Blue Palace, a Luxury Collection Resort and Spa, Crete
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Couples Suite - The Elounda Spa & Thalassotherapy

Elounda Spa & Thalassotherapy embodies our exclusive fusion of healing Thalassotherapy and commitment to luxury and personal attention. The resort’s breathtaking natural surroundings have inspired this place of absolute tranquility. Situated on the beach with calming gulf views, our serene and captivating spa comprises 24 treatment rooms, each featuring soothing water sounds and diffused lighting.

Premier spa facilities include a luminous relaxation pool, two thalasso pools, a retail spa boutique, and a couples’ suite. Furthermore, three soothing facilities can augment one’s wellness experience and are complimentary for all hotel guests at any time of day. First, a traditional Finnish wood cabin sauna provides dry heat that induces perspiration and pore purification (80-100°C, or 176-212°F). The high humidity and mild radiant heat of two marble Turkish Hammams (steam rooms) bestow guests with deeply therapeutic benefits (42-46°C, or 108-115°F). And a classic small, circular Jacuzzi features massaging air jets for relaxation.

We recommend reserving spa treatments in advance. As a courtesy to other guests, cancellations must be received a minimum of four hours prior to an appointment or the full service is charged. Children 16-years-old or younger are not permitted in the spa.

We are proud to offer three of the most renowned brands of spa products:

  • Valmont: Anti-ageing skincare products renowned for their visible and long-lasting efficacy
  • Anne Semonin: An exclusive French brand devoted to skincare with its made-to-measure facials
  • Cinq Mondes: A French spa brand devoted to the revival of beauty rituals and signature treatments based on organic products

  • Hours of operation:
8:00 AM - 9:00 PM


Bath Treatment

Seawater Hydromassage Baths with Marine Algae and Minerals
This purifying algae and mineral salt bath encourages an overall sense of relaxation through skin oxygenation and progressive warm water-jet massage.
  • 25 minutes/45 EUR; Please note that this is a heat treatment.
Cyclical Jet Session in Thalassotherapy Pools
Encouraging muscles and joints to regain mobility and range, these analytic jet sessions—performed in the Thalassotherapy seawater pools—work to reduce and prevent physical illness. The result is an effective, flexible body free of pain.
  • 50 minutes/30 EUR
Spa Wet Facilities
Experience well-being any hour of the day with our soothing and therapeutic Hamman, Sauna, and Jacuzzi. Access to these facilities is complimentary for all hotel guests. An entrance fee of 35 EUR is applicable for non-guests.
  • Non-guests fee/35 EUR
The Elounda Wellness and Beauty Scrub
This invigorating treatment unites our signature Olive Oil and Sugar Scrub with a healing Seawater Hydromassage Bath for remarkably soft and smooth skin.
  • 80 minutes/100 EUR
Seawater Hydromassage Jet
By directing a jet of varying intensity all over the body, concentrating on particular areas requiring special treatment, our hydro therapists conduct a deep massage that relaxes muscles and stimulates blood circulation.
  • 10 minutes/40 EUR
Elounda Seawater Hydromassage Bath with Cretan Herbs
Combining ancient local traditions with modern technology, this warm bath restores the body, promoting well-being. According to guests' preferences, baths are infused with a unique combination of herbs, such as sage, eucalyptus, or peppermint.
  • 25 minutes/45 EUR; Please note that this is a heat treatment.

Body Treatments

Wrapped by the Sea
A traditional marine algae wrap rich in minerals, vitamins, and micronutrients, this warm treatment encourages circulation, increases metabolism, and helps relieve aches and pains—making it a top choice for all-around well-being and total relaxation.
  • 50 minutes/85 EUR; Please note that this is a heat treatment.
Thalasso Slimming Program
Get in shape with our effect-oriented Thalasso Slimming Programs. Combining Thalasso treatments, exceptional body care with sea extract products, and specialized slimming massages, guests are naturally streamlined and detoxified.
  • 5-Day Program/845 EUR; 6-Day Program/1005 EUR
Cellulite Localized Wrap
Addressing problem areas with a cold wrap, this treatment facilitates the elimination of excess tissue water, activates circulation, tones skin, and increases elasticity.
  • 50 minutes/85 EUR
Aromaceane Slender and Detox
This heat-based treatment rejuvenates tired muscles and dull skin with the powerful therapeutic properties of essential oils, sea mud, and mineral salts. Recommended for treating cellulite and promoting slimming.
  • 50 minutes/85 EUR; Please note that this is a heat treatment.
Detoxifying Body Wrap
Improve skin tone and texture while indulging the senses with this warm, detoxifying full-body wrap. Individually customized techniques and products make this body treatment suitable for all skin types.
  • 50 minutes/85 EUR; Please note that this is a heat treatment.
Cocoa and Ginger Slimming Treatment
Based on principles from Eastern European schools of massage, this treatment visually re-sculpts and rejuvenates the body.
  • 80 minutes/145 EUR; Please note that this is a heat treatment.
Sea and Senses Hot Stone Exfoliation
Invite the body into a deep sleep by freeing the senses via this purifying, remineralizing treatment. Using warm volcanic and marine stones, our expert therapists simultaneously relax and exfoliate for all-around well-being.
  • 80 minutes/95 EUR; Please note that this is a heat treatment.

Hands & Feet

Manicure and Pedicure Services
Keep fingers and toes picture-perfect with our wide selection of manicure and pedicure services. Ranging from classic to more involved treatments, hands and feet look their best.

In-Room Treatments

In-Room Massage
Enjoy a massage in the privacy of your guest room. We request four hours notice for this treatment. (This service is available daily until 9pm.)
  • 50 minutes/135 EUR; 80 minutes/170 EUR

Massage Services

Hot Stone Massage
Using an ancient art of healing to relieve tense muscles and a stressed mind, this native treatment guarantees ultimate relaxation, as smooth, warm volcanic and marine stones are incorporated with gentle massage.
  • 50 minutes/85 EUR; 80 minutes/105 EUR; Please note that this is a heat treatment.
Maternity Massage
Expecting guests deserve to be pampered. This specially formulated treatment is designed to meet pregnancy specific needs, as our trained therapists pay special attention to comfort and well-being.
  • 50 minutes/85 EUR
Back, Neck, and Shoulder Massage
Focusing on the back, neck, and shoulders, this 25-minute massage leaves guests loose and relaxed and is a perfect addition to any treatment.
  • 25 minutes/65 EUR
Lymphodrainage Massage
Focusing on the lymphatic system, soft, slow, and regular pressure is applied to the body, promoting gland drainage and stimulating the circulatory system. This treatment is especially effective in cases of edema and cellulite.
  • 50 minutes/85 EUR
Aroma Relaxing Massage
Based on manual therapy, this massage ensures maximum relaxation optimized by the calming effects of four essential oils. Together these techniques promote total peace of mind.
  • 50 minutes/85 EUR; 80 minutes/105 EUR
Cold Stone Therapy Massage
Combining soothing cold stones with specially blended massage oils, our expert therapists use slow movements to treat tired muscles and relax the senses.
  • 50 minutes/85 EUR; 80 minutes/105 EUR
Deep Tissue Massage
Incorporating long, deep strokes, this invigorating massage focuses on the body’s pressure points (feet, back, shoulders) to balance energy and improve circulation. This treatment is recommended for chronic conditions like migraines and backaches.
  • 50 minutes/85 EUR; 80 minutes/105 EUR
Scalp Massage
This gentle massage technique eliminates energy blockages and relaxes facial muscles. By applying delicate palpitation and light pressure to points on the head and face, our therapists enhance the body’s natural healing capabilities.
  • 25 minutes/65 EUR; 50 minutes/85 EUR
Incorporating the mysterious therapeutic benefits of Raki, a traditional Cretan beverage, this singular massage leaves guests invigorated, as the potent alcohol is mixed with just a few drops of neutral oil to open the senses and energize the body.
  • 50 minutes/85 EUR 80 minutes/105 EUR
Indian Massage
Encouraging muscles to release all forms of tension, this traditional Indian massage promotes head-to-toe relaxation.
  • 50 minutes/85 EUR
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi
This traditional, powerful Hawaiian healing treatment rejuvenates both the body and mind. Using chiefly their forearms to apply long and varying firm strokes over the back, arms, legs, abdomen, and chest, our therapists reunite the body.
  • 50 minutes/85 EUR
Asiatic Massage
This native Oriental massage works on several hundred body points to stimulate the flow of vital body energy.
  • 50 minutes/85 EUR
Affusion Shower Back and Leg Massage
This calming, toning massage is performed under a fine shower of hot seawater. Freeing the body from all types of tension, it works to improve sleep quality and encourage relaxation while also improving skin's appearance.
  • 25 minutes/55 EUR; Please note that this is a heat treatment.
Reflexology Massage
Working to harmonize the body’s energy paths, our therapists apply pressure to specific points on the hands and feet to stimulate individual body parts and realign the body's Qi.
  • 25 minutes/65 EUR; 50 minutes/85 EUR
Swedish Massage
This classic treatment places firm but gentle pressure over the entire body. Following a relaxation mandate, our therapists adjust the massage to meet guests' specific needs, ensuring a total sense of well-being.
  • 50 minutes/85 EUR; 80 minutes/105 EUR
Balinese Massage
This intense medium to strong deep-tissue massage is combined with exceptional essential oils to deeply relax the body and encourage health and harmony.
  • 50 minutes/85 EUR
Traditional Olive Oil Massage
Combining the nutritive, therapeutic elements of Cretan Olive Oil with a relaxing full-body massage, this traditional body-balancing treatment promotes supreme serenity.
  • 50 minutes/85 EUR 80 minutes/105 EUR
Four Hands Massage
We invite guests to make their favorite massage even more impactful by adding another set of hands. Lay back blissfully as two therapists synchronize their movements for an unequivocal treatment.
  • 50 minutes/165 EUR
Couple’s Massage
Make an exceptional massage even more memorable by sharing it with a loved one in our specially designed Double Suite.
  • 50 minutes/95 EUR; 80 minutes/115 EUR; Prices are per person
Outdoor Massage
Experience the best of the island while enjoying a massage on our Sea View Terrace. This treatment is offered upon request and some restrictions may apply.
  • 50 minutes/105 EUR; 80 minutes/125 EUR

Salon Services

Our comprehensive waxing services maintain guests' grooming regimes even while on holiday, keeping them hair-free and smooth all over.
Hair Services
Whether preparing for an occasion or simply maintaining their current style, we are pleased to provide guests with a full menu of hair services. Additionally, we offer Eyelash and Eye Brow Tinting and shaving services for men along.

Skin Care Services

Absolute Rehydration Treatment (After-Sun Care)
Combining a relaxing facial massage with the singular ‘energy de la mer’ technique, which transfers the sea’s positive energy to guests, this treatment returns moisture to every level of the skin.
  • 80 minutes/95 EUR
Aromatherapy Face Care
Ideal for normal, dry, and mature skin, this facial utilizes essential oils to relax, detoxify, and soothe facial muscles while simultaneously hydrating skin.
  • 25 minutes/55 EUR
Collagen Eye Masque
Employing pure, native, soluble collagen to smooth eye contours and plump fine lines, this treatment leaves guests' skin looking rested and refreshed.
  • 25 minutes/55 EUR
Elounda Deep Face Peeling with Olive Stones and Lavender
Harnessing the exfoliating properties of olive seeds, this purifying treatment prepares skin for a long-lasting tan while lavender provides a soothing aromatic experience. Recommended for oily and combination skin.
  • 25 minutes/50 EUR
European Deep Cleansing Facial
This purifying treatment enhances the complexion starting with a gentle exfoliating peel, which is followed by intense moisturizing. Suitable for all skin types, it is a recommended precursor to any facial treatment.
  • 80 minutes/90 EUR
Collagen Velvet Care
Using pure, native, soluble collagen along with protein-rich extracts and creams, this treatment softens and smoothes skin, helping to maintain moisture balance.
  • 80 minutes/95 EUR
Hydra Moisture Source
Suitable for all skin types, this ultra-hydrating treatment refreshes the complexion, leaving it soft and supple to the touch.
  • 50 minutes/80 EUR
KO BI DO - Japanese Facial
By boosting skin’s natural protection, repair, and renewal processes, this singular Japanese facial leaves the complexion renewed and younger-looking.
  • 50 minutes/85 EUR
Yoghurt Facial Remedy
Instantly hydrating, soothing, and rich in vitamins, Greek yoghurt is the traditional island after-sun skin remedy.
  • 50 minutes/80 EUR
Wild Rose Brightening Face Care
Breathe in the intoxicating scent of Wild Rose Oil as Vitamin C illuminates skin and repairs fine lines and skin discolorations—leaving guests with a glowing, rejuvenated complexion.
  • 50 minutes/80 EUR
Deep Cleansing Facial
This deep cleansing, therapeutic facial is specifically designed for the skin care needs of men, including sensitivity and razor burn. Relaxing muscles and defining pores, it includes both a soothing facial massage and purifying masque.
  • 80 minutes/90 EUR
Thalasso Purifying Face Care
For this exclusive facial, we combine natural vitamin and mineral-rich seaweed with high-potency marine extracts to first purify and then stabilize skin.
  • 50 minutes/75 EUR
Thalgomince Body Peeling
This creamy, full-body exfoliation employs Chondrus Crispus, an exclusive red algae, to delicately remove dull skin and invigorate the senses, leaving skin pampered and supple. Please avoid direct sun exposure immediately following this treatment.
  • 25 minutes/50 EUR
Hamamelis Care for Sensitive Skin
Based on marine and plant extracts, this reviving treatment is especially oriented to fragile, delicate skin. Incorporating a cool mint masque, it reduces redness, refines, tightens, and relaxes tension lines.
  • 50 minutes/80 EUR


Elounda Relax Ritual
Combining a variety of treatments to relax and rejuvenate, this exclusive ritual attends to the needs of both the mind and body.
  • 80 minutes/150 EUR; Please note that this is a heat treatment.
Elounda Classic Thalassotherapy Program
Combining all the pleasures and benefits of Thalassotherapy, our Pure Thalasso rituals take guests from stressed and fatigued to completely relaxed and rejuvenated.
Elounda Thalasso Ritual
Comprehensively therapeutic, this ritual combines the natural resources of the sea.
  • 80 minutes/150 EUR; Please note that this is a heat treatment.
Indoceane Revitalizing Ritual
Cleopatra’s Bath starts off this ritual with a sweet and savory scrub to invigorate skin and renew energy levels. Next, a stimulating massage and sublime full-body wrap follow, leaving guests utterly relaxed.
  • 110 minutes/180 EUR; Please note that this is a heat treatment.
Discover the foundation of a healthy lifestyle with our Cooking and Nutrition Demonstrations and Strategies. Taught by our executive chef and spa nutritionist, seminars are organized periodically.
Optimum Rejuvenation
Embracing the fine French tradition of Thalgo skincare, the powers of Thalassotherapy, and state-of-the-art technology, this program erases signs of stress and premature aging, leaving guests radiant.
Elounda Glow
Inspired by Thalassotherapy rituals, this signature program was created with the needs of our esteemed guests in mind. Particularly suitable for holidays in the sunny Mediterranean, it is an exceptionally calming and sensual experience.
Elounda Detox Ritual
Based on the Greek tradition of employing mud, seawater, and massage therapy for therapeutic treatment, this ritual is the ideal one-day detoxifier.
  • 80 minutes/150 EUR; Please note that this is a heat treatment.
Energy Booster Ritual
Specially formulated for male guests, this invigorating ritual combines the curative elements of the sea with stimulating essential eucalyptus oil.
  • 80 minutes/150 EUR; Please note that this is a heat treatment.
Serenity and Life Balance
Combat accumulated everyday stress and restore peace of mind with this serenity-promoting program.