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Located on the main floor of the resort, the 1,500-square-meter spa, managed by a third-party vendor, features five single treatment rooms and five spacious double rooms—all equipped with an independent changing room, Vichy Shower, Jacuzzi and bathroom, with some boasting soothing sea views. Meanwhile, the comprehensive day spa services range from restorative massages to illuminating facials to soothing hand-and-foot treatments, all performed with premier Pevonia Botanical products and nourishing local ingredients, like deep-ocean alga and chitins, argireline and plant hormone microelements.

Please note that reservations are required a minimum of one day in advance and cancellations must be made a minimum of three hours prior to treatment time or guests will incur a fee equal to 50% of the treatment. Treatment fees are subject to change.

Guests must be a minimum of 16 years old to make an appointment and no pets are allowed in the spa.

  • Horário de funcionamento:
10:30 AM - 10:30 PM
  • Das 10h30 às 22h30
  • Das 10h30 às 22h30
  • Das 10h30 às 22h30
  • Das 10h30 às 22h30
  • Das 10h30 às 22h30
  • Das 10h30 às 22h30
  • Das 10h30 às 22h30
Tranquil with Sea View
Pevonia Botanica
Instalações especiais:
Vichy Shower and Jacuzzi
Ligue para o spa.:
(86)(755) 8888 6688 ext. 3999

Body Treatments

Kundalini Energy Tour
Part of our Day Spa Treatment series, this restorative therapy uses a Himalayan energy stone to impart a stimulating massage. Also featuring a firming collagen and whitening facial, it completely nourishes skin.
  • 150 minutes/1,880 CNY
Joyous Zen Meditation Tour
Reset your autonomic nerve system and restore sleep patterns with this soft, metrical massage.
  • 120 minutes/1,680 CNY
Indian Sunset Trace Clean Care
Moisturize your entire body with this nourishing treatment, part of our Special Body Care series.
  • 40 minutes/680 CNY
Himalaya Five-Sense Bubble Bath
Part of our Special Body Care series, this soothing treatment combines healing Himalayan salt with warm energy water to activate the five senses, opening pores and detoxifying and moisturizing skin.
  • 30 minutes/380 CNY
Luck Spa Vigor Tour
Refresh with this synchronous healing therapy, part of our Natural Energy series. Using the Luck Spa Vigor Tour, our therapists manipulate joints with specially processed bamboo knots that open meridian channels and improve leg shape, removing edema.
  • 90 minutes/880 CNY; 120 minutes/1,180 CNY
Orange Cleansing Compound Sea Salt Exfoliation
Releasing tension and improving stretch marks, this relaxing therapy—part of our Special Body Care series—also improves sleep.
  • 50 minutes/580 CNY

General Services

Ayurveda Health Tour
Relieve fatigue after a long journey with this pain-relieving Ayurvedic treatment from our Day Spa Treatment series.
  • 120 minutes/1,780 CNY

Hands & Feet

Pure Herbal Medical Foot Steam
Release deep-seeded tension thanks to this relaxing treatment, during which therapists place your feet over a steamed wood basket of herbs.
  • 30 minutes/CNY 260
Meditation Foot Bath & Relaxation Massage
Enjoy a comprehensive hand-and-foot-care treatment—part of our Hand and Foot Care series—involving skin scrubbing and reflexology massage.
  • 30 minutes/380 CNY
Paraffin Hand Moistening & Wrinkle-Removing Care
Enjoy a comprehensive hand-and-foot-care treatment—part of our Hand and Foot Care series—involving skin scrubbing, reflexology massage and honey waxing.
  • 40 minutes/CNY330
Paraffin Foot Moistening & Whitening Care
Enjoy a comprehensive hand-and-foot-care treatment—part of our Hand and Foot Care series—involving skin scrubbing, reflexology massage and honey waxing.
  • 40 minutes/480 CNY

Massage Services

Himalaya Energy Stone Stimulation Massage
Part of our Muscle Massage series, this holistic therapy promotes normal organ operation and connects chakras by massaging the backbone with varying frequencies. Suitable for guests with endocrine disorders or high blood pressure.
  • Back: 60 minutes/780 CNY; Whole Body: 90 minutes/1080 CNY
Melatonin Cleansing Massage
Achieve ultimate relaxation and a worry-free mind with this gentle treatment from our Soft and Metrical Massage series, incorporating soft shaking and hand and foot stretching. Suitable for guests with circulation issues and chronic stress.
  • 90 minutes/1,180 CNY
Relaxation Muscle Massage
Release emotional and physical tension with this relaxing treatment.
  • 45 minutes/680 CNY; 90 minutes/980 CNY
Lymphatic Drainage Full-Body Massage
Unite the body and soul with this soft, slow massage, which references the body’s lymph layout and biorhythms to connect the nervous and lymphatic systems. Suitable for guests who suffer from insomnia, neurological disorders and high blood pressure.
  • 90 minutes/980 CNY; 120 minutes/1,380 CNY

Skin Care Services

Exclusive German Pure Ossein Skin Smoothing Care
Boost the reproductive function of complexion cells with this preventative, healing treatment.
  • 110 minutes/1,080 CNY
Incense Spring Ocean Skin Activating & Repairing Care
Instantly improve you complexion with this nourishing, smoothing treatment.
  • 90 minutes/980 CNY
Special Active Enzyme Wrinkle - Removing Care
Reverse signs of aging with this natural, complexion-smoothing treatment.
  • 90 minutes/780 CNY


Singing Bowl Meditation Massage
Enjoy the expertise of our therapists, who steady restless energy using naturally calming soundwaves from the Buddha singing bowl.
  • 40 minutes/680 CNY; 60 minutes/880 CNY; 120 minutes/1,580 CNY