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Детей на номер

Информация позволяет найти номера, лучше всего подходящие для гостей мероприятия, и подготовиться к вашему приезду.

О раскладушках и дополнительных персональных сборах см. условия и описание номера.

Примечание. В этом отеле гости в возрасте 6 лет и младше считаются детьми. Пожалуйста, измените количество взрослых и детей.
Информацию о предоставлении раскладной кровати и плате за дополнительного гостя узнавайте из условий предоставления номера.

Family Plan Policy

Children who are 6 years of age or younger sleep for free in the existing bedding of a room shared with 1 paying adult. A mandatory charge of 35 EUR plus tax applies for children 7 to 12 years of age. The fee includes breakfast, access to children facilities and bedding.

Sheraton La Caleta Resort & Spa, Costa Adeje, Tenerife
Spa Eutonos

Envelop yourself in the serene luxury of Spa Eutonos. With 1,800 square meters of space, 12 treatment rooms, fitness center, vitality pool, sauna, steam bath, ice igloo, and plunge pools, you’ll enter a new world.

Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your appointment so you have ample time to prepare for your journey. As a courtesy to all guests, we follow a prompt schedule in order to honor all bookings. Charges will apply for late cancellations; 50% for notice under 24 hours, 100% for notice under 12 hours.

Please note that all prices are quoted in Euro, do not include taxes or gratuities, and may be subject to change.

Spa Eutonos

Специальные помещения: A thalasotherapy vitality pool, steam rooms, lifestyle experience showers, sauna, ice igloo, fitness center and outdoor plunge pools.
Часы работы спа: 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Позвонить в спа: (34)(922) 162 030

Hands & Feet

  • Pedicure
    Your feet take you where you want go so it's time to reward them. We offer a range of new revitalizing treatments, like the nutritious fruit cocktail, to comfort and reenergize your most constant supporter.
    • Стоимость: 75 minutes/65€
  • Moisturizing, Nourishing Manicure
    This super-moisturizing treatment is the perfect cure for dull, winter skin with a nourishing blend of dried fruit oils and Nile milk to restore elasticity, luminosity and, most of all, comfort.
    • Стоимость: 120 minutes/100€

Massage Services

  • Manual Body Lymphdrainage
    Restore immunity and wellness with a slow, pumping massage designed to eliminate toxins and drain tissue. This speciality treatment targets the lymphatic system for improved, overall health.
    • Стоимость: 30 minutes/80€; 60 minutes/130€
  • Relax Massage
    Let yourself wholly unwind with this calming treatment of essential oils complimented with determined, intense maneuvers for a revitalized state of wellness.
    • Стоимость: 60 minutes/85€
  • Invigorating Massage
    Our most invigorating massage combines essential oils and aromatherapy with gentle but determined manipulations to stimulate tissue rejuvenation at a physical and emotional level. Ideal for flaccid skin and fragile capillaries.
    • Стоимость: 60 minutes/85€
  • Podal Reflexology
    This natural therapy stimulates different organs and tissues through a combination of applied massage and digital pressure. Treatment not only helps detect and prevent physical or emotional aliments but also boosts overall function and well-being.
    • Стоимость: 60 minutes/85€
  • Chiromassage
    Free muscle tension, fight exhaustion and hasten recovery from injury with a chiropratic massage treatment designed for athletes and exercise enthusiats.
    • Стоимость: 60 minutes/85€
  • Chakra Stone Massage
    This geothermal therapy transcends the physical experience by unlocking negative energy and stress while restoring harmony to the body and mind. The deep stone massage leads you to a heightened state of relaxation and positive well-being.
    • Стоимость: 60 minutes/150€
  • Black or White Chocolate Massage
    A blissful treatment that invigorates and relaxes the body by promoting the production of endorphins. You'll relish of the rich application and aroma of this glamorous massage.
    • Стоимость: 60 minutes/90€
  • Neck and Back Massage
    To soothe areas where tension accumulates, this relaxing massage targets the neck and back using a fusion of measured movements and essential oils to fight fatigue and stress. Ideal treatment for the body and mind as you end your day.
    • Стоимость: 30 minutes/70€
  • "Take A Break" Massage
    Give yourself a break with a massage that carefully applies a combination of maneuvers on the neck, cleavage, shoulders, face and scalp for a sensation you won't soon forget.
    • Стоимость: 30 minutes/80€

Salon Services

  • Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint
    No essential eye treatment is complete without this extra service for radiant expression.
    • Стоимость: Eyelash/28€; Eyebrow/35€

Spa Packages

    Restore yourself from the inside out with this purifying spa package. Eliminate toxins and regain energy through the detoxifying effects of a fennel seed body peel, corporal treatment, body massage and skin brightening facial.
    • Стоимость: 1 day/420€
  • Relaxation and Sweetness
    Special care for when you need a moment to yourself.
    • Стоимость: 1 day/370€

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