The Westin Resort, Costa Navarino

  • Navarino Dunes,
  • Messinia
  • Costa Navarino,
  • 24001
  • Griechenland
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Informationen zu Zustellbetten und/oder Aufschlägen für weitere Personen finden Sie in den Zimmerbedingungen und Details.

Hinweis: In diesem Hotel gelten Gäste bis zum Alter von 12 Jahren als Kinder. Bitte passen Sie ggf. die Anzahl an Erwachsenen und Kindern an.
Informationen zu Zustellbetten und/oder Aufschlägen für weitere Personen finden Sie in den Zimmerbedingungen und Details.

Für Familien

Für Kinder bis 12 Jahre ist die Übernachtung in den vorhandenen Betten kostenlos, sofern sie sie mit einem zahlenden Erwachsenen teilen. Für Zusatzbetten, Kinderzusatzbetten und Kinderbetten können zusätzliche Gebühren anfallen. In einem Zimmer können maximal drei Gäste übernachten. In einer Junior Suite finden vier Personen und in einer Suite fünf Personen Platz. Außerdem kann in allen genannten Zimmern ein Kind unter vier Jahren in einem der vorhandenen Betten schlafen.


Um eine Reservierung vorzunehmen, müssen Gäste mindestens 18 Jahre alt sein und einen gültigen Ausweis vorlegen können.

Rated 4.3 out of 5 by 143 reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5 by An amazing experience! What a great experience. You feel it for the very first moment you walk in. Spacious amazing rooms, fantastic outdoor environment ,words are poor to describe it. Looking forward to come back! August 31, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Elegant place Wonderful landscape,interesting rooms,awesome beds,polite and friendly staff!!!! September 11, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Internet The only reason I am completing this review is ref the Internet access. I don't want you to publish this but I think that the management should understand that charging 15 euros a day to use internet in your room is totally unacceptable. The hotel , staff etc were all excellent, but considering that my family spent about £10,000 on our stay, having to pay to use internet in my room is ridiculous. As most users appreciate , we need to check our emails, do some research etc on a regular basis throughout the week. having to walk 1/4 mile to reception each time is not the solution in a 5 star hotel. July 21, 2014
Rated 3 out of 5 by 5 Star Facilities but only 2-3 Star Service Westin Costa Navarino tries to market itself as a family resort and with the kids club and aqua park has the facilities to be successful. However of the multiple swimming pools good luck trying to find some peace and quiet to relax. The music blaring out at every pool is almost unbearable and each lifeguard seems to think he is the next David Guetta ! Most people don't want to hear this "club music" whilst lying by a pool . If they did they would go to Ibiza !! The customer service is lacking massively and the staff always seem to be rushing around at breakfast without being able to focus on what you might want to order to drink . If you are lucky you will be shown to a table but otherwise you will need to fend for yourself and find your own, before waiting a further 10 minutes to be asked if you would like a coffee. On our last day at the resort there was almost no foot left by 10am and the staff were completely over-run. We had to go get our own cutlery. Glasses and jug of Orange Juice (which we then shared with the neighbouring table). There seems to be no continuity with staff. We rarely saw the same face twice. The food itself is ok but nothing to look fwd too. There are a number of restaurants within the resort. The Souvlakerie offers the best value (family of 2 adults and 2 kids can eat for about €25) and nicest food for lunch. The diner ( by the water park) looks great but the food is absolutely terrible and all processed rubbish and totally over priced. I.e nachos come with "liquid cheese" which is literally out of a bottle!! A quick lunch snack there will cost around eur 40. For dinner the Flame restaurant at the golf club is very good for a steak and the Italian Da Luigi is also decent for pizza / pasta but slow service . The food at the buffet is very hit and miss. The location of the hotel is good ( about an hour from the Airport & pretty much on the beach (5 min walk) and all totally self contained. If you have a problem though then good luck in trying to get it resolved with the management. They only want to argue and are very stubborn in admitting when they are at fault They may apologies but then do nothing to rectify. We had trouble with our transfer from the airport resulting in us getting a local taxi that had to put the single back seat down so our luggage would fit. There was no seatbelts or child seats. It was only after speaking direct with our travel agent that it appeared the fault was with the hotel. They refused to admit responsibility until confronted with the email from our travel agent. And then we were sent a bowl of mouldy fruit to make up for it. The wifi connection will cost €60 for all round access for a week but the connection is terrible and should not be a chargable such is the poor quality. The sun beds are basic and 6/10 in comfort. Could do with an upgrade and some comfy cushions. This hotel is not cheap and we have stayed in other hotels that market themselves the same but in every way they win hands down. We stayed using the half board option which on the whole was just about worth it, but whether you would opt for HB or B&B you should always make sure you check the bills after each meal or drink as on 3 separate occasions were over-charged and had to have the bill adjusted down. Conveniently we were never under charged which the cynic in me says is not all co-incidence . I just get the impression this hotel is after absolutely every penny they can get from the guests, whether it's the wifi or charging for a baby bottle of milk ( which most other hotels of a similar calibre provide free). Another niggle is the nonsense that is the "towel card". You are issued with 4 separate cards on check-in and see suppose to hand these in on each visit to the pool and then when you are finished for the day clear up your own towels to get your cards back . Never seen or heard of this before and it is just nuisance that guests could do without. Having towel police round the pool does not set the right mood from the outset. On the upside, the facilities available are fantastic, including free water park for kids, and the chargeable use of golf course, bowling alleys, pool tables. It really does have the potential to be a great place to stay, if the management and staff changed their attitudes, increased head-count and were more organised especially at meal times. We had a family suite which was perfect for 2 adults and 2 kids , the room was modern, bright, clean and well furnished. September 9, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Excellent resort offering all you need From the excellent food to the friendly staff who is allways striving to make your stay most relaxing and enjoyable, the location and the many different facilities: everything made our stay a unique one which exceeded our expectation and will lead us to remember it for a long time. July 20, 2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by This hotel has great featurew Everything was perfect also this time. September 3, 2014
Rated 3 out of 5 by This hotel for mass rest in cheap rooms only and for a short time Our family (2 adults and 2 children) was in this hotel 18 nights with 22.07.13 on 09.08.13. We ordered one of the most expensive rooms as Infinity Suite (two-room suite with swimming pool) at a price of 600 euros per room per night, but it turned out that these expensive rooms were available only in the distant corners of the hotel near auto parking zones, tennis courts and restaurants, from which comes the strong smell of food and the noise of tourists. Also, instead of the great basin, depicted in the pictures when booking rooms, we got a little pool. To my request to change the room, I was told that the hotel is full and for such a long period of time (18 nights) there are no other rooms, but they will try to do it through 6 days, possibly with an additional charge and also promised to make the discount for accommodation in this room for these 6 days. But after 6 days I was offered exactly the same 2 rooms, but only in a different corner and near the other restaurant. The question on the selection of the new rooms I've been trying to solve during 12 days, even talked to the General Manager of the hotel from France, but other than empty promises, so nothing I have got, only the explanation, that it’s our fault that we are standing for too many days and they could get us to change the room, if we came on short time. So I had to wear at my hands of 3 year old daughter to the beach and back, as the beach was very far away. Another big problem is that there are a lot of cheap rooms in the hotel and in this case too many people is the main restaurant for breakfast, pools and beach. So the rest of our family was privileged only by prices, but never on quality! We were vacationing in Greece already 5 times, including in the Peloponnese the 2nd time and we had never before faced such a problem that the pay for an expensive room, and relax as in a standard room. Upon departure, I recalled the manager that they promised me a discount for this room, if not to change it for another, but also he refused me! In the end, we feel cheated quality holiday in this hotel and could relax for such prices in other hotels are much better, so we believe that there is no point in spending more money and undertake expensive rooms in this hotel, and if you want to relax here, it is better to take regular rooms as for less money you will get exactly the same quality rest, as we have for the big ones! August 10, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Paradise with a few minor glitches This was my second visit this time i came with 6 adults and 5 children! I love this place and would visit again but it could be improved just slightly. Breakfast is a total mess - staff dont know whether they are coming or going, its too busy, hot food is often cold, coffee is ridiculous as only 1 machine for 1000 people...last year they ahd 2 resturants open for breakfast - this was far better quality of staff- either exception or awful very few in between, but majority exceptional housekeeping - very shakey - beds not made till 5pm and cleaning was debateable those are my only thoughts but i stress i love this place and will be back! July 25, 2014
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