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  • Solamente puede reservar con 550 días de anticipación.
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Sheraton Dameisha Resort, Shenzhen - Parque litoral Dameisha

Parque litoral Dameisha

Sheraton Dameisha Resort, Shenzhen
Área local

Explore the vibrant Yantian District and the eastern section of Shenzhen, home to the Sheraton Dameisha Resort, located on Dameisha Beach, near endless diverse, unique sights.

Hit the pavement and discover designer bargains at Dameisha Outlet Shopping Village. Open daily from 10am to 9pm, it is a short ten-minute walk from the resort and houses prestigious international retail brands and fast food chains. Meanwhile, guests of all ages delight in the sea creatures and shows at Xiaomeisha Sea World. An approximate ten-minute drive, it boasts sharks, polar bears, penguins and more.

Experience a different intersection of culture and nature just 15 minutes away at Overseas Chinese Town East (OCT East), an international destination comprising three theme parks: Tea Valley, Knight Valley and Wind Valley. Discover hot springs, a swamp garden, Buddha temple and tea terrace in Tea Valley. Then, visit Knight Valley for an adrenaline-boosting adventure. An amusement park, it features watersports, roller coasters, entertainment and more. Meanwhile, Wind Valley is home to two 18-hole golf courses.

For a historical look at the local culture, head to Dapeng Fortress, a Ming Dynasty fortress built in 1394 AD. The citadel occupies around 110,000 square meters and is an approximate 30-minute drive or one-and-a-half hour bus ride from the resort. Encounter nature in equal force at the Shenzhen Xianhu Botanical Garden. A 40-minute bus ride or 20-minute drive northeast of Shenzhen, this spectacular park is home to myriad native trees, plants and gardens, along with the Cycad Conservation Center and Hongfa Temple. Located within the park, the temple is believed to be the most powerful in Shenzhen. Or step off the beaten path on the Wutong Mountain trails, where picturesque hiking or tracking adventures await.

Also within easy driving distance of the resort are countless museums, parks, shops and resorts, along with international corporate offices.

Arte y cultura

  • Museo de arte de Shenzhen  23.0 km/14.3 millas
  • Dafen, pueblo de pinturas al óleo  25.4 km/15.8 millas
  • Gran Teatro de Shenzhen  26.3 km/16.3 millas
  • Museo de arte de Guan Shanyue  31.6 km/19.6 millas
  • Museo de Shenzhen  32.0 km/19.9 millas
  • ART LOFT(OTC)-- Desarrollo de Arte y Bibioteca Shenzhen Ya Co.Ltd.  38.9 km/24.2 millas
  • Centro artístico Huaxia  38.9 km/24.2 millas
  • Museo de Arte He Xiangning  40.0 km/24.9 millas
  • Teatro Shenzhen Poly  44.1 km/27.4 millas


  • Establecimientos en Dameisha  1.0 km/0.6 millas
  • Calle comercial de Huaqiangbei  23.0 km/14.3 millas
  • Calle de compras en Dongmen  25.0 km/15.5 millas
  • The MixC  25.2 km/15.7 millas
  • Centro comercial KK  26.3 km/16.3 millas
  • CITIC Plaza  26.6 km/16.5 millas
  • Centro de compras Coco Park  31.9 km/19.8 millas
  • Yi Tian Holiday Plaza  39.9 km/24.8 millas
  • Ciudad Costera  44.0 km/27.3 millas


  • Vanke Center  2.2 km/1.4 millas
  • Shenzhen Yantian People's Hospital  5.0 km/3.1 millas
  • Hospital del gobierno del distrito de Yantian  5.0 km/3.1 millas
  • Centro internacional de convenciones y exposiciones de Shenzhen  30.0 km/18.6 millas
  • Centro de convenciones y exposiciones de Shenzhen  30.0 km/18.6 millas
  • Universidad de Shenzhen  43.0 km/26.7 millas

Destinos cercanos

  • Centro de Dongmen  25.0 km/15.5 millas


  • Parque deportivo OCT East Wind Valley Country Sports Park  5.0 km/3.1 millas
  • Campo de golf público Shenzhen Long Gang  10.0 km/6.2 millas
  • Club de golf Shenzhen Citic Green  28.0 km/17.4 millas
  • Club de golf Shenzhen  30.0 km/18.6 millas
  • Club de golf Shenzhen Genzon  34.0 km/21.1 millas
  • Club de golf Mission Hills  40.0 km/24.9 millas
  • Club de golf Century Seaview  40.0 km/24.9 millas
  • Club de golf Shenzhen Sand River  42.0 km/26.1 millas
  • Club de golf Shenzhen Jiulongshan  43.6 km/27.1 millas
  • Club campestre Xili Golf & Country Club  45.0 km/28.0 millas
  • Club de golf público Shenzhen Guangming  55.4 km/34.4 millas
  • Club de golf CTS Tycoon (Shenzhen)  60.0 km/37.3 millas

Local Attractions

  • Club de la marina de Shenzhen  0.1 km/0.1 millas
  • Calle del marisco Yantian  4.7 km/2.9 millas
  • Jardín botánico de Xianhu  18.0 km/11.2 millas
  • Shenzhen International Trade Center  24.0 km/14.9 millas
  • Fuerte de Dapeng  26.7 km/16.6 millas
  • Shenzhen Children's Palace  32.4 km/20.1 millas
  • Club náutico Vanke Longcheer  36.0 km/22.4 millas
  • Shenzhen Xili Lake Resort  48.2 km/30.0 millas
  • Granja de Guangming  57.3 km/35.6 millas

Oficinas corporativas

  • Yantian International Container Terminals Limited (YICT)  5.0 km/3.1 millas
  • BGI  7.7 km/4.8 millas
  • Shenzhen Yan Tian Port Holdings Co., Ltd  8.2 km/5.1 millas
  • BYD Company Limited  27.0 km/16.8 millas
  • China Merchants Bank  30.0 km/18.6 millas
  • Citibank, N.A., sucursal de Shenzhen  30.0 km/18.6 millas
  • AIA Shenzhen  35.0 km/21.8 millas
  • Emerson Network Power  42.0 km/26.1 millas
  • Shenzhen Skyworth-RGB Electronics  42.0 km/26.1 millas
  • Lenovo  42.0 km/26.1 millas
  • Tencent  42.0 km/26.1 millas
  • Foxconn  45.0 km/28.0 millas
  • Huawei Technologies  48.0 km/29.8 millas


  • Yantian Seashore Gallery Road  0.5 km/0.3 millas
  • OCT East  1.0 km/0.6 millas
  • Parque costero Shenzhen Dameisha  1.0 km/0.6 millas
  • Gimnasio completo Yantian  2.5 km/1.5 millas
  • Parque marino Xiaomeisha  3.0 km/1.9 millas
  • Parque nacional forestal Wutongshan  19.0 km/11.8 millas
  • Estadio Luohu  19.8 km/12.3 millas
  • Parque Beacon Hill  29.0 km/18.0 millas
  • Parque Lotus Hill  32.5 km/20.2 millas
  • Sala de conciertos de Shenzhen  32.8 km/20.4 millas
  • Parque Garden Expo  36.5 km/22.7 millas
  • Parque temático Happy Valley  40.0 km/24.9 millas
  • Splendid China  40.0 km/24.9 millas
  • Window of the World  40.0 km/24.9 millas
  • Centro deportivo Shenzhen Bay  41.4 km/25.7 millas
  • Parque safari Shenzhen  45.0 km/28.0 millas
  • Reserva natual forestal del manglar de Shenzhen  49.8 km/31.0 millas
  • Parque acuático Shekou Sea World  50.0 km/31.1 millas



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