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The Royal Begonia, a Luxury Collection Resort, Sanya - Fischerdorf


The Royal Begonia, a Luxury Collection Resort, Sanya

Nestled on the sparkling ivory beaches of the southeastern coast of Hainan Island, The Royal Begonia Resort overlooks the sapphire South China Sea. To the north, majestic mountains and verdant rainforests set an indelible scene for inspiring hikes.

With more than 20 kilometers of pristine beachfront, crystal-clear water, sunny azure skies, and swaying coconut palms, Haitang Bay’s pristine beauty awaits discovery. Meanwhile, the picturesque beaches of Wuzhizhou Island invite exploration—as do the idyllic waters of Yalong Bay, which are renowned for their diving and snorkeling.

Yanoda Tropical Rainforest Park contains numerous waterfalls and hiking trails, allowing visitors to safely experience the thrills of jungle exploration. Populated by thousands of primates, Nanwan Monkey Island is about a 30-minute drive from the hotel.

Along with its unsurpassed natural beauty, Sanya boasts a number of cultural attractions, including The Guanyin of the South Sea of Sanya, a regal 108-meter statue of the bodhisattva Guanyin. The iconic Nanshan Temple and relics of Yazhou Ancient City offer further insight into this singular location. Among Hainan’s most scenic locations, Binglang Gu comprises two minority villages where indigenous Li and Miao people have lived for the last 3,000 years.

For additional recommendations or arrangements, contact The Luxury Collection Concierge.


  • Fremdenverkehrsbüro Sanya  25.7 km/16.0 Meilen


  • Golfclub Yalong Bay  13.8 km/8.6 Meilen
  • Sanya Yalong Bay Sun Valley Golfclub  13.8 km/8.6 Meilen
  • Hainan Sanya International Golf Club  52.8 km/32.8 Meilen

Nahegelegene Zielorte

  • Tauchgebiet der Insel Wuzhizhou  4.2 km/2.6 Meilen
  • Stadt Sanya  25.0 km/15.5 Meilen


  • Sanya Tropical Paradise Forest Park  14.9 km/9.3 Meilen
  • Crown of Beauty Theatre  24.3 km/15.1 Meilen
  • Nanwan Affeninsel  26.6 km/16.5 Meilen
  • Luhuitou (Turn-Round Deer) Park  27.1 km/16.8 Meilen
  • West Island Marine Amusement World  39.8 km/24.7 Meilen

Sehenswürdigkeiten vor Ort

  • Yalong Bay  16.0 km/9.9 Meilen
  • Tianya Haijiao (Ende der Welt und Grenze des Meeres)  42.1 km/26.2 Meilen
  • Heiße Quelle Seven Fairy  44.2 km/27.5 Meilen
  • Jianfengling Tropischer Regenwald  106.8 km/66.4 Meilen


  • Sanya Duty-Free Shop  4.4 km/2.7 Meilen


  • Bahnhof Yalong Bay  16.6 km/10.3 Meilen
  • Internationaler Flughafen Sanya Phoenix (SYX)  34.9 km/21.7 Meilen

Öffentliche Einrichtungen

  • 301 Liberation Army General Hospital Filiale Hainan  3.0 km/1.9 Meilen
  • Öffentliches Krankenhaus Sanya  30.9 km/19.2 Meilen
  • Nanshan-Tempel  59.8 km/37.2 Meilen



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