Close to the Yanshan Mountains and fondly known as the “porcelain capital of northern China,” Tangshan is situated in China’s Hebei Province, facing the Bohai Sea. The centrally-located Sheraton Tangshan Hotel is near government offices, and retail shopping and entertainment are just steps away. Additionally, Tangshan San Nuhe Airport (TVS) is only 30 minutes away by car.

Gather and explore Tangshan. Not to be missed are the spectacular Eastern Tombs of the Qing Dynasty. A truly astounding site, it is the largest imperial tomb complex in China. Take a walk along the Great Wall. Here in Tangshan, the wall extends for some 220 kilometers and is home to many scenic spots, including the unique underwater Xifengkou Great Wall. Engage with nature and peruse the numerous scenic spots found in nearby Leting County. The ecotourism coastline area’s top highlights include Bodhi, Yuetuo, and Jinsha islands. For a dose of serenity, head to Jingzhong Mountain. Located west of Qianxi County, it is not only a beautiful and picturesque locale but also a religious shrine for Confucists, Buddhists, and Taoists.

Back in Tangshan, more history can be found at Anti-Seismic Square, home to the landmark Anti-Seismic Monument and the Tangshan Earthquake Museum. Or see the former home of Li Dazhao, the co-founder of the Communist Party of China, at Li Da Zhao Memorial Hall.

Tangshan is highly regarded for three Chinese forms of folk art. Catch an indigenous Ping opera performance, a Tangshan shadow puppetry play, or a Laoting drum show. Besides the array of delicious local food, Tangshan is also highly-regarded for its chestnuts. For those wishing to purchase something truly special to bring back home, you'll find Tangshan's exquisite ceramics.