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Castillo Wolff

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ViñaMar Wine Cellar

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Castillo Wulff

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Vina del Mar Reloj de Flores

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Port of Valparaiso

Located in the central coast of the 5th Region of Chile, Viña del Mar is 120 km away from the capital, Santiago, and is one of the most emblematic cities of Chile.

Its interesting geography has earned it the name, “Garden City" due to its vast green areas with extensive gardens of diverse floral and arboreal native and exotic species. The combination of stunning architecture, breathtaking coastline, vibrant culture, delicious cuisine and dynamic nightlife offers entertainment alternatives all year long.

Diverse tourist attractions, such as palaces, historic family mansions turned into elegant museums, and the Quinta Vergara – headquarters of one of the most important musical events worldwide: The Song Festival of Viña del Mar.

The extensive coastal edge provides eight kilometers of beaches and walking areas, a beautiful setting to relax and enjoy this unique city.