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Sheraton Zhuhai Hotel La région

Home of the Chinese Riviera, Zhuhai is a modern city located along the southern coast of Guangdong Province. Overlooking Macau’s Cotai Strip and Hengqin Island, the Sheraton Zhuhai Hotel is the perfect starting point for exploring the area. Conveniently situated in the Shizimen District in Zhuhai’s new Central Business District (CBD), our waterfront hotel is steps away from Zhuhai International Convention & Exhibition Center. Zhuhai Jinwan Airport (ZUH) is approximately 50 minutes away by car. Ferry service to the nearby Jiuzhou Port is available from Hong Kong, Macau, and Shenzhen.

Gather and explore the scenic Buddhist Jintai Temple at the foot of Huangyang Mountain. This mountain area’s other attractions include green tea fields, a stone gate, clear springs, a waterfall, and more. Nestled in a garden downtown, the highlights of the Zhuhai Museum’s 13 exhibition halls are its antique Chinese ceramics. Visit New Yuan Ming Palace, a theme park containing a partial reconstruction of Beijing’s Old Summer Palace that was destroyed during the Second Opium War but never rebuilt.

Stroll along the coastline on Lovers’ Road to see the statue of the Zhuhai Fisher Girl, carved out of granite and standing 8.7 meters high. Buckle up and take the ride of a lifetime around the Zhuhai International Circuit’s racecourse in a two-seater formula car. Go-karts and motorcycles are available for rent as well. In addition to motorsports, the circuit also boasts two international-standard 18-hole golf courses. After an active day, sample Zhuhai’s local specialties, including its famed Hengqin oysters, Doumen peeler crab, Baiteng lotus roots, and other delicacies on Yindo Food Street, Wan Chai Seafood Street, or Doumen Seafood Street.

Arts & Culture

  • Musée de Zhuhai  13.1 km/8.1 miles
  • Musée d'art de Gu Yuan  16.3 km/10.1 miles

Attractions locales

  • Rue Wanzai de Zhuhai, prisée pour ses stands et plats de fruits de mer  3.4 km/2.1 miles
  • Grotte de Zhuxian  6.0 km/3.7 miles
  • Le nouveau palais de Yuanming  11.1 km/6.9 miles
  • Statue d'une femme en train de pêcher  15.9 km/9.9 miles
  • Route des amoureux de Zhuhai  16.2 km/10.1 miles
  • Circuit international de Zhuhai  27.9 km/17.3 miles
  • Source chaude impériale de Yu Wen Quan  60.6 km/37.7 miles
  • Mont Huangyang  65.0 km/40.4 miles
  • Temple de Jintai  65.0 km/40.4 miles
  • Ocean Spring Resort  74.0 km/46.0 miles


  • Centre commercial Huafa New Century  5.2 km/3.2 miles
  • Centre commercial Huafa  8.8 km/5.5 miles
  • Centre commercial de Gongbei  9.0 km/5.6 miles
  • Centre commercial de Jida  13.9 km/8.6 miles
  • Centre commercial de Lao Xiangzhou  15.7 km/9.8 miles
  • Grand magasin Moye  16.2 km/10.1 miles

Bureaux de l'administration publique

  • Administration de Zhuhai  14.8 km/9.2 miles

Centres commerciaux

  • Zone de libre échange de Zhuhai  1.9 km/1.2 miles
  • PROFILEX Plastic Technology (Zhuhai FTZ) Co. Ltd  2.5 km/1.5 miles
  • BCP Technology  2.8 km/1.7 miles
  • Epcos  3.6 km/2.2 miles
  • ECO Schulte Doorsystem Zhuhai Co., Ltd.  3.9 km/2.4 miles
  • Parc industriel des sciences et technologies de Nanping  6.8 km/4.2 miles
  • Gree Electric Appliances Inc  9.1 km/5.7 miles
  • Kingsoft Corporation  11.5 km/7.2 miles
  • ZhuHai Rossini Watch Industry Ltd  13.3 km/8.3 miles
  • Buehler Motor  25.0 km/15.5 miles
  • Parc scientifique de Tsing Hua  27.3 km/17.0 miles
  • Meizu Telecom Equipments Co, Ltd.  27.6 km/17.1 miles
  • HARTING Technology Group  28.7 km/17.8 miles
  • Technology Innovative Coast  29.0 km/18.0 miles
  • Parc industriel des sciences et technologies de Baijiao  30.9 km/19.2 miles
  • Bosch  35.6 km/22.1 miles
  • Flextronics International  37.2 km/23.1 miles
  • Parc industriel des technologies de Xinqing  37.2 km/23.1 miles
  • Parc industriel des sciences et technologies de Sanzao  37.3 km/23.2 miles
  • Zhuhai United Laboratories Co., Ltd.  37.3 km/23.2 miles
  • Philips Electronics  40.4 km/25.1 miles
  • By-Health Co. Ltd.  41.4 km/25.7 miles
  • Parc industriel de l'aviation de Zhuhai  44.0 km/27.3 miles
  • ELANTAS Electrical Insulation  47.1 km/29.3 miles
  • ECKART Zhuhai Co. Ltd  47.1 km/29.3 miles
  • BP  52.5 km/32.6 miles


  • Centre international des congrès et des expositions de Zhuhai  0.2 km/0.1 miles
  • Hôpital de Wanzai  3.7 km/2.3 miles
  • Second hôpital populaire de Zhuhai  8.4 km/5.2 miles
  • Hôpital populaire du xian de Xiangzhou  10.1 km/6.3 miles
  • Campus de l'université de Jinan de Zhuhai  11.4 km/7.1 miles
  • Centre international des affaires et du commerce de Zhuhai  13.7 km/8.5 miles
  • Université normale de Pékin, Zhuhai  24.0 km/14.9 miles
  • Université de technologie de Pékin, Zhuhai  25.6 km/15.9 miles
  • Campus de Zhuhai de l'université Sun Yat-sen  27.2 km/16.9 miles
  • Campus de Zhuhai de l'université de médecine Zun Yi  34.3 km/21.3 miles
  • Campus de Zhuhai de l'université de Jilin  38.1 km/23.7 miles
  • Centre d’exposition international de l'aviation et de l'aérospatiale de Chine  42.5 km/26.4 miles

Destinations proches

  • Macao  14.3 km/8.9 miles
  • Île de Jiuzhou  17.9 km/11.1 miles
  • Île de Dong'ao  32.8 km/20.4 miles
  • Zhongshan  57.1 km/35.5 miles
  • Île de Wai Lingding  64.0 km/39.8 miles
  • Foshan  126.3 km/78.5 miles
  • Canton  134.0 km/83.3 miles
  • Dongguan  145.1 km/90.2 miles
  • Shenzhen  177.4 km/110.2 miles
  • Hong Kong  207.0 km/128.6 miles


  • Club de golf Orient  10.6 km/6.6 miles
  • Club de golf Lakewood  26.7 km/16.6 miles
  • Zhuhai Golf Club  28.3 km/17.6 miles
  • Club de golf Zhuhai Golden Gulf  30.8 km/19.1 miles


  • Oceanarium de Zhuhai  3.5 km/2.2 miles
  • Stone Park  4.8 km/3.0 miles
  • Parc de la grotte de Bailian  11.7 km/7.3 miles
  • Chimelong Ocean Kingdom  13.7 km/8.5 miles
  • Parc de bord de mer de Zhuhai  13.8 km/8.6 miles
  • Parc du mont Shijing  14.4 km/8.9 miles
  • Parc forestier de Banzhangshan  14.8 km/9.2 miles
  • Parc de Xiangshan  17.4 km/10.8 miles
  • Plage de Fei  64.6 km/40.1 miles


  • Port de Wanzai  2.5 km/1.5 miles
  • Gare de Zhuhai  7.2 km/4.5 miles
  • Port de Gongbei  7.3 km/4.5 miles
  • Port de Hengqin  8.2 km/5.1 miles
  • Gare routière de Gongbei  8.7 km/5.4 miles
  • Port de Jiuzhou  13.1 km/8.1 miles
  • Aéroport International de Macao  13.8 km/8.6 miles
  • Gare routière de Xiangzhou  16.0 km/9.9 miles
  • Aéroport de Zhuhai  43.7 km/27.2 miles
  • Aéroport international de Canton  167.3 km/104.0 miles
  • Aéroport international de Hong Kong  221.0 km/137.3 miles



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