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  • Solamente puede reservar con 550 días de anticipación.
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Sheraton Zhanjiang Hotel Área local

Set amid lush greenery and surrounded by mountains, Zhanjiang is located on an inlet of the South China Sea, on the east coast of the Leizhou Peninsula in China’s Guangdong Province. Adjoining a four-level entertainment facility, the Sheraton Zhanjiang Hotel is situated just across from the sea and is within a ten minute drive from popular shopping areas and Zhanjiang’s Central Business District. Zhanjiang Airport (ZHA) is approximately 20 minutes away.

Throughout the city, inspiring sites abound, including Cunjin Bridge Park. Just a short distance from the hotel, the park is home to the expansive Zhanjiang Museum, where thousands of cultural relics await. Also nearby is the famous Haibin Park, boasting waterfront vistas. Additional sea views are found at the Jinsha Bay Sea View Corridor. Discover another type of nature at Huguang Lake Park. Just 18 kilometers south of the city, it houses a rare volcanic crater lake, also known as a maar lake, surrounded by basalt rocks.

Take a daylong excursion to Leizhou Ancient Town, or head to Donghai Island. Approximately 50 kilometers away, this popular attraction offers volcanic cones that resemble a flying dragon, a view of the famous Naozhou Lighthouse, and underground hot springs.

Arte y cultura

  • Museo de Zhanjiang  5.2 km/3.2 millas


  • Gold Mall  1.4 km/0.9 millas
  • Centro de compras Dingsheng  7.4 km/4.6 millas
  • Plaza de la ciudad  9.1 km/5.7 millas


  • Centro Internacional de Convenciones y Exposiciones de Zhanjiang  0.9 km/0.5 millas
  • Biblioteca de Zhanjiang (Centro cultural de Zhanjiang)  2.2 km/1.4 millas
  • Universidad de Lingnan  5.9 km/3.7 millas
  • Guangdong Ocean University  26.4 km/16.4 millas

Destinos cercanos

  • Isla Techeng  28.6 km/17.8 millas
  • Islas del Sur  40.4 km/25.1 millas
  • Leizhou  77.0 km/47.8 millas
  • Beihai  180.1 km/111.9 millas
  • Haikou  189.7 km/117.9 millas

Local Attractions

  • Galería con vista a la Bahía de Oro  0.8 km/0.5 millas
  • Centro de deportes acuáticos  1.1 km/0.7 millas
  • Jardín Botánico Tropical del sur de Asia  23.8 km/14.8 millas
  • Parque del Lago Huguang  25.5 km/15.8 millas
  • Isla Donghai  61.5 km/38.2 millas
  • Isla Naozhou  75.9 km/47.2 millas
  • Templo de Tianning  77.4 km/48.1 millas

Oficinas corporativas

  • Baosteel Zhanjiang Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.  3.3 km/2.0 millas
  • Guangdong Minda Investment Group  3.3 km/2.0 millas
  • Zhongke (Guangdong) Refinery & Petrochemical Co., Ltd.  5.1 km/3.2 millas
  • Zhanjiang Guolian Aquatic Products Co., Ltd.  5.1 km/3.2 millas
  • Hotoli Group (Guangdong) Electric Co., Ltd.  5.6 km/3.5 millas
  • Zhanjiang Saint-Hua Glass Container Co. Ltd.  6.1 km/3.8 millas
  • Guangdong Shuanglin Bio-Pharmacy Co. Ltd.  6.8 km/4.2 millas
  • Guangdong Jimin Pharmaceutical Industry Co., Ltd.  8.5 km/5.3 millas
  • Guangdong Evergreen Conglomerate Co., Ltd  9.2 km/5.7 millas
  • Zhanjiang Port Group Co., Ltd.  10.6 km/6.6 millas
  • China Ocean Shipping Agency, Zhanjiang  10.7 km/6.7 millas
  • Jinling Group  11.8 km/7.3 millas
  • SINOPEC Zhanjiang Dongxing Petrochemical Company Limited  12.9 km/8.0 millas
  • Zona de desarrollo económico y tecnológico de Zhanjiang (ZETDZ)  43.4 km/27.0 millas
  • Zhanjiang Chenming Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd.  56.0 km/34.8 millas
  • Guangdong Hengfu Group Sugar Industry Co., Ltd.  129.9 km/80.7 millas

Oficinas de gobierno

  • Gobierno Municipal de Zhanjiang  4.9 km/3.0 millas


  • Bahía de la playa Jinsha  0.8 km/0.5 millas
  • Parque Cunjin Bridge  4.9 km/3.0 millas
  • Parque Haibin  9.2 km/5.7 millas
  • West Lake Park  126.1 km/78.3 millas


  • Terminal de pasajeros de Haitian  3.7 km/2.3 millas
  • Estación de pasajeros de Mazhang  8.6 km/5.3 millas
  • Aeropuerto de Zhanjiang  9.8 km/6.1 millas
  • Estación de pasajeros South (Xiashan)  10.6 km/6.6 millas
  • Estación de trenes Zhanjiang  10.6 km/6.6 millas
  • Estación de trenes West (Zhanjiang)  17.7 km/11.0 millas
  • Puerto Haian  154.4 km/95.9 millas
  • Aeropuerto Internacional de Haikou Meilan (HAK)  208.6 km/129.6 millas
  • Aeropuerto Internacional de Guangzhou  439.5 km/273.1 millas



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