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Sheraton Yantai Golden Beach Resort - City View-Yantai Chateau Changyu Castle

City View-Yantai Chateau Changyu Castle

Sheraton Yantai Golden Beach Resort

Surrounded by islands, blue waters, and golden sands, Yantai—meaning “smoky tower”—is a popular port city located in China’s northeastern Shandong Province, nestled along the Bohai Sea and Laizhou Bay. The Sheraton Yantai Golden Beach Resort is conveniently located across from Golden Beach, in the Yantai Economic and Technological Development Zone (YEDA). We are 15 kilometers from downtown, and just 25 kilometers from Yantai Penglai International Airport (YNT), .

There is a wealth of sites to visit in Yantai, including Yangma Island, famous for its scenery and seafood; the T-shaped Kongtong Island, which is surrounded by small islands about 10 kilometers from the city; and Kunyu Mountain, home to lush trees, clear streams, gorges, and waterfalls. Yantai Hill, boasting panoramic city and sea views, and the Tashan Scenic Area, noted for its Buddhist significance and architecture, are also popular. Or, take a day trip to the northern tip of the Jiaodong Peninsula to see the picturesque ancient city of Penglai. Notable attractions there include the Penglai Pavilion, the Ancient Ship Museum, and Penglai Water City.

Wine enthusiasts should head to the Changyu Wine Museum. Located at the former site of the eponymous wine company that dates back to 1892, it features displays, an underground cellar, and a tasting area. Also colorful is the Yantai Museum—filled with exquisite carvings of birds, flowers, animals, and figures from Chinese legends. Entertainment for all can be found at Binhai Strip, a popular tourist area on Binhai Road.


  • Yantai Golden Beach  0.0 км/0.0 мили (миль)
  • Морской парк 37 Degree Dream Sea Park  1.0 км/0.6 мили (миль)
  • Yuhuangding Park - Yantai  20.0 км/12.4 мили (миль)
  • No.1 Bathing Beach  20.0 км/12.4 мили (миль)
  • Yantai Dashan Park  24.0 км/14.9 мили (миль)
  • No.2 Bathing Beach  25.0 км/15.5 мили (миль)
  • City Central Park of Yantai Nanshan  25.0 км/15.5 мили (миль)
  • Yantai Sport Park  27.0 км/16.8 мили (миль)
  • Yangma Tourist Resort  52.0 км/32.3 мили (миль)
  • Penglai Ocean Polar World  62.0 км/38.5 мили (миль)
  • Kunyu Mountain National Forest Park  74.0 км/46.0 мили (миль)


  • Mashanzhai Woosnam Golf Club  33.0 км/20.5 мили (миль)
  • Chateau Junding Golf Club  50.0 км/31.1 мили (миль)
  • Nanshan International Golf Club  70.0 км/43.5 мили (миль)
  • Tiger Beach Golf Links  120.0 км/74.6 мили (миль)

Искусство и культура

  • Changyu Wine Culture Museum  20.0 км/12.4 мили (миль)
  • Yantai Museum  20.0 км/12.4 мили (миль)
  • Yantai Mountain  20.0 км/12.4 мили (миль)
  • Penglai Pavilion  63.0 км/39.2 мили (миль)
  • Changdao Island Scenic Area  76.0 км/47.2 мили (миль)


  • Yantai Tayho Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.  2.0 км/1.2 мили (миль)
  • Huaxin Group Co., Ltd.  3.0 км/1.9 мили (миль)
  • General Motors  3.0 км/1.9 мили (миль)
  • LGEYT (Langchao LG Digital Mobile Communications Co., Ltd.  4.0 км/2.5 мили (миль)
  • Yantai Oriental Industry Group  4.0 км/2.5 мили (миль)
  • POSCO  4.0 км/2.5 мили (миль)
  • Loctite - Henkel  5.0 км/3.1 мили (миль)
  • Foxconn  6.0 км/3.7 мили (миль)
  • Zhenghai Group  6.0 км/3.7 мили (миль)
  • Yantai Shougang Dongxing Group Co., Ltd.  6.0 км/3.7 мили (миль)
  • Doosan Infracore  8.0 км/5.0 мили (миль)
  • Yantai Wanhua Polyurethanes Co., Ltd.  8.0 км/5.0 мили (миль)
  • Winhere  8.0 км/5.0 мили (миль)
  • DSME SHANDONG CO., LTD.  11.0 км/6.8 мили (миль)
  • Yantai Lubao Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.  15.0 км/9.3 мили (миль)

Магазины и торговые центры

  • Jiajiayue Supermarket  6.0 км/3.7 мили (миль)
  • Zhenhua Shopping Center  6.0 км/3.7 мили (миль)
  • Гипермаркет Wal-Mart Super Center  20.0 км/12.4 мили (миль)
  • Metro  20.0 км/12.4 мили (миль)
  • R-T Mart  20.0 км/12.4 мили (миль)
  • Jusco  28.0 км/17.4 мили (миль)

Местные достопримечательности

  • Changyu Castel Winery  7.0 км/4.3 мили (миль)


  • Yantai Yuhuangding Hospital  18.0 км/11.2 мили (миль)
  • Ludong University  20.0 км/12.4 мили (миль)
  • Yantai Mountain Hospital  20.0 км/12.4 мили (миль)
  • Shandong Institute of Business and Technology  28.0 км/17.4 мили (миль)
  • Yantai University  30.0 км/18.6 мили (миль)
  • Yantai Academy of China Agricultural University  50.0 км/31.1 мили (миль)



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