Dalian is situated in China’s Liaoning Province, flanked by the Yellow Sea and the Bohai Sea. Known as the “Window to the Northeast,” it is home to northern China’s largest port. Overlooking Xinghai Square in the Xinghai Bay area on Zhongshan Road, the Sheraton Dalian Xinghai Hotel is centrally located in Xinghai Park near the city’s premier attractions. Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport (DLC) is just a 20-minute drive from the hotel.

Get settled and then head out to explore the city’s sights, including Dalian’s famous beaches. Tiger Beach, Xinghai Beach, Jinshitan Beach, Fujiazhuang Beach, and Golden Pebble Beach are all top spots to relax and enjoy a swim in the sea. Discover the hilly and verdant Bangchuidao Scenic Area, highlighted by cliffs, pine trees, cypresses, flowers, and intriguing rocks. Or take a languid stroll through the tranquil Xinghai Park.

Dalian is also known for its more than 30 architectural squares, including the city’s most renowned landmark: Zhongshan Square. Originally built by Russians, the square’s ten roads offer a glimpse into the wide variety of architectural styles that were popular in the early 1900s. The musical fountain at Renmin Square, also known as People’s Square, is another inspiring sight. For further cultural immersion, there’s the 600-year-old Shengshui Temple and the various international and domestic festivals and exhibitions that Dalian hosts throughout the year.

For insight into how the city’s celebrated glassware is made, visit Sheng Dao Glassworks. In addition to exquisite displays, the factory sells original pieces. For more souvenir options, head to the Shuolin Arts and Crafts Garden, which is stocked with jade, local art, and handicrafts. Re-energize after your adventures with succulent local seafood, including scallops and sea urchins, and delicious local fruit, ranging from sweet cherries to apples to pears.

Welcome to your home away from home: the Sheraton Dalian Xinghai Hotel.