The St. Regis Monarch Beach

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  • Dana Point,
  • California
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Rated 4.3 out of 5 by 683 reviewers.
Rated 3 out of 5 by Change of owners and management We where regulars to this St. Regis, and would truly enjoy the comforts and added 'perks' being a monthly visitor brings. These perks are standard for a loyal frequent patron to just about any hotel one would frequent if one was to frequent it 15 to 20 visits a year for example, as we did. Perks such as waving vale fee's and additional free provisions. For example free bowl of fruit and wave pet fee's for little Yorkies, and valet fees. Any one who frequent's any hotel as often a this, its fair and reasonable to expect would graduate to such "perks" of the particular hotel they frequent - as we did too. Then in this case, enters a change of Ownership and General manager. The perks get taken away. Valet appears on bill, fruit appears on bill, and lack of responsiveness to any complaint made. The justification given "new owners and management want to charge for all things moving forward" In fairness to the staff, who are in the middle of it all, it needs to be noted that Starwood is great, and so to are the benefits of being a starwood member. however in this hotels case, the local news parer OC register reports it has been acquired by a different hotel management company in 2014. While star wood is still managing it, as a guest it is becoming clear that the new hotel management's company culture and values are being introduce. While still starwood, they do honor the minimum requirements of what being star wood they promos to honner. However it stops there. There is no benefit of being loyal under the new owner and management culture.They don't even respond to a complaint, and in our case would not remove the charge of a fruit. Why? because fruit is not part of the promise of platinum. We support Starwood and indeed went on to stay at another star wood property after this visit, however as a guest coming into the hotel, you need to understand the St. Regis expectations and brand is fading from this venue. While this mind set exists we won't be back once in 2015. However we do recommend any other star wood hotel in the area are there are many. We will still continue 3 to four times a month visit to Starwood hotels, just re-direct our money to other venues that appreciate and overly reward extra-ordinary patronage. This property is still a nice location with beautiful beaches, and the staff are good people that will stove to serve you exceptionally, however they are required to do what new management tell them to do and can't be claimed for charging ever single little thing. One last thing, we where to the resort fee that is added as an additional charge of $25 and includes use of the Spa… will no longer include use of the spa in 2015. Its an additional charge of a further $25 to the resort fee. We asked why… and to no surprise the answer "new managements instruction" January 2, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Service not up to St. Regis standards This hotel is beautiful, BUT the inconsistency in the service and friendliness is NOT up to St. Regis standards. Despite what the website says AND despite two emails directly from the butler service welcoming us, we were told upon check in that the butler service is only for suite guests, and they were, of course, unable to upgrade us to a suite. After discussing my disappointment with a manager, we were given the butler service during our stay; however we kept having to remind the staff as we were brought bills for morning coffee. A little frustrating. Also there was an incident with a concierge who clearly did NOT know what she was doing and gave us wrong information about the hotel dining. This caused a major issue at Motif; however the staff at Motif were very accommodating and friendly to us despite the concierge's mistake. This concierge was not apologetic. Overall, a nice property, overall nice staff, but definitely not the service we're used to at a St. Regis. Would likely not return because of the frustrations with these inconsistencies and a few others along the way. December 30, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Kind staffs and nice room (bathroom) Very kind staffs they can remember my name, switch our room from normal view to ocean view after the first day. Breakfast is nice and the beach restaurant is nice too. January 13, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Disappointed I'm currently staying at the hotel and have been really disappointed specially by the service. We were trying to find a restaurant to eat off the regular menu and not the Christmas buffet. The concierge told us to go to Club 19 where they wouldn't serve us anything else but the buffet. The service was horrible and after we began eating they proceeded to serve others off the regular menu. Not sure that is what I expect of a St Regis. Very disappointed December 25, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by What a Wonderful Get-Away! I recently completed a long weekend get-away at the St. Regis Monarch Beach and left completely relaxed and rejuvenated. The staff was wonderful, the spa spectacular, the food was fantastic, the golf was great, and the long walks on the property and along the beach were inspiring. Can't think of a better place to just unplug, unwind, and be pampered. January 4, 2015
Rated 1 out of 5 by Forbes and AAA want their stars and diamonds back! This hotel does not live up to the St. Regis namesake. We can begin with the rude check in staff who left us hovering over the desk, aimlessly awaiting. Then, there were the hole-ridden mildew towels. Not to mention how we waited in another line to see the only concierge (who knew nothing). We later found out the concierge also served as a complaint station - two ladies were ahead of us because room service failed them as well. Don't waste your money here. Really, just don't. The best way to sum up the property was after complaining to the manager on duty, she said "well, this is California casual." No excuse for poor service. August 23, 2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by The Astor family would be incredibly disappointed Check-in: I’m here to celebrate our 6-year wedding anniversary with my pregnant wife. The plan is to stay Saturday to Monday. I’ve been to several St. Regis properties around the world and they’re all fantastic. I come in at 330pm on Saturday and find a long line (about 10 people to check in before me). Finally, I make it to the front of the line after 15 minutes, and upon check-in, I’m basically told that while most SPG hotels have one or two platinum guests per night, this hotel has about 50 at any given moment. Do you think you’re special for being a Platinum member? Allow me to confirm that at this hotel, you’re not. And they’ll remind you of that as you’re checking in. Oh, and if that’s not enough, your room is not yet available. Come back at 430pm, maybe. Actually, we’ll call you because I’d like to be honest with you – your room probably isn’t going to be available by 430pm. Not sure when it’ll be ready. And so we’re off to a bad start… Breakfast on Sunday: My pregnant wife wakes up on Sunday morning and is hungry. That’s understandable. It’s Sunday morning – what should we do? They have Sunday Brunch that starts at 11am. But it’s 930am. No worries, we are told that we can wait until 11am, or we can have breakfast outside by the pool and still use our Platinum credit of $20 towards the breakfast buffet. Sounds good – lets go to the pool. Ok. Well, I can tell you that after spending 10 minutes there, ALL of the hotel’s attention is diverted to the brunch beginning at 11am. All the food at the breakfast buffet is either undercooked (yes – undercooked eggs – delish!) or overcooked. Half the items are also missing. Have you ever had breakfast at a St. Regis property? It’s always fantastic. As a matter of fact, they tend to blow me away by how good it is. Well, not here. At least not on Sunday when they’d prefer you wait till 11am and pay $7o per person (and you cannot use your platinum credit there, of course). Lovely. Let’s just go to the pool. The pool: The front desk tells us there are two pools. An adult pool and a kid’s pool. We don’t have kids (yet) and would like to relax, so we opt for the adult pool. Wanna hear something funny? There are more kids at the adult pool than at the kids’ pool. What’s the point of a kid’s pool you ask? I’m not sure. I don’t mind kids. I love kids. So let’s stay. Good luck finding a seat. You know that picture on their website that shows how elegant the pool is? Yea right. Try multiplying the number of chairs in that picture by 20. It’s like a can of sardines. Get seats yet? Great! But don’t go in the pool. Because as soon as you do, the staff will take your umbrella away from you and give it to someone else. Happened 3 times. It’s so noisy, so packed, so UN-relaxing, that we decide to leave the pool and go to the beach. The beach: How do you get to the beach? You take a tram. Cool! So let’s get on the tram. Actually, you’ll need to sign up for the tram. Why is that, sir? Well, because we have about 10 people before you that would like to go to the beach. Oh. Ok. Sign us up. Two trams come by, and we finally get on the third. Only about a 15-minute wait. Ok, I guess? A bit surprised, but let me just suck it up. So we finally get to the beach. Oh. You wanted chairs? You wanted an umbrella so your pregnant wife doesn’t bake your unborn child? What’s that? You’d like towels too? Sorry dude – we’re out of all of those things. At this point we headed back to the hotel (yes, after waiting for the tram, again), and checked out one day early, after less than 24 hours at this hotel. Let me be clear. This hotel has turned into a vacation factory. Do you think that you’re staying at the St Regis hotel with all of its exclusivities and exceptional service? Do you think they’ll go out of their way to make you feel special? How about as a platinum guest? How about as you’re celebrating your 6-year wedding anniversary? Nope. Think again. This place should change the name on the door from St Regis to (insert generic hotel name here). I’ve stayed at over 10 St Regis properties worldwide, and it has without a doubt, become my favorite hotel brand because of the consistency in its exceptional service. Management at this property should be embarrassed. September 3, 2013
Rated 2 out of 5 by Beautiful Property Deseves Equivalent Staff I had to wait 3 weeks to write this review. To give me time to calm down from one of my worst travel experiences ever. I booked and paid for this vacation more than 3 months in advance, I specifically called the hotel on 2 separate occasions to ensure that my room/reservation would be exactly what I wanted. It was all a waste of time, money and effort. This was not the first time that I had stayed at this property. Previously, my family has stayed with horrible customer service, despite the beautiful property and 6star rating. I decided to give it another chance. Worst mistake ever. I specifically called to ensure the room I paid for would be available since my flight didn't land until after 10pm, but it did not happen. It was pretty much first come, first serve. Not one of my requests was met. After an exhaustive, tiring exchange with mgmt to try to correct my reservation, and numerous apologies later, I finally gave up becuase it was late and I was tired. I asked mgmt for at least a small plate of food to be sent up to my room because of my long travel day, I was tersely met with an answer of no, they would not offer what I would call a good faith gesture, but was told I was free to go to the bar and order food. What nerve!. I spoke with mgmt each day of my stay to try and rectify the situation but to no avail. Mgmt did send a 'peace offering' of a cake in honor of the special occasion I was celebrating, the following night but that in no way made up for the fact that mgmt failed horribly and in my mind irrevocably damaged their already mediocre reputation. It wasn't until the day of my departure was I told that the part of the hotel I specifically requested was under construction. Each night I had packed my bags in preparation to be moved to a room to honor what I had paid for, never happened. I called one night for the hours of the golf restaurant I wanted to eat at only to be given incorrect information, thereby missing dinner altogether. Another night, I went to the bar to order a particular food, only to be told what I wanted was part of a 'tavern' menu only and was not served on Mondays and Tuesdays. Just one thing after another, after another, after another, after another went wrong and mgmt staff failed at every turn to try and correct. Worst trip I ever experienced. My guest was sorely disappointed too. Too bad the weather didn't cooperate either. The only SMALL token the property offered was to waive the parking fee. I have other family members who have stayed at this property with pretty much the same, if not worse, customer experience, and come back to property to try and give them another chance to redeem themselves but it was all in vain. Its a beautiful property but the staff makes it a location that I would never choose to return to on purpose, I really had such high hopes for this vacation, but was utterly let down. I hate writing negative reviews, but such poor service CANNOT and SHOULD NOT go unchecked. April 14, 2012
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