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Dallas is a sophisticated, hospitable, and determined city. Dallas means big business but play is equally important. Dining, shopping, music, the arts, sports, and outdoor activities are as important a part of Dallas' identity as closing that big deal.

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Elegant And Classy Lounge

400 Crescent Court
Hotel Crescent Court
Dallas  75201
United States

Phone: +1 214 871 3200
 | Fax: +1 214 871 3272

Beau's at The Hotel Crescent Court is like a temporarily rearranged living room, it's got a cozy yet sophisticated look about it. People strut through with steaming cups of Starbucks and laptops on the way to meetings, rooms or shopping sprees in the courtyard. The food here is quite good and gourmet chic, vanilla shrimp skewers, feta Roma tomato salad, black truffle chicken satay, Gorgonzola fries with bacon and balsamic reduction to name a few. The glass tables are thick, with an opaque appliqué on the bottom giving them a sandblasted look. The chairs look good in neat little nipped and tucked fine fabric.

hours: Su to Th from 03:00 PM to 10:00 PM,Fr to Sa from 03:00 PM to 12:00 AM

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