</P>
Medicine Massage
This massage's benefits include relief of aches and pains, weight loss stimulation, improved circulation, stimulation of the lymphatic system, improvement to skin texture and elasticity, exfoliation, and metabolic recalibration.
  • <P>60 min / 500 kn / 68 €</P>
Anti-Cellulite Massage
This specialised massage concentrates on the area of the where cellulite is most prevalent. By stimulating blood vessels in the skin, the treatment clears out the lymph cells of cellulite deposits and restores a youthful appearance to the skin.
  • <P>60 min / 500 kn / 68 €</P>
Manual Lymph Drainage
This specialised massage incorporates manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) to treat lymphoedema. The massage draws excess fluid away from swollen areas, particularly swelling in the face, breast, abdomen, genitals, or elsewhere on the torso.
  • <P>60 min / 420 kn / 58 €</P>
Sports Massage
In this massage designed for active and athletic guests, the therapist uses distinct strokes to improve circulation, soothe the muscles, alleviate pain, and relax the body.
  • <P>30 min / 300 kn / 41 €</P>

Salon Services

The spa's experienced technicians provide make-up for all skin types and for all occasions.
The spa's exclusive wax formula is gentle to the skin and reduces the amount of future hair growth and the spa's experienced technicians know how to achieve the best results with little discomfort.

Skin Care Services

Hot Chocolate Facial
Just thinking about chocolate induce large amounts of serotonin in the brain, leading to relaxation and happiness. This treatment incorporates heated chocolate to restore and refresh the face.
  • <P>60 min / 600 kn / 82 €</P>
Intense – For Mature Skin
This facial treatment, using Decléor's Evidence Lift and Liss'age masks, rejuvenates the skin and eliminates evidence of aging.
  • <P>75 min / 600 kn / 82 €</P>
Essential – For All Skin Types
This facial treatment uses a fruit-based Hydra Force mask to refresh, rehydrate, and rebalance the complexion.
  • <P>75 min / 600 kn / 82 €</P>
Softness – For Sensitive Skin
This facial treatment, using Decléor’s Harmonie Douceur Extreme mask, soothes even the most delicate and sensitive skin.
  • <P>75 min / 600 kn / 82 €</P>
This essential Decléor treatment, suitable for all skin types, incorporates a natural mask made from wheat germ, sunflower, vitamins, and minerals that rebalances and rehydrates the skin.
  • <P>75 min / 480 kn / 66 €</P>
Aroma Localised Tonic Treatment
A spa solution for firming sagging skin tissue, Decléor’s Sculptural Body Beauty Mask lifts and tightens the skin surface and helps the skin maintain its moisture levels.
  • <P>60 min / 420 kn / 58 €</P>
Pureness – For Oily and Combination Skin
This facial treatment, using Decléor's Mate and Pure mask, improves the skin's appearance, leaving it pure and clear.
  • <P>75 min / 600 kn / 82 €</P>
Wine Therapy Facial
This innovative type of spa treatment called vino-therapy, or wine therapy, incorporates grape seeds to exfoliate the skin and improve circulation with a warm wine mask.
  • <P>60 min / 696 kn / 95 €</P>
Noutrision – For Dry Skin
This facial treatment, relying on Decléor's Delice de Peau facial mask, is a rich and complete “meal” for dry and dehydrated skin that leaves it supple and replenished.
  • <P>75 min / 600 kn / 82 €</P>

Spa Packages

7-Day Cleopatra Package
This package includes an Essential Decléor facial, a Relax Hydrotherapy bath, an Indoceane Spa Ritual, an Abhyangam-Ayurvedic treatment, a Wine Therapy Body treatment, a Hot Chocolate Facial, and a spa manicure.
  • KN 3796
3-Day Ocean Package
This package includes a Aquarelle Thalgo facial treatment, an Indoceane Spa Ritual, a Wine Therapy Facial, a Relax Decléor massage, and a spa manicure.
  • KN 2263
2-Day Dionis Package
This package includes a wine therapy body treatment, a wine therapy facial, and a spa manicure.
  • KN 1548
7-Day Cesar Package
This package, specially designed for men, includes an Ocean Thalgo Facial, an Indoceane Spa Ritual, a sports massage, a Relax Hydrotherapy Bath, an Abhyangam-Ayurvedic treatment, a hot stone massage, and a spa pedicure.
  • KN 2898
5-Day Recovery Package
This package includes an Absolute Rehydration facial treatment, a Complete Youthful Anti-age facial treatment, a toning body wrap, a Hot Chocolate Massage, an Abhyangam-Ayurvedic treatment, and a spa pedicure.
  • KN 2519
2-Day Body Sculpting Package
This package includes a partial anti-cellulite Massage, a detox Decléor envelopment, a slim and sculpt body wrap, and a basic hand care treatment.
  • KN 1489
2-Day Beauty Package
This package includes an Aromaplastie Decléor facial treatment, a Relax Decléor massage, and a spa pedicure.
  • KN 1044
7 Days Cleopatra + Cesar Package Combination (for Two)
This package, for a man and a woman to share together, includes seven days of spa treatments, including massages, facials, body treatments, pedicures, and manicures.
  • KN 6562
5-Days Energy Package for Him
This package, specially designed for men, includes an Ocean Thalgo facial treatment, a sports massage, Reflexotherapy, and a hot stone massage.
  • KN 1613
5-Day Package from Heaven
This package includes a Regeneration BHA with oxygen, a MMA body wrap, an Aromaplastie Decléor facial treatment, a Wine Therapy Body treatment, and an Indoceane Spa Ritual.
  • KN 2570
7-Day Diocletian Package
This package includes Aquarelle Thalgo facial, Complete Youthful Anti-age facial, Wine Therapy Facial, Indoceane spa ritual, Diocletian Four-handed Massage, Relax Decléor massage, Wine Therapy Body treatment, and spa pedicure and manicure.
  • KN 4679
3-Days Cold Winter Night Package
This package includes a hot stone massage, a Hot Chocolate Facial treatment, and a Diocletian Four-handed Massage.
  • KN 1716