Conveniently located off the grand gallery on the ground floor are the hotel’s three palatial reception rooms—the 282-square-meter Ibaia, the 206-square-meter Elcano, and the 109-square-meter Zubia—in addition to the 60-square-meter Aia. Illuminated by natural daylight, all spaces offer wireless High Speed Internet Access plus state-of-the-art facilities for audiovisual presentations.

The Ibaia room is the largest function space of the hotel, accommodating up to 280 guests. Due to its unparalleled luxury and size, it is the preferred choice for wedding banquets and grand celebrations. In sumptuous Belle Époque style, the double-height ceiling is supported by a series of majestic columns topped with gilded Corinthian capitals. Female effigies and flower garlands in delicate plaster adorn the walls. Providing spectacular illumination are century-old bronze and glass chandeliers, while five sets of damask-swathed French doors provide access to the Urumea River-view terrace.

The Baroque style of the Elcano room also captures the elegance of the Belle Époque. Golden marble columns contrast with pale blue walls and stretch towards lofty ceilings. Crystal chandeliers and wood floors complete the characteristic atmosphere. Large windows and a terrace offer views of Okendo Street and Victoria Eugenia Theater Square. The Elcano room holds up to 206 people for a wedding, cocktail party, or presentation.

The distinct charisma of the Zubia room makes it the ideal setting for business meetings, marketing presentations, and conferences. Its light blue walls with golden touches are interspersed by large windows and contrasted by regal blue carpeting and curtains—a color scheme that reflects character and splendor. The terrace looks out at the Victoria Eugenia Theater. The Venecia Room can house up to 100 guests.

Overlooking the Urumea River, the Aia room is the most intimate function space in the hotel, making it ideal for formal meetings and press conferences. A predominately blush-toned décor is reflected by large wall mirrors, which accentuate the high ceiling and expansive windows. A delightful river-view terrace is attached.