The St. Regis Aspen Resort

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  • Aspen,
  • Colorado
  • 81611
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Rated 4 out of 5 by 199 reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5 by A great place for all the right reasons... my wife and i needed a few days away from the kids so we were St. Regis bound. I grew up a few blocks from the St. Regis on 55th and Fifth and have always loved the feel of the small french/english boutique hotel with the service that only St. Regis can offer. July 8, 2014
Rated 2 out of 5 by Disappointed I have stayed I this hotel 4 times in the last 8 years and can definitely seen a drop off in the facility particularly food and beverage and waitstaff. The prices almost triple during food/wine aspen and so I would expect the service to be particularly on point . In fact I kept hearing sorry we are understaffed during the visit. I would urge you to make every attempt to keep the quality of service at the highest level as that is what keeps people satisfied and coming back June 25, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by A Splendid Experience Aspen is a beautiful place, and our 2-day stay at the St. Regis helped make our experience "over the top." June 28, 2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by Extremely disappointed I brought my family to this hotel as a special treat. I was extremely disappointed with the service and the facilities are incomplete. I wasnt told the hotel was under renovations until two days before my arrival. When I arrived at 4:30pm I was told I would need to wait for up to an hour for either of my two rooms to be ready. I had two small kids with me and we had to wait in the bar area of the hotel. After 70minutes I asked to be let in to at least 1 room and was finally able to do so. It took over 3 hrs to get the other room. The door to the room didnt close, the phone didnt work, there was no hair dryer in the room, only 1 of 3 hot tubs works, the list goes on. The staff was clearly overwhelmed and under trained. This was probably my worst Starwood experience in about 200 nights stayed in the last 18months. December 20, 2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great Service Overall Our overall experience with St Regis was fantastic! There were some inconsistencies, mostly with private dinning and maid service in cleaning the room. The staff was always helpful and professional. The accommodations were excellent. June 25, 2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by staff needs help this is our second time at the St. Regis Aspen. The staff is very poor. They are very attentive but incompitent. Butler service is ok. concierge service is ok. spa lakes yoga classes. use of spa without appt incurs a $25 fee----why? lobby area unkempt and dirty with coats laying all over the place and taking up seating. Outdoor space not used to its potential. but by far the worst is the food and beverage department. the room service food is terrible. breakfast food is often spoiled and definitly overpriced. service at breakfast is terrible. and the restaurant---chef's club is a horror December 31, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Perfect! I have never encountered a staff more gracious, accomodating or helpful than the staff at the St. Regis in Aspen. They were fabulous! June 24, 2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by NOT ready for guests The ongoing construction is FAR too much of a distraction to have guests, at least in certain parts of the hotel. It is loud, dirty, and the "kinks" aren't worked out yet. For example, mini bar is not stacked, TV stations aren't all clear, wireless internet did not work, etc. The service staff were as helpful as they could be, however waking up to hammering, drilling and sawing is an unacceptable experience while on vacation in such a high-end property. I believe the St. Regis will soon by in a position to meet expectations, but it is far from that now. (12/6/2011). December 6, 2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Best in Aspen We had a wonderful time at the St. Regis during Food and Wine. Even though the hotel was busy, the staff was excellent and worked hard to meet the guests' needs. Can't wait to go back. June 21, 2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by Staff was most unaccommodating! As a loyal SPG member I was disappointed by the service I received. When I arrived, there was no king bed for me despite my request to accommodate a six foot-four inch frame. The person who checked me in, who identified himself as a manager, did not seem concerned about it at all. I was not greeted as an SPG member and had to ask if he was aware of my request and membership. Also I was not given information about the property, I had to ask directions to the elevator to find my room! I noticed another guest checking in at the same time was provided information about the location of the bar, including apres ski activities and directions to the elevator, etc.. Lastly, the food was not what I expected based on my visits to other Starwood properties. January 22, 2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by The staff was not helpful This is a beautiful hotel but from the time I arrived on Thursday I ran into nothing but issues with the hotel. The customer service was just not up to par with what you'd expect from the St. Regis. After losing my reservation and having me negotiate with SPG on the phone, I received no apology from the staff or acknowledgement from the manager. I spent an entire afternoon dealing with this with no support. I had a few other issues and the manager never even returned my voicemail. I would not stay here again. August 7, 2012
Rated 2 out of 5 by Wouldn't recommend this hotel to anyone ... My wife and I were very excited about our trip to Aspen and our stay at St. Regis expecting the same level of service that is provided by the St. Regis hotels; however, I must say that this was very disappointing. Here are the reasons why? 1- During the check-in, we were constantly told that the hotel is completely booked and no upgrades available for platinum guests but the manager told us that he was doing us a favor by providing us with the top floor room of the same room we booked. This was pretty much what we expected especially during holidays. The hotel property is very nice; however, the room was very small and there was almost no closet so we had to ask for portable closet to our room which took a lot of space in already very small room and this took almost 2 hours for them to deliver. 2- There were only one elevator working throughout our stay and later was told by staff that this was going on for a while. The only elevator was also shared by the hotel staff especially the baggage delivery staff and at times we had to wait for almost over 10 minutes to get on an elevator. Thanks god the hotel was only 5 floors. Also, the only working elevator was constantly getting stuck and the phone elevator was not working properly. We got stuck once and tried using the phone and the so called “butler” service couldn’t hear us but we could hear him. 3- We left breakfast room service order by using the order card provided on the door to be delivered next day and they completely got the order wrong to the point that we initially thought that they must have delivered this to a wrong room but after speaking to the in-room dinning service manager, she admitted that they didn’t get the full order correctly and when they did, the food delivered was cold and the toasts were burned. At this point, we called the so called “butler” service and told them about the issue and to my biggest surprise, she said “what do you want me to do about it?” and I told her that I would like to speak to a manager and I told the manager about our ordeal and also the unprofessional response from the staff which I would have never thought I would get from any St. Regis property. 4- After a long day skiing, we decided to have some coffee in our room so we called the in-room dining again and after 45 minutes wait I called back to check the status and they told us that they had shift change and had no idea about our order. I must say after our call the order was delivered right away and they apologized for it. 5- The next day after all our troubles with the room service, we decided to go to lobby and order some food and we sat there for almost an hour without any service. 6- We also asked if someone could turn on the outdoor heaters near the fire pits outside so that we could enjoy the outdoors and when we asked one of the managers if they could turn it on for us and again after 45 minutes waiting for someone to come out and turn on the heaters, we were told that there were no gas available for the heaters so they couldn’t honor our request. I must say that it was very obvious that the hotel was understaffed, not properly trained, and the customer service was one of the worse I have seen in any Starwood properties. The only positive note about the hotel was the housekeeping, delivery and bells staff which were very friendly and truly apologetic about the situation and even they admitted off the record that they were understaffed for completely sold out hotel. Personally, I blame the hotel management for not being prepared even though they had full knowledge about the hotel occupancy rate and given that they were expecting a large crowd for the holiday season. For this type of hotel, you expect a customer service that is standard for St. Regis properties but I must say they completely disappointed us during our stay there. January 3, 2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by Always disappointed with St Regis Every St Regis I go to has some kind of problem. Why do I keep going back? I hope it will get better. After all, it is the "St. Regis." In the lounge, we are ignored for 20 minutes so we just leave. The room reservations policies are draconian and inflexible. They nickel and dime you for everything - we paid top dollar for a one bedroom suite and get charged for wi-fi? Please! Other, comparable level hotels are much more accommodating. Never again for us - we are done with the St. Regis. Over rated! March 27, 2012
Rated 2 out of 5 by Good Facility, Consistently Bad Service Stayed 4 nights in March. The facility is five-star, but service was consistently bad throughout our stay. I would have been disappointed at a mid-tier hotel. At an $800/nt St Regis, the experience was inexcusable. Just a few of many examples: As I was checking in, another guest was at the front desk, outraged at the service he was receiving and loudly suggesting I go to another hotel next door. I thought the guest was being unreasonable, but was quickly proven wrong. We checked in with 2 dogs. The reception staff played with the dogs and we spoke about them at length. But we were not offered the pet amenities. We had to call for them, after reading about them in the room hotel materials. The first evening, we stopped by the lobby lounge for cocktails. We waited 40 minutes and never received service. Groups of people were sitting around looking at each other incredulously. A few went to stand in line at the bar to order. One group complained to the manager, who proceeded to serve that table... but completely ignored all the hungry and thirsty tables around them watching jealously. Most just walked out eventually, including us. The next morning, I went down for coffee (no in room coffee...). They were out of cups. Come on St Regis, if we can't have a Nespresso or coffee machine in the room, at least keep the cups stocked! That afternoon, après ski, the St Regis is the first ski resort I have been to in years that does not serve hot chocolate, cider, or anything in the afternoon. Ok, they serve water. But even then they regularly run out of both water and cups. The doormen often stand around talking and do not actually open the doors for you -- even if you are carrying packages. We tried again at the lobby lounge another evening. Having learned my lesson, I stood at the bar to order. The poor bartender was taking orders, sending food orders to the kitchen, mixing drinks, delivering drinks to tables, delivering food to tables, and settling checks... For the entire hotel lounge. We overheard her begging her manager for help, and after 30 minutes, 3 waitpersons began running around confused about who was serving which tables. Again, we watched many guests simply stand up and walk out. We called our "butler" 3 times. The first time, she cut off my wife, said she was too busy, and asked if she could call back. OK. But she never called back! Eventually we walked down to the front desk for help. The second time we received prompt assistance, but it was 1am so I imagine there was not much else going on. The third time we called our butler was to check out. She relayed the message to the valet, who brought around our car, but then "forgot" to tell the bellman to come get our bags. After 20 minutes I called back. The bellman promptly came, and explained that they were wondering why the car was called up but not a bell cart. Apparently not wondering enough to actually DO anything about it though. We ordered room service once. Two salads. They made the salads wrong (covered in Gorgonzola, which was not on the menu's detailed ingredient list) and then they forgot to actually bring the salad dressing. Not only the kitchen staff forgot the dressing, but our server wheeled the cart all the way through the hotel with nothing but two salads on it, and did not realize that he didn't have dressing with him. In all, a comedy of errors, start to finish. I might have chalked it up to bad luck, except that every time I spent more than 5 minutes in the lobby or common areas, I would overhear other guests complaining about the horrible service. Hopefully St Regis will replace the entire customer service team soon, because this hotel's service team is really damaging the brand and the facility is actually pretty nice and well located. But until then, just stay away. They are much better options in Aspen, especially at this price point. March 20, 2012
Rated 1 out of 5 by How the mighty have fallen I have been going to this hotel for years and always had a positive experience. Recently, there was a major renovation and some of the rooms still are not finished. Our latest trip was characterized by closets with no poles for hanging clothes, advertising labels still on the newly installed toilets, bugs in the bathroom, and other issues that show no one is watching. The concierge service was so bad on our previous trip that we made all our own reservations this trip to avoid problems. The service at the bar was atrocious and the dining room is very poorly designed. They need new management to get this facility back on track. March 16, 2012
Rated 2 out of 5 by Underwhelmed I enjoy St. Regis hotels. However, i was underwhelmed w/Aspen. The hotel was "tired"--meaning it needs updated, there was one very rude concierge (forget her name, but it wasn't the lady w/the british or south african accent, she was VERY helpful), and there were not enough kids activities for families. Also, the staff did not have great English speaking abilitiy and service was very slow. I will not stay at this hotel again. August 6, 2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by Horrible Experience The Hotel was under construction. Our heater was broken the entire time. There was a terrible chemical smell. No one offered to move us, we would come back to room and heater was in shambles all over the room. There was water leak and the carpet was soaked. Really surprising experience given the St. Regis brand. Surprised of lack of importance being an SPG Gold was. Bummer of a trip. December 14, 2011
Rated 2 out of 5 by We were disappointed with the services. * Room 332 is located next to service area and very noisy due to ringing phones and talking. * Dining service for breakfast was non-existent. Water was poured promptly but after twenty minutes, we still had not been served coffee nor asked for our order. The room was one-half full when we arrived. We walked out after twenty minutes of waiting for service. * The Christmas brunch was "so-so". The ham and desserts were excellent but all else was mediocre. However, there was ample champagne which made it enjoyable. We never did have our "own" server but asked for things as servers walked by our table. * We did not encounter these problems during previous stays at this hotel. December 27, 2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by WORST 5 STAR EVER! The St Regis was Overpriced and Awful! From the original reservations staff employees being rude and disrespectful, to arriving and the room wasn't ready, the bar staff was unprepared and slow, the room was tiny, and for $1,300 per night plus tax, the value received at this hotel was non-existent. I would NEVER recommend this St. Regis and I will not be back! January 6, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Absolutely fabulous After all the negative reviews I was very wary. We were there over the Christmas holidays and it was an awesome time.Yes only one hot tub was working,but only a minor inconvenience. The staff was very accomodating {to a very demanding crowd} and the breakfast buffet {complimentary} was a touch of class. Aspen needed more snow, but not their fault. January 3, 2012
Rated 1 out of 5 by Remodel is not complete Check in hold for 2 hours, and not until 7:30pm? One hour and 2 phone calls to get my luggage brought up to the room? Noises in the room from the HVAC unit? 10 wait at the bar, plenty of staff walking by, and the first person to come over to the table says " What can I get you"? Wireless not working? Gurgling pipes? Misleading menu ( Most people can taste the difference between store bought and fresh squeezed juices... don't think you can fool us...) December 18, 2011
Rated 1 out of 5 by service disappointing and kinks need to be ironed out post renovation Two real disappointments during my stay - I found the service to be way below what I expect from a St Regis and I found that the hotel had cut some corners when it came to some of the finishes from its renovation. On my first night, my room was directly adjacent to the 'electricity room', which felt like sleeping next to about 50 whirring computers. I asked to change rooms during the middle of the night when I gave up all hope of getting any sleep. I find it unacceptable that they would put guests in a room there. The next morning, I found the main desk staff pretty unfriendly and disinterested in changing my room. They did finally change the room, this one was missing a wardrobe door and vibrated with the force of the airconditioning in the corridor outside which made the whole bathroom tremble. Overall I was quite surprised by the unwelcoming reception from the staff in the hotel, from the moment I arrived to my departure. The pool is very small for the size of the hotel - it was overcrowded each day with not enough loungers. The fountain did not work in the courtyard for no apparent reason. On the plus side, the hotel has a great location in Aspen and the rooms are clean. The spa is very nice in the hotel. September 8, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Friendly atmosphere Everyone made us feel welcome from first greeting to our sendoff. Great experience! You can tell no detail has been ignored in the staff training department. June 10, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by great staff accommodating staff great attitudes responsive courteous June 10, 2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by Hotel is far below St. Regis quality It took 1 1/2 hours to chcek in. I had to call the Plantinum Hotline to get the front desk motivated to assist. The renovation was poorly done, rooms are awkward, lighting is poor.Furnishings are out-of-date. There is no Esprit de Corps at the Hotel. The senior concierge did not where a Colorado landmark was. Concierge always busy with some work on the computer, they did not even look up. Housekeeping staff and mini bar checker did not speak english. The resturant serves below standard food. The breakfast toast was cold, ceral was inedible. Chef Gordon Ramsey would have a field day here. Avoid eating here. This Hotel caterers more toward pets then people. Dogs in areas where food and beverages are being servered. No stations around the Hotel for picking up feces. The room was award and hard to get around. Too many out-of-date furnishings. No adequate work space, desk on rollers, no chair for the desk. Keys did not work in the door, in spite of maintenance working on it. HVAC not working, maintenance corrected, but it took hours for the correct temperature to be reached. No TV remote in the room. The batroom is very cluttered, tub is usless and is stand alone which takes up space, no safety rails provided. The toliet area is very small, and a large person would have probelms getting into that area. The General Manager did not respond to a call or E mail, in spite of assurances that she would by the front desk. This review does bare out some of the comments by other Platinum guest reviews, this Hotel is just not up to speed with service and comfort. If you are flying into Aspen, have the Hotel pick you up at the Airport, no need to rent a car, the free city bus will take you almost anywhere you want to go. You will save quite a bit in parking fees, and rental car costs. October 25, 2012
Rated 2 out of 5 Holy disappointment We cannot begin to express how disappointed we were druing our recent stay at the St. Regis, Aspen. Months prior to our arrival, we requested a room in the Red Mountian building . Days prior to our departure, we communicated with the butler who, upon our request, assured us that we would be staying in the Red Mountian Building. Unfortutenately, when we arrived, the front desk manageer informed us that he wanted to "double check" and make sure that we in fact, did want to stay in the Red Mountain builidng becuase if this was the case, our room was not ready. As a result, we had to wait clsoe to an hour before we recieved our room key. Once we entered our room, we learned that we looked directly out at a buidling under construction. Of course, we did not request this view nor did anyone infrom us in advance that we would be looking at concrete and steel. The room had a sloped cealing and when we called the front desk to ask for another room, we were told that they were unable to meet our request. Given that we have stayed at this property on three previous occassions -- two of which were during the ski season, we were stunned (especially given the money that was being spent) by the unwillingess on the part of the front desk staff to accomodate our request. To be sure, this was a busy weekend, but we checked in long before the majority of the other guests. Adding insult to injury, was the fact that the butler's were not attentive to detail, housekeeping left dirty room service trays (placed in the hall by our neighbors) in the hall for hours on end. (We had to call the front desk and ask for them to be removed.) The bellman -- virtually all of whom hail from the U.S.A, were a refreshing change from the bar and waiit staff, the majority of whom while pleasent clearly did not understand what we were asking for more than half the time. Add to this the fact that during the Aspen Food & Wine festival the hotel ran out of its featured champagne -- Veuve Clicquot -- and you have a recipe for a very, very disappointing stay. June 18, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by A Regis in a Regal Vista Arrived at St. Regis Aspen. Looked forward to check this property out.This time I made a special trip from Denver just to check it out. I was curios why a great number of platinum members rate it so low. My experience started with a bummer. I relied on the Platinum Concierge to find the best route to the hotel. I was advised to take the pass, route 82. travelled for 3 hours from Denver only to find that we were 26 miles away from the property only to find out that the road is closed. It took us another 3 hours to get to the property. I almost decided to stay in Avon at a sister property that I used several times before. My desire to experience the property made me spend the extra 3 hours in the car. Got to the property exhausted. It is a great well appointed property. The property was completely empty (I looks like they had a total of nine rooms occupied). I only observed 4 employees: a valet, a person at the front desk, one at the lounge and a supervisor. It looks like most of them just started with the property and it showed. But they were all sweet and nice people. Even though the property was empty, the platinum upgrade was sub-par. There was miscommunication between the employees about a certain perk we were given, so we were kind of humiliated. The only place to eat was the bar area. We were the only customers but it took a long time. The place was like a ghost town, everything closed. Sure, we had a beautiful property all to ourselves. Nothing to do though. No glimpse of butler service. My shoes were not returned by the time I needed them. They arrived about an hour late. Down for breakfast. We had a continental breakfast buffet included as the letter from the management clearly states. The only thing, there is no buffet. We were offered 3 items that were completely unappealing. Food, overall was delicious, both at the lounge and breakfast. I have to say that when I brought the issues to the GM's attention, they were addressed timely. The GM rocks. Raj is a very skilled manager, a great asset to the St. Regis brand. He made us feel like we belong. We ended our stay with a delicious dinner, even though it was in the bar area, it was first class. Did not get to check the new Chefs Club restaurant as we had to leave before it was opened for dinner. The spa is beautiful and inviting. The location is amazing. May 25, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 A bit of a disappointing experience I was disappointed that our room was not cleaned on Friday Septmeber 15. Housekeeping knocked on our door and was asked to return in 20-25 minutes once we were gone. I wash my towels in my own home after every time I use them and was disappointed to see this was not done in such a wonderful hotel. I expected better service. I had to call the front desk on Saturday morning to ask for more shampoo/conditioner/body wash and when I went to the front desk Saturday morning to request housekeeping services there was nothing more than a quick apology, nothing offered for the mistake. September 16, 2013
Rated 3 out of 5 by Great potential, but currently unrealized The current construction served as an obstacle to the experience I expect from the St. Regis. The sound of construction began in the morinng and was persistent throughout the day. However, the renovated rooms will be worth the current distractions, although I wish our stay had been after the construction was complete. Despite the construction, however, the hotel appeared to be understaffed in multiple key areas resulting in wait times that greatly exceed expectations. On multiple ocasions, the front desk had no staff present. In addition, it took nearly an hour to receive appetizers that were ordered. It appeared that the lobby lounge often had 1 person working, when 2-3 would hvae been required to provide adequate service. December 22, 2011
Rated 2 out of 5 by Very disappointed this time The cleaning person during the day left trash on the nightstand and dirty glasses and didn't vacuum. The hotel was very noisy into the wee hours of the morning and would not stay there again on a weekend. Also, this is the 2nd time I've had trouble with the final billing. I originally booked 2 nights online, but upon arrival I noted that I may need to stay longer a day or two. I proceeded to tell a front desk person the next eve that I would only be staying 1 extra day. Upon checkout the front desk clerk tried to muscle me into paying for all four days. I come into town from Telluride regularly and will likely stay elsewhere in the future. In addition, my facial wasn't great this time either and was fantastic the previous stay. September 17, 2013
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