Le Parker Méridien Palm Springs

  • 4200 East Palm Canyon Drive
  • Palm Springs,
  • California
  • 92264
  • United States
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Rated 3.7 out of 5 by 76 reviewers.
Rated 1 out of 5 by I will never go back My wife and I stayed two nights. While she was drying her hair, the circuit breaker blew and we had no electricity (including no phone) in our room. It took 1/2 hour for the staff to reset the circuit breaker after we called the hotel on our cell phone. She continued drying her hair and the circuit breaker blew again. This time it took 4 hours for the staff to reset it. A prior guest left dirty clothes in one of the drawers. We were unable to get the water to run in the bathtub. Luckly, there was a separate shower. At check out the staff gave us a perfuntory "thank you" when we told them of our dissatisfaction. The food was poor to mediocre. November 4, 2011
Rated 2 out of 5 by Did not meet my expectations and service was poor I travel a ton and love starwood properties. This was one of my worst experiences and unfortunately I was there to celebrate my bachlorette weekend and the service and experience was horrible. Staff was rude and not helpful. As an executive that drives a lot of business to various hotels, and being a PLATINUM starwood member, I was saddened by my experience. Just a few of the things to mention: -- Despite Platinum status and pouring rain -- took 45 minutes to get bags to our rooms and also took past normal checkout time for all 4 rooms to be given to us … -late check out for platinum members is 4pm upon availability and we check with them when we made reservations and again the night before and once again the day before and everyone gave us confirmation that our 4 rooms were good. However at noon, they forced 2 of the rooms to checkout. -- Then there was no help at the pool - took over half hour just to get guy to bring towels for about 6 girls ... -- We made reservations for Norma's brunch weeks in advanced and spoke extensively to them, despite this no table was set out at 1 pm for our reservation -- no apologies and they just said we could seat you at separate round tables -- which is unacceptable answer when we are there to celebrate an occasion. half an hour later after sternly speaking to the staff and talking to multiple people did they finally set up a table to accommodate our party of 14. Only then we ordered and at this point we were only one of 3 tables in the restaurant, it took over 40 minutes to get our food after we ordered. August 5, 2014
Rated 2 out of 5 by Moldy smell in rooms and bad food I've been to the Parker many times but this stay wasn't so good because the rooms were smelly. Also, the food in all of the restaurants don't have too many vegan options. I asked for a special salad and even gave specific ingredients and I got back a pile of iceberg lettuce with a small sprinkle of other vegetables. It was the quality of a bad fast food salad and had just as many healthy options. Our poolside waitress kept telling everyone she was new but she was really snappy and rude. Also the concierge was of no help and we wore tired of him recommending Trio restaurant with NO vegan options. August 6, 2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by Worst Starwood property! This is the worst Starwood property. It is not the actual hotel, which has a pleasant comfortable facade and beds. It's the people. This is a long ugly story. Management (a woman named Deborah) bumped us on my sister's birthday weekend. We had prepaid reservations. We are platinum members. Yet when we tried to sign in we were told there were no more rooms at 6 p.m. and as the last guests to arrive for the day Deborah, the manager, informed us we had reservations at another Starwood property (of lesser quality). We were upset, a very natural response. We had been to the other property and were not interested in staying there. We did not understand why we did not have a room, especially when the concierge called to confirm our reservations and also given that as platinum members we are NOT supposed to get bumped. At the minimum she could have called us to inform us of the room problem so that we could have checked in earlier (we were in the neighborhood shopping and decided to check in late, assuming our room would be waiting for us). Deborah's response to our upset was to give back attitude, get defensive and to inform us there was nothing she could do, that this was a problem "all hotels faced." She also claimed she was not going to upset other guests by calling them to alert them of the room problem in advance. Really? She knew of the problem hours in advance and just waited for the poor suckers who showed up last to bump them - namely us. She didn't bother to offer other guests an alternative solution, the way airlines do. She didn't bother to offer rooms at a better resort to anyone willing to check in to a different resort. No. She just decided to bump the platinum members and inform us at the last minute. This is how my sister's birthday weekend started. Then just when we were about to leave the property, Deborah came out to inform us there was a guest who wanted out of his reservation because the indoor pool was supposed to be closed the following day. She apologized and asked us to accept the room. So we took the room only to later find out the guest really left because it was the worst room in the entire resort. It was the first room off the lobby --you could hear EVERYTHING going on. The resort was full of guests and for some reason tons of kids. There was no way we, or anyone, could get any rest. We also found out the pool was not due to shut down until 4 p.m. the following day, not bright and early as we were led to believe. This was Deborah's way of making things up to us - - adding lies and a bad room to an already bad situation. Add to this the fact the staff was either unorganized or short staffed. They had over 2 hours to get the bags to our room while we had dinner, but failed to do so. We called down to get our bags when we finally got to the room - we had plans to go out. They had an unbelievably rude woman at the front desk who answered our call twice, hung up on me once and then put my sister on hold forever the 2nd time. She did not follow up with the luggage issue. Forty five minutes after the initial call, my sister went outside, found our car and got our bags. When I confronted the girl at the front desk about her rudeness, she gave me more attitude, more than I have ever had at any hotel - ever. The experience was so bad we called the manager Deborah again. When we told her we needed to leave the hotel that night, she apologized but claimed she would take care of it by talking to her people and making sure that nothing else would go wrong over the weekend - - her solution was to let everyone in the hotel know how bad our experience was so far so that no one else stepped on our toes. Great. We were so upset we chose to leave. After waiting 20 minutes for a porter who never showed up, we hauled our own bags to the car and left. On the drive home, I noticed my phone charger was missing (I had placed int he middle console when I got to the hotel) - - it had to have been stolen while parked at the hotel. When I informed Deborah, her response was nothing like that had ever happened to the hotel and gave me the information to the valet service to make a claim. What a wonderful response - hospitality at its best. By the time we got home it was 1 a.m. That is how my sister started her birthday celebration. Thanks Parker. We will never stay there again. We discourage anyone else from staying there. August 20, 2012
Rated 2 out of 5 by Five Star Design, Two Star Amenities This hotel is all design and concept and very little substance. Once you start charging in the $350-600 a night range, expectations go way up. Maybe I just don't get it. Stayed here with a group of girls for a get away. I'll just list our grievances/observations. -Upon check in, the hot water faucet didn't turn on. In fairness, maintenance responding quickly. -There was no cable in the room. I mean less than 10 channels, half in Spanish and half infomercials, and many of them came in fuzzy. No movies, no nothing! -No tea/coffee maker in the room and coffee was $18 a pot. Complimentary coffee or tea comes in a LOT of Palm Springs hotels that cost way less. -The "complimentary" Wi-Fi is non-existent, as well as cell phone service. I get we're all addicted to our cell phones, but it gets annoying to not be able to check emails or text each other on property because texts don't go through, etc. It was just a headache and not what you need on vacation. -The food leaves much to be desired. As a pregnant lady, I asked kindly if their was any way I could get a bean and cheese burrito, as there are no other food options in walking distance. On their menu, they had a breakfast burrito and taco salads with beans. They had all the components, but they couldn't make one. So I settled for a $30 fried shell salad with iceberg lettuce. It was airport food. -We got"fresh made chips and guacamole" for $16 at the Lemonade stand. The bowl of guac was small and served in a plastic "to go" container and the chips were so stale one of the girls went and asked for a new batch. The staff said "if those are stale, the whole batch will be." And offered to take it off the bill. I feel bad for the staff. Sounds like they have to field a lot of complaints and are just resigned to the automatic refund offer. -As the location of the property was out of the main downtown area, you're kind of trapped on property with the mediocre food options. -In the room, there is absolutely no welcome information or info about the property like in every other hotel you've ever stayed at. Even 2 stars, give you a binder about the property. Nothing to tell you the hours of things and where anything is. No books on Palm Springs. Nothing. -No trashcan in the bedroom -No clock in the bedroom. If you're phone goes dead, good luck trying to find out what time it is -There is a resort fee that covers a bottle of water in the room and a pot of coffee with a wake up call. I only found this out after looking it up online. No one tells you this. We wouldn't have touched the water in our room out of fear of getting charged. The elegant thing to do would be to have a sign saying "With compliments of the Parker" by the water. I'm sure they save a lot of money by not letting guests know this is free. -They absolutely don't let you know about that free pot of coffee. When I read about it, I called downstairs around 8:30am and asked if we could get ours. The FDA informed me the coffee was only free if we ordered a wake up call. WHAT??? We didn't need a wake up call, we were already awake, can we just have the coffee? After a bit of annoyance on his part, he said he "would make an exception." The coffee was delivered an hour later with a charge of $18. There was a very nice room service man named France who fixed the situation for us. But sheesh. Way to make your guests feel constantly on the defensive, Parker. -I worked on a 5 star hotel property as a Front Desk Agent, and I know the stuff a staff has to deal with on a daily basis. But at my hotel, the property was outstanding and we could stand behind our policies, empowered to defend them and the property. I feel the hotel has done a disservice to its (mostly kind and pleasant) staff by giving them the amenities of a Holiday Inn to work with and charging prices that will set expectations too high. -On a positive note, the free valet was appreciated and those guys all deserve a raise for running around as they did for everyone with no complains in the unbearably hot, muggy weather. August 4, 2014
Rated 3 out of 5 by Not a good Starwood Experience Not what you would expect from Starwood. Minimal Upgrades, No complimentary coffee. No late checkout (even Platinum members). $30 "resort" fee per night is not really known in advance. December 11, 2011
Rated 1 out of 5 by Advise a room away from the Bar Party at the Fire pit bar went until 2:00 am on one night ....Next night same at the loby bar .. Don't believe they have rooms in the main building that escapes the noise. Except for the lack of sleep - all else fine. October 21, 2011
Rated 2 out of 5 by DISAPPOINTED I booked the Parker based on its Palm Springs Location. I am a Starwood platinum member and attempted to use my suite nights award to get an upgraded room. I didn't match to a suite as there were supposedly none available. When I checked in however and asked about suites the desk agent looked at the computer and said she needed to talk to her manager she then disappeared (was gone 10 minutes) and came back to say sorry there were no upgrad rooms available. I found out during my stay that at least a couple of the on property villas were available. I wasn't given one of these for reasons I am not aware of but suspect this was what the conversation was about between the desk agent and manager. It is important to note that In fact I received no recognition of my platinum status throughout my stay and had to remind the front desk agent that I was entitled to an amenity on check in. The service throughout the hotel was TERRIBLE, the wait staff both at Norma's restaurant and the pool were so poorly mannered and ignorant it almost seemed to be a skit from saturday night live. At breakfast our first morning we noticed that all the tables that had been seated after us were eating and we had yet to receive our food. We inquired with the bus boy as we hadn't seen our waiter in about 30 minutes. 15 minutes later It turned out the waiter never put our order in. He came to the table and explained this to us and that the entire meal would be complimentary and so 90 minutes after being seated we finally got ur breakfast but were content as we thought it an isolated mistake and that compensation had been given us via the free meal. That is until the time when the waiter brought the check to our table and mumbled that he was very sorry about the mistake he made and that he was "comping" our beverages on the house and then mumbled that we would be responsible for everything else, (an orange juice and a tea for free) meanwhile we are being charged for the meal he had already said was complimentary. He disappeared immediately before we could catch him and inquire what had happened to our free meal and had to find the manager who finally ended up forgiving the whole meal charge. Later that day by the pool the waitress asked if we wanted anything, we asked her to come back in 10 minutes so we could look at the poolside menu, we never saw her again. I could share about 4 other interactions with waitpersons but in each the story was similar. These two interactions typified the service we received. For instance, on day two I returned to my room at 5pm to find it had not been made up, I had to call. Neither my colleague nor I were told about the complimentary morning coffee and only found out on the last day of our stay this despite the fact that my traveling companion actually went down to the front desk on the first morning and asked where she could get morning coffee. In essence this is a 4 star property with 1 star service. June 4, 2012
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