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Sheraton Qingdao Jiaozhou Hotel Umgebung

Neighbored by the Yellow Sea and Jiaozhou Bay in China’s Shandong Province, Jiaozhou is one of Qingdao’s five county-level cities. Located along Beijing (E) Road, the Sheraton Jiaozhou Hotel is across the street from city hall and steps away from retail shopping and entertainment. Additionally, Qingdao’s city center is only 45 minutes away and Qingdao Liuting International Airport (TAO) is a 30-minute drive from the hotel.

For a taste of nature, visit nearby Ai Mountain, a beautiful scenic area that was once considered a holy land for Buddhists and Taoists who built many temples there. More history can be viewed in Muma Ancient City in Licha Town or at the Sanlihe River Ruins. The latter was once home to a primitive Neolithic clan. So far, archeologists have unearned more than 2,000 artifacts at this site, including impressive pottery.

Explore the sites in and around Qingdao. Beautiful European architecture is especially prominent at Badaguan (Eight Passes). This scenic area features eight streets named after the famous passes of the Great Wall of China. They are lined with more than 200 charming, historic homes representing 24 architectural styles. Other key sites include the symbol of Qingdao: the alluring 440-metre-long Zhan Qian Pier and the tall and majestic Lao Shan Mountain, which holds significant importance for Taoists. Visit the Qingdao Beer Museum, the only one of its kind in China. Housed in a historic building, this century-old brewing company invites you to sample its signature beverages, learn about its past, and pick up souvenirs.

In addition to beer, Qingdao is famous for its seafood. Savor fresh, delectable local clams or the seafood wanton and roasted sleeve-fish (squid). Delight in unique handcrafted seashell items, glistening natural pearls, seafood products, hand-woven grass handicrafts, and eye-catching green stones from Lao Shan Mountain.


  • Liqun-Platz  1.0 km/0.6 Meilen
  • Fortune Center  2.8 km/1.7 Meilen


  • Industrial & Commercial Bank of China  0.3 km/0.2 Meilen
  • Agricultural Bank of China  0.3 km/0.2 Meilen
  • Bank of China  0.4 km/0.3 Meilen
  • Qingdao Hi-tech Industriepark  20.9 km/13.0 Meilen
  • Geschäftsviertel von Qingdao  38.0 km/23.6 Meilen
  • Qingdao International Finance Center  40.2 km/25.0 Meilen

Freizeit und Erholung

  • Sanli River Park  0.5 km/0.3 Meilen


  • Jiaozhou Nr.1 Mittelschule  1.6 km/1.0 Meilen
  • Central Hospital  2.9 km/1.8 Meilen
  • Qingdao International Convention And Exhibition Center (QICC)  41.8 km/26.0 Meilen

Nahegelegene Zielorte

  • Tourismusgebiet Badaguan  36.4 km/22.6 Meilen
  • Platz des 4. Mai  40.2 km/25.0 Meilen
  • Stadtviertel Laoshan  41.0 km/25.5 Meilen


  • City Hall  0.1 km/0.0 Meilen
  • Jiaozhou Radio und TV Center  0.3 km/0.2 Meilen
  • Jiaozhou Behörde für zivile Angelegenheiten  0.3 km/0.2 Meilen
  • Jiaozhou Polizeiamt  0.3 km/0.2 Meilen
  • Jiaozhou Verwaltungssaal  0.3 km/0.2 Meilen

Sehenswürdigkeiten vor Ort

  • Fluss Sanli  8.1 km/5.0 Meilen
  • Jiaozhou-Bucht-Brücke  25.6 km/15.9 Meilen



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