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The Westin Lagunamar Ocean Resort Villas & Spa, Cancun - Beach Massage

Beach Massage

The Westin Lagunamar Ocean Resort Villas & Spa, Cancun
Heavenly Spa by Westin™

Recharge the body and mind in our spa, where relaxing environs enhance the senses, creating an idyllic backdrop—including four individual treatment rooms, two couple’s treatment rooms, four oceanfront thatch-roofed cabanas, and manicure and pedicure stations—in which to experience our comprehensive treatments.

Our spa menu includes a complete range of rejuvenating therapies, from full body regimens, which include gentle skin exfoliation, wraps, massage and custom facials, to specialized kids’ treatments and signature Westin spa packages—all using premier spa products. Whatever you choose, you'll revel in luscious scents and restful lighting matched with the outstanding skills of our attentive therapists.

Reservations are recommended. To avoid cancellation fees, please make appointment changes or cancellations a minimum of four hours in advance of your scheduled treatment A 50% treatment fee will apply to all late cancellations and no shows will be charged the full treatment fee.

Please note that all prices are quoted in US Dollars, do not include taxes or gratuities, and may be subject to change.

Heavenly Spa by Westin™

Atmosfera: Soothing, Mayan Influenced
Specjalne udogodnienia: Private Beachfront Cabanas, Six Treatment Rooms
Godziny otwarcia Spa: 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Body Treatments

  • Prehispanic Mud Ritual
    Tradition, purification, and relaxation intertwine in a single nourishing treatment. This complete detoxification ceremony helps eliminate toxins.
    • Opłaty: 60 minutes/125 USD
  • After Sun
    Providing maximum relief for sun damage, a cool, refreshing gel mask soothes skin and helps regulate your pH level.
    • Opłaty: 60 minutes/125 USD
  • Heavenly Wrap
    Fresh, natural ingredients ensure an unforgettable experience full of scents and subtle rituals that give your skin complete nutrition. A white tea mask is applied to provide antioxidants that will help counteract the effects of aging.
    • Opłaty: 80 minutes/186 USD
  • Energize Scrub
    The body is scrubbed using a customized aromatherapy body wash and natural exfoliating olive grains, leaving the skin feeling smooth and the mind energized.
    • Opłaty: 30 minutes/100 USD
  • Anti-Cellulite
    In addition to improving circulation, this remodeling treatment works to prevent cellulite and reduce the appearance of orange skin. For best results, several sessions are recommended.
    • Opłaty: 90 minutes/167 USD

Hands & Feet

  • Heavenly Hands
    This anti-aging, skin-lightening hand treatment uses an exclusive cocktail combination to restore beauty, radiance, and vitality to your hands. To complement this experience, we recommend adding a manicure session.
    • Opłaty: 50 minutes/90 USD
  • Heavenly Feet
    This treatment focuses on stretching and relaxing tension zones, while natural extract of rosemary oil adds relief and freshness. To complement this experience, we recommend adding a pedicure session.
    • Opłaty: 50 minutes/90 USD

Massage Services

  • Mayan Ritual
    Benefit from this restorative session by ridding your body of all tension caused by stress, while reviving your spirit and releasing your emotional burdens to the sea.
    • Opłaty: 80 minutes/138 USD
  • Additional Massage Techniques
    Additional Massage Techniques

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  • Ancestral Stone Massage
    In this spiritual, rebalancing experience, the natural power of river stones combines with massage techniques to reduce congestion and eliminate stress and fatigue that has accumulated in the body.
    • Opłaty: 60 minutes/162 USD; 80 minutes/166 USD
  • Guaje Massage
    In this massage exclusive to our spa, guests can experience the benefits of Shiatsu, lomilomi, Swedish, and reflexology techniques, enhanced by the special guaje fruit from a Mexican ancestral tree.
    • Opłaty: 60 minutes/152 USD; 80 minutes/161 USD
  • Balancing Massage
    In this fun, relaxing treatment, guests can choose their favorite body lotion scents from our selection of sweet berries, chocolate, and bubble gum. Intended for 5- to 8-year-old guests.
    • Opłaty: 30 minutes/50 USD; 50 minutes/64 USD
  • Dream Moments
    This ritual for little princesses includes a delicious aroma, a relaxing massage, and a hydrating hand treatment with nail polish. Intended for 5- to 8-year-old guests.
    • Opłaty: 50 minutes/76 USD
  • Basic Massage
    Select either a back-and-neck massage or a Shiatsu neck-and-shoulder massage.
    • Opłaty: 30 minutes/105 USD
  • Tropical Massage
    This massage therapy incorporates soothing tropical fruit and light stretching using our relaxing Swedish massage techniques. Intended for 12- to 17-year-old guests.
    • Opłaty: 50 minutes/115 USD
  • Heavenly Massage
    A heated compress invites back muscles to relax and ease, then a Swedish massage leaves you feeling rested and mentally and physically uplifted.
    • Opłaty: 50 minutes/132 USD; 80 minutes/138 USD
  • Aspire Massage
    Natural aromatherapy oils and diverse massage techniques are customized to leave you feeling the way you want.
    • Opłaty: 50 minutes/138 USD; 80 minutes/144 USD
  • Moonlight Couples Massage
    Share a romantic, unforgettable evening surrounded by candles in an intimate Mayan-style cabana by the seashore. Enjoy sparkling wine and chocolate fondue with strawberries.
    • Opłaty: 50 minutes/290 USD; 80 minutes/324 USD
  • Energy Massage
    This invigorating facial massage uses firm, quick strokes to help bring relief to muscles, activating the circulatory system in a refreshing citrus-scented atmosphere. Intended for 12- to 17-year-old guests.
    • Opłaty: 60 minutes/105 USD
  • Workout Massage
    This firm massage is designed to work muscles in an invigorating manner using deep pressure, helping to pamper your body after your workout. Each 80-minute session includes stretching.
    • Opłaty: 50 minutes/141 USD; 80 minutes/163 USD

Salon Services

Skin Care Services

  • Nourishing Sports Facial for Men
    A combination of highly effective products helps replenish vitality loss from daily stress and constant shaving. Includes a hand-and-arm massage.
    • Opłaty: 60 minutes/150 USD
  • Teen Facial
    This balancing facial targets natural imperfections with concentrated oxygen to combat the spread of bacteria and to regulate excess oil in the skin. Intended for 12- to 17-year-old guests.
    • Opłaty: 80 minutes/125 USD
  • Inhibit Lifting Effect
    This luxurious, refreshing facial provides an immediate lifting effect thanks to sophisticated, unique ingredients that penetrate into the deep layers of the skin. Includes a hand-and-arm massage.
    • Opłaty: 90 minutes/261 USD
  • Purify Facial
    This meticulous cleaning protocol is based on thermo-enzymatic detoxification. Extractions are performed with a descaling technique that hydrates, calms, and revitalizes. Includes a hand-and-arm massage.
    • Opłaty: 80 minutes/186 USD
  • Refreshing Facial
    This basic facial helps oxygenate skin through a subtle exfoliation that removes dead skin cells and helps stimulate circulation. Includes a hand-and-arm massage.
    • Opłaty: 30 minutes/108 USD
  • Revive Facial
    This soothing extraction-free aromatherapy facial uses customized oils based on how you want to feel after the treatment. Includes a hand-and-arm massage.
    • Opłaty: 50 minutes/153 USD; 80 minutes/161 USD
  • Deep Moisturizing
    To counteract environmental effects, this facial cleans skin and provides ample amounts of vitamins to refresh, brighten, and moisturize. Includes a hand-and-arm massage.
    • Opłaty: 80 minutes/152 USD
  • Vitamin C Facial
    Pamper your skin with a dose of energy from 100% pure vitamin C. Antioxidants repair sun-damaged skin and fight signs of premature aging. Includes a hand-and-arm massage.
    • Opłaty: 90 minutes/198 USD

Spa Packages

  • Just for Us
    This treatment combines a 50-minute couples massage with a 25-minute aspire refreshing facial.

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  • A Magical Day at The Heavenly Spa
    This full session includes an aromatherapy massage, a baby facial, and a hand-and-foot treatment. Intended for 9- to 11-year-olds.
    • Opłaty: 60 minutes/128 USD
  • Renewal Ritual
    This unforgettable aromatic and therapeutic scalp-and-shoulder massage includes a moisturizing hair oil treatment.
    • Opłaty: 25 minutes/73 USD
  • Dream Journey
    Be pampered by an 80-minute moisturizing facial and a 30-minute massage.
    • Opłaty: 110 minutes/215 USD
  • Express Yourself
    Personalize your experience with two or three 30-minute treatments for a 60- or 90-minute session.
    • Opłaty: 60 minutes/141 USD; 90 minutes/163 USD

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  • Journey of Wishes
    Indulge yourself with a 60-minute massage and a 25-minute facial.
    • Opłaty: 85 minutes/195 USD