Situated in China’s northeastern Zhejiang Province, Ningbo is located in Xiangshan County, along the country’s Gold Coast. The Sheraton Ningbo Xiangshan Resort, meanwhile, is nestled within the Xiangshan Songlan Mountain Tourism Area, a Chinese National AAAA Tourist Area. Ningbo Lishe International Airport (NGB) is a three-hour drive from the resort.

Explore the area’s breathtaking natural beauty, which ranges from stunning mountains to the golden sandy beaches of the East China Sea. Hike a trail up to the clouds or partake in a watersports activity, like snorkeling to the nearby reef bursting with vibrant marine life. Other unique outdoor highlights include Hua’ao Stone Forest and Red Rocks Scenic Spot. Just offshore, there is also a scattering of small islands awaiting discovery.

For a glimpse into the region’s past, visit the ancient fishing village at Shipu Harbour. Take a leisurely stroll through this peaceful, historic port town’s winding streets and lanes, and admire the quaint Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty architecture of the shops and residences—all framed by a picturesque mountain backdrop. Or explore the popular China Fishing Village. Divided into two sections, it offers entertainment, activities, theme parks, shops, and delectable seafood restaurants.