Le Méridien Khao Lak Beach & Spa Resort

  • 9/9 Moo. 1 Tambol Kuk Kak,
  • Amphur Takua Pa
  • Khao Lak,
  • 82190
  • Tailândia
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Crianças por quarto

Esta informação nos permite identificar os quartos que acomodarão melhor o seu grupo e nos preparar para sua chegada.

Consulte os termos e detalhes do quarto para obter informações sobre encargos por cama dobrável e/ou pessoa extra.

Observação: neste hotel, hóspedes com até 12 anos são considerados crianças. Corrija o número de adultos e crianças conforme necessário.
Consulte os termos e detalhes do quarto para obter informações sobre encargos por cama adicional e/ou pessoa extra.

Family Plan Policy

Children who are 12 or younger sleep for free in the existing bedding of a room shared with a paying adult. Rollaways, child rollaways and cribs may incur extra charges.

Age Requirement/Family Plan Policy

Guests must be 18 years of age or older to check in. Children over twelve years are treated as adults, and an extra person charge per room may apply.  Children twelve years and under will receive discounted meals at the buffet and stay free with parents using existing bedding.

Le Méridien Khao Lak Beach & Spa Resort - Le Spa Treatment Room

Le Spa Treatment Room

Le Méridien Khao Lak Beach & Spa Resort
Le Spa

Throughout its service, treatments, and design, Le Spa embraces the unwavering standards of excellence. Each visit to Le Spa provides a multi-sensory experience, from the visual environment to the professional treatments, therapeutic aromas, products, music, and cuisine.

The spa facilities includes a spa reception area where guests are welcomed to schedule appointments, a relaxation lounge for guests to use before or after treatments, a foot and hand treatment centre, a beauty salon, a swimming pool, a fitness centre, a cuisine space, and two treatment villas.

The eight 110 square metre treatment villas features two heated treatment beds, a rain shower room constructed with natural stones and pebbles, a comfortable sitting area, a spa bathtub set within a water pond, a changing area with an electronic safe, a steam room, and an outdoor gazebo adjacent to a water pond. The treatment villas afford guests total privacy and comfort during his or her treatment regimen, which may include massage, facials, spa baths, or steam baths.

Many of the spa treatments combine ancient eastern therapies with western techniques to enhance well-being. Many treatment products use natural ingredients gathered from this region, including a body scrub made from guava fruit that moisturizes the skin, the detoxifying Spirulina Seaweed Body Wrap, Lotus Seed Body Wrap for moisturizing skin, Aloe Vera Cold Wrap, massage oils, and a Thai Herbal Bath that comprises lemongrass, fragranced pandanas leaves, ginger, lime zests, and galangal. Some of the spa’s facials use a fresh cucumber mask to hydrate the skin and a cooling mask made of lime and camphor.

Some spa treatments use the fine spa product “Elimis” for facials and body wraps. In addition, Swedish massage, sport massage, and the signature Le Méridien Massage are available.

Le Spa, a sanctuary for indulgence and relaxation, provides guests the space and time to free the mind, relax the body, and delight the spirit. 

Please note that all prices are quoted in Thai Baht, do not include taxes or gratuities, and may be subject to change.

Le Spa

Instalações especiais: Eight private, self-contained, 110 square metre spa treatment villas, each named after a unique scent: Jasmine, Wild Mint, Mandarin, Hibiscus, Lotus, Lemongrass, Lime, and Sweet Basil.
Horário do spa.: Daily 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Ligue para o spa.: (66)(76) 427 500

Bath Treatment

  • Lovers Bath (for a couple)
    The privacy of a private spa villa allows a perfect setting for the intimacy and romance of a Jacuzzi or bath for two. This service includes chocolates, fresh fruits, canapé and champagne. Any specific requests may also be accommodated.
    • Taxas: 30 minutes/Baht 2,850
  • Coconut Milk Bath
    This unique bath uses coconut milk pure honey, and seasonal tropical flowers to cleanse, sooth, and moisturize the body.
    • Taxas: 30 minutes/Baht 1,250
  • Aromatic Steam Bath
    In this treatment a choice of lavender, eucalyptus, or spearmint provides a unique aromatic steam room experience that clears pores, relaxes the mind and body, and warms the muscle tissue for any treatment that may follow.
    • Taxas: 30 minutes/Baht 950
  • Luxury Milk + Rose Bath
    This milk bath incorporates the aromas and restorative powers of fresh rose petals to moisturize, harmonize, and restore the skin, mind, and body.
    • Taxas: 30 minutes/Baht 1,250
  • Thai Herbal Steam Bath
    This steam bath combines medicinal herbs that rid the body of toxins, improve circulatory and respiratory functions, relax muscles, reduce stress, and stimulate weight loss. This bath may be enjoyed on its own, or as a prelude to another treatment.
    • Taxas: 30 minutes/Baht 1250
  • Thai Herbal Bath
    This herbal bath draws on the aromas of lemongrass, anise, wild mint, plai and other Thai fragrant herbs to refresh and relax your mind and muscles.
    • Taxas: 30 minutes/Baht 1250

Body Treatments

  • Spirulina Body Wrap
    A rich source of elements and minerals, this wrap detoxifies and stimulates the cellular functions of the skin.
    • Taxas: 50 minutes/Baht 1,250

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  • Aromatic Salt Scrub
    This rejuvenating scrub uses a choice of aromatic sea salts to remove dead or damaged skin, a perfect way to restore balance on its own or to prepare for other treatments to follow.
    • Taxas: 50 minutes/Baht 1,850
  • Thai Herbal Scrub
    The healing and antiseptic qualities of the root of a local plant, which belongs to the ginger family (prai), is blended with extracts of lime and turmeric to polish the skin. Following the scrub, a yogurt application hydrates and refines the skin.
    • Taxas: 50 minutes/Baht 1,850
  • Fresh Coconut Body Polish
    Through the application of pure, nourishing coconut water, an oil and coconut water mixture, and fresh coconut core, this massaging polish balances the skin's humidity and renews the upper layers of the skin cells.
    • Taxas: 50 minutes/Baht 1,850
  • Almond + Coffee Scrub
    This aromatic and skin enhancing scrub uses generous portions of almond milk extract, almond extract, and oil-infused coffee extract to defoliate, rub, smooth, and moisten skin.
    • Taxas: 50 minutes/Baht 1,850
  • Crushed Guava Seed Scrub
    Using aromatherapy to relax this mind, this unique body scrub restores the natural balance to dehydrated skin through the essential Vitamins of A and C and stimulates cell regeneration.
    • Taxas: 50 minutes/Baht 1,850

Hands & Feet

  • Express Manicure
    This basic nail service provides meticulous attention to the health and look of fingernails, including a polish of choice.
    • Taxas: 40 minutes/Baht 800
  • Le Spa Pedicure
    This unique foot treatment draws on an array of unique techniques and ingredients that leave the feet and nails refreshed and restored.
    • Taxas: 60 minutes/Baht 1,250

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  • Express Pedicure
    This complete foot treatment removes dry and hardened skin, moisturizes and relaxes the feet, and shapes, buffs, and polishes nails.
    • Taxas: 40 minutes/Baht 1,000
  • Le Spa Manicure
    This nail treatment begins with a citrus soak in which dissolving sugar crystals exfoliate dryness, and continues with meticulous nail and cuticle care, a kneaded reflexology treatment with massage cream, and a buffing or polishing of choice.
    • Taxas: 60 minutes/Baht 1,200
  • Hand Treatment
    This 45-minute hand treatment nourishes and beautifies the hands and nails with a gentle scrub, hand mask, and hand cream. Nails are buffed to a healthy shine or coated with a polish of choice.
    • Taxas: Regular Polish: Baht 750; French Manicure: Baht 800; Manicure Only (without treatment + Polish): Baht 400

Massage Services

  • Nuad Thai Pan Boran
    This traditional Thai massage incorporates prolonged stretching, yoga techniques, and deep pressure along the body's meridians to restore the free flow the energy system. This massage is not recommended for those with back or joint disorders.
    • Taxas: 90 minutes/Baht 2,300
  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage
    This massage stimulates the body's lymph nodes, releasing built up toxins and excess fluid, rebalancing metabolism, and restoring the body's energy.
    • Taxas: 60 minutes/Baht 2,400
  • Egyptian Foot Reflexology
    This treatment stimulates the feet's nerve endings which correspond to the internal organs of the body. More than just a simple foot massage, this holistic healing technique promotes balance and harmony throughout the entire body.
    • Taxas: 60 minutes/Baht 1,800
  • Asian Blend Massage
    This massage treatment fuses eastern and western massage techniques, involving the combination of gentle stretching and fluent and firm hand motions. This treatment is recommended for guests who want a deep, strong massage.
    • Taxas: 60 minutes/Baht 2,200
  • Nuad Lukprakop Boran
    Using traditional Thai therapeutic herbs (lemongrass, prai, ginger, turmeric) in a steamed muslin compress and the hand pressures of traditional Thai massage, this treatment stimulates energy flow and eases muscle aches and back pain.
    • Taxas: 90 minutes/Baht 2,550
  • Sports Massage
    An invigorating massage that works deep into the muscle, helping to relieve aches and pains, this treatment is perfect after a day of leisure or sports activities.
    • Taxas: 60 minutes/Baht 2,200
  • Aromatic Swedish Massage
    An excellent massage for those experiencing massage for the first time, this treatment improves blood circulation, reduces stress, and soothes tired muscles.
    • Taxas: 60 minutes/Baht 2,200
  • Warm Stone Therapy
    In this treatment warm volcanic stones are placed on key energy points while a therapist massages the body to release muscular tension and restore balance.
    • Taxas: 75 minutes/Baht 2,750

Salon Services

  • Waxing
    This treatment removes unwanted hair using a hygienic roll-on hot wax system.

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  • Scalp Treatment
    A special formula that improves the health of the hair and scalp, using pure essential oils combined with a scalp massage and concluding with a shampoo and blow dry.
    • Taxas: 60 minutes/Baht 1,550
  • Other Hair Services
    The beauty salon offers a full range of hair treatments. Prices represent a starting point and may vary depending on length or type of service.

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  • Hair Moisturize Treatment
    Using a high quality organic hair product to treat and repair damaged hair, this treatment leaves hair healthier and includes a steam treatment and massage.
    • Taxas: 60 minutes/Baht 1,550

Skin Care Services

  • Aloe Vera Sun Lovers Wrap
    The perfect treatment to complement a holiday of sunbathing, this soothing wrap uses the calming and healing properties of aloe vera to rehydrate the skin as the anti-oxidant properties of green tea refreshen the skin.
    • Taxas: 50 minutes/Baht 2,000
  • Sun Secrets
    Specialized for sunburned or sun-damaged skin, this treatment package soothes and replenishes irritated skin affected by ultraviolet radiation.
    • Taxas: 2 1/2 hours/Baht 4,950

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  • S.O.S. Purifying Facial
    This powerful purifying face and eye treatment helps the face absorb excess sebum, regulates and balance skin function, and repairs scarring. A unique Japanese mask combined with a Vitamin C serum rebalances oily pores, leaving skin refreshed.
    • Taxas: 75 minutes/Baht 4,350
  • Tropical Facial
    Exclusive to Le Spa, this superb tropical facial cleanses, hydrates, and restores the face through a blend of a naturally-hydrating fresh cucumber mask and a Neroli facial massage. This facial is suitable for all skin types.
    • Taxas: 60 minutes/Baht 2,200
  • Elemis Visible Brilliance Facial
    Clinically trialed with revolutionary results, this unique face and eye treatment firms, rejuvenates, and plumps up the skin, whilst smoothing, sculpting, and restoring its youthful tone and texture.
    • Taxas: 75 minutes/Baht 5,400
  • Herbal Facial
    This unique facial uses a secret natural honey blend, an aromatherapy oil massage, a mini-Luk Pracob compress, a toning mask, and moisturizer to cleanse and texturize the skin.
    • Taxas: 60 minutes/Baht 2,200
  • Nature's Balancing Facial
    This balancing organic facial for normal to oily skin uses natural cleansing gel for deep pore cleansing and softening followed by a cooling mask of Thai herbal lime and camphor that purifies and refreshes the skin.
    • Taxas: 60 minutes/Baht 2,200
  • Oxygen Skin Calm Facial
    This face and eye treatment for sensitive skin types helps calm and rebalance delicate and fragile skin, using soothing agents and a unique Japanese silk mask.
    • Taxas: 75 minutes/Baht 4,350
  • Lotus Blossom Milk Wrap
    This unique combination of lotus blossom, milk whey, and honey cleanses, detoxifies, and nourishes the skin.
    • Taxas: 50 minutes/Baht 2,000

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  • Elemis Pro-collagen Marine Facial
    This face and eye treatment helps slow the signs of premature aging and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Powerful anti-ageing ingredients combined with a specialised lifting massage help the skin attain a more youthful appearance.
    • Taxas: 75 minutes/Baht 5400
  • Chum Chum
    In this traditional spa ritual, the exfoliating properties of papaya and tamarind extracts smooth and soften the epidermis, while pure fossilized seaweed gently removes impurities and pollution from the deeper layers of the skin.
    • Taxas: 75 minutes/Baht 2,200

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Spa Packages

  • Floating
    This spa package combines a Jacuzzi or herbal steam bath, an aromatherapy salt scrub, and a sports massage, an ideal series of treatments for the active guest who needs a treatment to relax and revive the body.
    • Taxas: 2 hours/Baht 3,900
  • Adoration Package
    This spa package, intended to be shared by a couple in a private spa villa, includes: a floral foot bath, an herbal steam, a choice of bath, a guava seed scrub, a lotus blossom milk wrap, an Asian blend massage, an hour facial of choice.
    • Taxas: 4 hours/per couple/Baht 16,850
  • Anti-Aging Package
    In the sanctuary of a private spa villa, a floral foot bath precedes a choice of Swedish, sport, or Asian Blend massage and then a facial of choice. The package includes a floral foot bath, an hour massage of choice, and an hour facial of choice.
    • Taxas: 2 hours/Baht 3,800
  • Beautifying Package
    This spa package emphasizes complete relaxation as much as it does body beautification and includes: an herbal steam bath, a gentle guava seed scrub, a Swedish massage, and a Nature's Balancing Facial.
    • Taxas: 3 hours/Baht 5,980
  • Sweetheart Getaway
    This spa package, intended to be shared by a couple in a private spa villa, includes: a floral foot bath, a luxury milk and rose bath, a coffee body scrub, a Swedish massage, a facial of choice, and a serving of Thai desserts and herbal tea.
    • Taxas: 3 hours/per couple/Baht 13,750
  • Anti-Cellulite Program
    This treatment package works to release and reduce cellulite, beginning with a fat-burning lymphatic drainage massage, proceeding to a natural Spirulina body wrap, and concluding with a Thai herbal steam Bath.
    • Taxas: 3 hours/Baht 5,450
  • Wonderful Day Package
    This full-day package includes a lunch or dinner of spa cuisine and includes: a floral footbath, an herbal steam, a choice of body scrub, a choice of body wrap, a lotus flower bath, a Swedish massage, a choice of facial, and a hand & foot treatment.
    • Taxas: 6 hrs/Baht 10,500
  • Energizing Package
    This package incorporates a rejuvenating and restorative floral foot bath, an Egyptian foot reflexology treatment, and a warm stone massage.
    • Taxas: 2 hours/Baht 13,750
  • Asian Rituals
    This spa package, intended to be shared by a couple in a private spa villa, includes: a floral foot bath, an herbal steam, an herbal exfoliation, Nuad Pan Boran, and a tropical facial.
    • Taxas: 3 hours/per couple/Baht 13,500