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Select from the following range of full-body workouts:

  • Thai Boxing: A high-energy introduction to the ancient art of Muay Thai
  • Yoga: A series of slow, steady postures in sync with breathing exercises that stretch muscles and stimulate blood circulation, releasing energy blocks from various parts of the body
  • Super Stretching: A low-impact workout that increases flexibility, reduces pain, and builds core strength
  • TBB: An intense workout that tightens, tones, and strengthens the legs, buttocks, and lower back while building lean muscles and burning fat
  • Fit Ball: A mobility, strength, and balance-enhancing workout that improves circulation, posture, and coordination, and reduces muscle tension
  • Core Conditioning: An intensive, integrated workout mixing cardio fitness with body sculpting and strength training
  • Aqua Exercise: A low-impact, water-based class adapted to individuals’ fitness levels

1,500 to 2,500 THB per person per hour
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