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The Luxury Collection, an assembly of more than 80 of the world's finest hotels & resorts and esteemed publishing house, Assouline, are proud to introduce The Luxury Collection Hotel Stories. Experience riveting and untold stories behind some of the world's most luxurious and exotic hotels, from New York City to Buenos Aires, Dubai to Phuket.

The Luxury Collection Destination Guides are a series of carefully crafted and beautifully bound journals that showcase the very best of six Luxury Collection destinations - Italy, Argentina, India, Spain, Greece and The United States.

  • The Luxury Collection Hotel Stories

    The Luxury Collection Hotel Stories explore the ins and outs of their legendary hotels. From royalty to celebrity, to the beautiful and luxurious surroundings, Hotel Stories is brimming with beautiful imagery and historic intrigue. It is a must-have for travel and history enthusiasts alike.

  • The Luxury Collection Destination Guides

    From the finest and most authentic local restaurants to the most memorable and rewarding cultural experiences, The Luxury Collection Destination Guides provide the key that unlocks all that is truly distinctive and unique in each of these destinations. Each guide delivers authentic and unforgettable experiences that only locals and the most seasoned travelers enjoy.