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Introducing the Newest Hotels in the Collection

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Set on an iconic street among Ming and Qing Dynasty-style buildings and quaint teahouses, this is a refined landmark in a fabled city.

Nestled in the heart of Cusco, our storied hotel captivates guests with centuries of history and colorful culture—plus modern amenities.

Set in a striking castle, our mountainside hotel unites matchless service with Yellow Sea views and a central location near Xinghai Square.

Situated beside the Qiantang River in Qianjiang CBD, our iconic hotel unites rare amenities with views of the world’s largest tidal bore.

Part of the mixed-use complex COEX in a thriving financial district, our hotel is a refined haven offering respite from the bustling city.

With more than a century of notable guests and hospitable service, our iconic hotel comprises exquisite accommodations and event venues.

Overlooking the crystalline Indian Ocean on a pristine beach, this enchanting resort offers complete serenity and proximity to attractions.

Situated along the Arabian Gulf, just minutes from Dubai, our resort overlooks endless expanses of pristine sand and turquoise water.

Jordan’s rich culture is reflected in the traditional architecture, sumptuous décor, and magnificent surroundings of this seaside escape.

The allure of our historic downtown resort stretches beyond unique rooms and artful suites to exceptional, locally-inspired experiences.