Sheraton hotels make it easy for you to stay online, in touch and on top of all your daily demands. Our technological and wireless options ensure that no matter where, what or when, it’s easy for you to stay connected.


We’re here to help you work better, smarter and more efficiently.

Free Wifi

Sheraton lobbies are equipped with a multitude of outlets, connectivity ports, and free wifi so that you can plug in and log on whenever you need to.

Business Centers

Sheraton offers fully equipped business centers complete with copying, printing, faxing and shipping capabilities. Whatever you need to do, whenever you need to do it, our business centers make it possible.

Free Internet for SPG members

Starwood Preferred Guest® member? If so you're in luck. SPG® members get free in-room Internet simply by booking on, (or any Starwood brand websites) or through any of the SPG Apps. Not an SPG member? Join SPG

Sheraton Club Guests

Sheraton Club guests receive in-room internet and exclusive access to Club lounges, all of which are fully wired and equipped with free wifi and a host of other benefits designed to elevate your stay. For more information on how to become a Sheraton Club Guest, explore Club.