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About Us


Who we are: StarwoodPro
Why we’re here: To make matching specific client requirements with the perfect hotel effortless.
How we’ve done it: By putting you first.

Created by professionals, for professionals, StarwoodPro puts the information and tools you rely on most – the ability to research locations, dynamic search that helps pinpoint the right properties, and a booking shortcut tool –  all in easy reach.

We’ve also included textural information – such as vivid descriptions of each of our brands and local area information so that you can unite clients with hotels that will not just meet, but exceed expectations.

We appreciate you recommending Starwood to your clients and look forward to providing them with positive travel experiences.

Nine ways to expand client options

Learn more about each of our brands – what each one is famous for, why they are different, and why guests come back. More>

How Starwood Rewards Travel Professionals

We look forward to being part of your brand experience, which is why we pay commissions on most rate categories. It’s also why commissions are as easy as possible. More>

We also offer a reward when you qualify for our new Travel Professional Experience Rate program, STARPRO. We know travelers turn to you for your expertise and we know that knowledge is a Travel Professional's power, so if you have taken the time to learn about our brands, we want you to also have the opportunity to live and experience them. STARPRO rates start from $69 and are ONLY available to Travel Professionals who pass the first module of Starwood's new Learning and Development Curriculum, ProLearning.

GDS Codes at a Glance

Book more quickly with a quick-access list of GDS codes. More>

How to Leverage Our Brands to Your Advantage

How do Travel Professionals educate themselves while learning more about exotic destinations, luxurious hotels and even new and innovative concepts in the travel industry? ProLearning of course! ProLearning is designed by Starwood Sales and Education Professionals specifically for Travel Professionals like yourself. It is a multimedia learning experience to help you get to know our portfolio of lifestyle brands. It's a way of helping you better understand and experience our brands; learn more about our hotel and resort locations; provide insightful information and education, ultimately designed to improve your profit performance and deepen your customer relationships. The Travel Institute has also recognized this work, and Continuing Education (CEU) credits will be awarded based on satisfactory completion of each module. You will be prompted to print your certificate of completion at the end of the session and we encourage you to proudly display this at your desk. More>

Trade Associations & Partners

We support associations who support travel professionals. See our list of who we feel are doing more for business. More>

On the Horizon

Discover what’s to come. More>