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Isla de los Pinos

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Cabaña tradicional

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Ganadería en la Costa Oeste

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Crucero en catamarán

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Corazón de Voh en la Provincia Norte

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Centro cultural Tjibaou

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Noumea Marinas

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Surf en Arrecife Bourail

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Deva Domain, vista desde el cielo

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Kitesurf en Arrecife Bourail

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Bourail, Le Bonhomme y Turtle Bay

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Surf en la laguna de Deva

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Ile Verte, Green Island

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Ile Verte, Green Island

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Árbol típico del área de Deva

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Deva Domain & Shark Fault

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Fauna en el lecho del mar

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Fauna en el lecho del mar

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Fauna en el lecho del mar

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Fauna en el lecho del mar

Situated in the Deva domain, in the Bourail district on the central-west coast of Grande Terre, the Sheraton New Caledonia Deva Spa & Golf Resort is surrounded by verdant tropical gardens and the emerald waters of the southwest Pacific.

The Deva domain spreads its incredible beauty across nearly 8,000 hectares—vast preserved natural areas, ecological sites of crucial importance, a biodiversity treasure that is home to 10% of New Caledonia’s dry forest, and a 13-kilometer coastline, which features a reef and a lagoon listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The entire area serves as a historical witness tied to nearly 3,500 years of human presence.

Combining Melanesian tradition and traditional French influence, our resort is the perfect home base for exploring the spectacular waters and marine life in this part of the Pacific Ocean. Professionals oversee an array of aquatic and recreational activities, such as diving and snorkeling amid the prolific marine life. Partake in water sports including catamaran sailing, windsurfing, and kite surfing. Join the fun with a game of beach volleyball or pétanque, or simply soak up some sun on the golden-sand beaches. Try your hand at angling. Charter a boat and take an excursion out to sea for the day, or paddle a canoe or kayak on the lagoon.

There are plenty of land activities here, too. Grande Terre has some of the best hiking in the South Pacific—follow one of the old mining and forest tracks amid native plants and birds, or walk along the Deva domain’s trails. Play a round of golf on a great 18-hole course. Explore the area on a mountain bicycle or take a riveting horseback riding expedition in the mountains.