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Sheraton Mallorca Arabella Golf Hotel - Shine Spa

Shine Spa

Sheraton Mallorca Arabella Golf Hotel
Shine Spa for Sheraton

Our resort’s new Shine Spa for Sheraton comprises four harmoniously designed treatment cabins. Guests can not only relax but also feel revitalized with the newest indulgent facial and body treatments. The spa’s warm, private atmosphere immediately provides a welcoming sense of attention and care.

Adapted to modern lifestyles, the newly designed indoor pool adjoins a sauna and a steam bath. Enjoy sumptuous treatments with high-quality cosmetics from Germaine de Capuccini and Phytomer.

In order for our staff to be fully prepared and devote sufficient time to your relaxation program, appointments are required. A strict cancellation policy, with advance notice of at least 12 hours, applies for all treatments.

When accompanied by an adult, children under 16 years of age are allowed access to the spa area from 10am to 4pm. Only adults are allowed from 4pm to 8pm.

All prices are inclusive of VAT. Shine Spa for Sheraton reserves the right to alter prices without prior notification.

Shine Spa for Sheraton

Продукция: Germaine de Capuccini and Phytomer
Специальные помещения: Sauna, Steam Room, Whirlpool
Часы работы спа-центра: Daily 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM; Pool open 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Позвонить в спа-центр: (34)(971) 787 150

Водные процедуры

  • Водолечение
    These baths stimulate the circulation while engaging their anti-rheumatic, relaxing, and body-shaping properties. These baths are recommended as preparation for virtually all other treatments. Combine your treatment with seaweed or mud.

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Пакеты спа услуг

  • Пакеты услуг спа
    This unique treatment comprises an exotic Mediterranean exfoliation and a Mediterranean Light massage. This perfect combination relaxes both the mind and the spirit.
    • Стоимость: 110 minutes/EUR 145
  • Пакеты услуг спа
    The Arabella Premier package starts with a sophisticated facial massage with roll and lift, for a spectacular anti-aging, restoring effect. Together with a shiatsu-inspired massage, it provides complete relaxation and wellbeing.
    • Стоимость: 110 minutes/EUR 145

Процедуры по уходу за телом

Руки и ноги

  • Маникюр
    Treat your hands to a decadent, pampering manicure.
    • Стоимость: 50 minutes/EUR 52
  • Педикюр
    Enjoy the standard pedicure, including a foot massage and toenail polish, or extend the treatment with a paraffin bath, a tee tree oil foot massage or a French pedicure.
    • Стоимость: With foot massage and varnish/EUR 51; with paraffin bath, tea tree oil and foot massage/EUR 80; French pedicure/EUR 60
  • Маникюр
    With a high provision of hydration and nourishment, this intensive treatment restores the beauty of your hands. Extra care provides nails with cohesion and strengthens their integrity.
    • Стоимость: 25 minutes/EUR 25
  • Маникюр
    Enjoy the standard manicure with a nail polishing, or extend the treatment with a paraffin bath or a French manicure.
    • Стоимость: With nail varnish/EUR 45; with paraffin bath to soothe dry hands/EUR 71; French manicure/EUR 52

Услуги косметического ухода

  • Косметические процедуры
    With expert techniques in highlighting and shading with exclusive cosmetics, our make-up artists bring out the natural beauty in your face for every occasion and event, day or night.

Услуги массажа

  • Массаж
    Treat yourself to maximum comfort and rest with this muscle-relaxing massage, which is carried out with specially designed movements to minimize tension and accumulated stress.
    • Стоимость: 25 minutes/EUR 45
  • Массаж
    This ancient therapy is designed to reactivate body functions through pressure on the soles’ reflex points.
    • Стоимость: 25 minutes/EUR 48
  • Массаж
    This treatment improves circulation and eliminates body toxins and blockages at key lymphatic points.
    • Стоимость: 25 minutes/EUR 45; 50 minutes/EUR 80; 80 minutes/EUR 105
  • Массаж
    This detoxifying massage is combined with relaxing movements, completely soothing muscles and simultaneously cleaning tissues. Make this a special moment for complete revitalization after swimming in the sea.
    • Стоимость: 50 minutes/EUR 85; 80 minutes/EUR 105
  • Массаж
    Heated black basalt stones are used to massage the whole body and release deep-seated tension. This treatment is ideal for anyone suffering from muscular aches and pains.
    • Стоимость: 50 minutes/EUR 90
  • Массаж
    The perfect treatment for golf enthusiasts, this comprehensive massage relieves muscle tension with toning and relieving movements. Together with specially designed therapeutic stretching, it offers true wellbeing for golfers.
    • Стоимость: 50 minutes/EUR 85; 80 minutes/EUR 105
  • Массаж
    Breathe and be pampered. Specially selected essential oils—combined with a rhythmic and relaxing massage technique—release tension, restore the senses, and offer absolute calmness.
    • Стоимость: 50 minutes/EUR 78; 80 minutes/EUR 98
  • Массаж
    This exotic massage uses saffron, the most precious Eastern spice. Delight in its fragrant aroma, color, texture, and anti-oxidizing power with exclusive massage movements with a silky foulard.
    • Стоимость: 50 minutes/EUR 90
  • Массаж
    This is an ideal anti-cellulite therapy that improves circulation while eliminating body toxins and fatty deposits at key lymphatic points.
    • Стоимость: Legs: 25 minutes/EUR 55; Full Body: 50 minutes/EUR 85
  • Массаж
    Go through the door of relaxation and enjoy yourself. This exclusive massage uses original movements, as well as candles for calming and soothing the spirit.
    • Стоимость: 80 minutes/EUR 105
  • Массаж
    This Japanese philosophy is translated as “universal energy.” Reiki brings the body and soul into harmony for a holistic effect.
    • Стоимость: 50 minutes/EUR 80

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