Tam Tien Beach - Vietnam's Central Coast

The Sheraton Hoi An Tam Ky Resort & Spa is located on the sprawling white sands of the beautiful and pristine Tam Tien Beach. Play volleyball, surf, swim in the clear blue sea, or soak up the sun. Chu Lai (VCL) and Danang (DAD) International Airports are 39 and 85 kilometers away, respectively. On a coastal road connecting Quang Nam Province’s two major cities, the resort is 15 kilometers from Tam Ky City and 49 kilometers from Hoi An Ancient Town.

Tam Ky is the province’s capital and the center of business, culture, and politics. Affiliated with three of Central Vietnam’s major economic zones—North Chu Lai Open Economic Zone, Dung Quat Economic Zone, and Vietnam-Singapore Industrial Park—the city is attracting many international groups.

Visit historic sites that allow glimpses of Tam Ky’s transformation over the centuries. Located on the city’s edge, Khuong My and Chien Dan are Hindu towers from the Cham Empire. Built to resemble Nguyen Thi Thu, the 120-meter-wide and 18.6-meter-high Heroic Mother Statue was erected to honor the woman who lost 13 family members during the Vietnam War.

Explore natural landscapes that have retained their untamed beauty. The east side of Tam Ky features such coastal beaches as the wild, palm-lined Tam Thanh. On the west side, Phu Ninh Lake boasts beautiful scenery and a diversity of animal and plant species.

Dating back more than 2,000 years, Hoi An is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with many lovely wooden houses, historic buildings, assembly halls, and museums. This well-preserved port on East Vietnam Sea was a trading center that welcomed and was influenced by Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Portuguese, and Dutch settlers.

Wander around one of the local markets to shop for leaf hats, wooden clogs, silk, sand pictures, embroidery items, bamboo flutes, and other handicrafts and souvenirs. After a fun day of activities, savor such delightful Vietnamese cuisine as fresh local seafood, noodle soup, and prawn pancakes, which are served at a variety of restaurants near our resort.